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YOURSAY | Explain why AGC in the dark over US$10m returned to MACC

YOURSAY | 'Minister's one-line Parliament reply indicates govt's lackadaisical attitude.'

AGC unaware if Leissner's ex-flame Rohana returned US$10m

Leissner's ex-flame Rohana has returned US$10m to MACC: Report

Magnanimous46: This is the perennial issue with crimes committed and our law enforcement system. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand does.

No one is accountable. And what counts is how much of it can be pushed under the carpet.

People like Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform) Azalina Othman Said who seemingly loves the limelight in every government, backdoor or front, can get their way by giving one-line replies standing in for PM's Question Time query.

Probably she takes the PM for a joke. These are the so-called bright sparks among the mundane that run the show.

This is the kind of “tidak apa” (careless) treatment given to the likes of Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng, a dedicated government backbencher, concerned about recovering the 1MDB debt to lighten the burden of the taxpayer. Any guesses our PM will admonish her?

Former Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd group chief executive officer Rohana Rozhan's affair with former Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner made headlines and was the talk of the town but no one in enforcement agencies, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and MACC seem to know or care whether the US$10 million (RM44.3 million) she agreed to return, was returned.

This is disgraceful and a reflection of our government leaders and executives that get away with almost any negligence or dereliction for the fat pay and privileges they enjoy from the hard-earned monies of taxpayers.

This is Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia can) where those in high places seem to get away with almost anything including alleged conspiracy and blackmail, as long as it is “orang kita” (our people).

There is a string of charges that can be considered based on the evidence. Conspiracy to fraud, abetting a crime, concealing a crime and blackmail, among others.

In fact, returning the US$10 million is merely an option provided the property value has not appreciated. Could it be that some of the 1MDB top cats are being protected?

Who knows, the RM9 billion plus yet to be recovered may be stashed in-house somewhere.

Vijay47: Of a series of charges that the AGC is closely connected to, we are informed that they are unaware of developments in the various cases.

And now we learn if the Utusan Malaysia report is to be taken as gospel truth, that Rohana, a lady intimately related to one of the chief suspects, had already returned close to US$10 million of the loot that Leissner had made off with.

Returned one year ago and the AGC had no inkling of it?

In fact, the single-line reply that Azalina condescended to furnish Parliament may indicate the lackadaisical attitudes prevailing in certain quarters.

Apanama is back: We came to know only after one year. MACC, Finance Ministry and AGC have all just kept quiet?

I hope the money really went into the Finance Ministry’s coffer, not someone else's pocket, ending up as pocket money. The reason for suspicion is that there is no official statement. Why?

Even now we came to know it through the press, via Utusan Malaysia.

Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim, is it difficult to issue a press release on this matter which involves taxpayers' money?

For me, it looks like keeping quiet is much easier.

Koel: Can Azalina explain why the AGC, which is under her purview and which apparently was supposed to have engaged with this woman, has no news on the return of the money?

And what is Azalina's role in urging the AGC to set deadlines for the return of the money?

The foreign agencies and authorities appear more effective and competent in seeking the return of the monies lost in this dodgy Ponzi scheme than our own authorities.

Failure in seeking the return of funds is not an option. Why do you appear to be rewarding those who get free London houses at the expense of their own country and the taxpayers, Azalina?

Anonymous O80: "She has returned all the money and assets (involved) to the MACC, which then handed it to the government."

Why so hush-hush that even the minister doesn't know about it and we don't know the quantum involved?

The AGC doesn't know what the MACC does? Where is the coordination for the return of stolen 1MDB funds?

Is the committee, which has AGC, MACC, and the Finance Ministry representatives, not aware of these activities, mainly forfeiture, sequestration and recovery?

Or Rohana just returned the "equivalent sum" through negotiation ala Goldman Sachs lawyers’ dealing?

Casper c: What a travesty - the world we live in - in as much as Prime Minister Anwar has made the fight against corruption a reoccurring theme but a new broom just won't cut it.

This is because knowing well this administration won't have the numbers should key allies be subjected to the letter of the law.

Skeletons aplenty for the moment with Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi no less fighting to clear all obstacles, enemies within the party can't wait to do him in.

The same goes for those outside the magic circle, and add to that - members expelled or suspended who might just sway matters should they resort to the courts for remedy.

For now, Zahid holds firm his grip as president of Umno.

I've oft caught myself saying or thinking I have more faith in members of the fairer sex here in M'sia when compared to their male counterparts.

Hats off to Rohana for doing right, and making amends for a bad situation - nothing else needs to be said. Still, perhaps the many who have benefited from 1MDB handouts should emulate the honourable lady.

They should volunteer to return questionable funds and not wait for MACC chief Azam Baki to come calling - special mention to all figureheads in PAS who have been receiving handouts from both Umno and Bersatu at present.

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