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SPECIAL REPORT: The battle for Ijok
Published:  Apr 26, 2007 11:44 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

The Ijok state seat by-election is shaping up to be a proxy battle between two deputy prime ministers - one axed, one current.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has been trading barbs with former colleague Anwar Ibrahim as the campaign for the semi-urban Selangor state seat - about 50km north of Kuala Lumpur - comes to a climax this Saturday.

Even Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has jumped into the fray by urging the 12,000-odd voters to use the ballot box to tell the government that all is not well.

Malaysiakini has all the exclusive news, analyses and videos on this battle royale.

The following is a selection of our exclusive reports

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Close call but BN will prevail

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Saifuddin: 'Miracle of Lunas' in Ijok

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Walkabout with Ijok candidates

Ijok residents star-struck

Two foes embrace for Parthiban

Coffee shop to kampung, Anwar charms Ijok

BN group roughs up Khalid, photographers

This is Parthiban's destiny

Another attack on Khalid

Thank you DAP, say Machap residents

Ijok comes ALIVE!

Ex-maths tutor tallies costs of 'fat' gov't

Face-to-face with the MIC candidate


Will the Chinese swing?

BN generosity or insecurity?

Ijok not just another by-election

Ijok: More than meets the eye?

Are we in Hutu-land?

Jadikan Ijok Lunas kedua

Fact boxes on Ijok

Malaysiakini hits new highs

Photo galleries

The battle kicks off

Phantom buses in Ijok?

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BN can count on them

Najib talks about taking risks

Dr M: Send signal to the 'rotten' government

KJ won't answer on keris unsheathing at coming Umno GA

Pak Lah does a 'meet-the-people' stint in Ijok

Cops end Anwar's ceramah

Police prevent PKR from conducting its ceramah

Umno Youth Gerak Gempur squad accused of mischief

'Santa' Khir Toyo comes to town

Y4C members threatened by MIC youth brigade

PKR supporter hit by missile allegedly thrown by Umno 'cheer-boys'

Opposition only want power: Khir Toyo

Hot welcome for Anwar in Ijok

Raining bottles and sticks

It takes a death to get things going

Khalid: Anak Kuala Selangor datang untuk mengubah Ijok

PKR announces Khalid for Ijok challenge

Face-to-face with the MIC candidate

Parthiban is BN's choice for Ijok