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YOURSAY | Umno still stuck in its tainted past

YOURSAY | ‘Why is it that only DAP must tender an apology to Umno?’

‘Time to move on and unite’ - Loke on apologising to Umno

Kilimanjaro: Umno is stuck in the past - a tainted past. Neither its members nor the leaders have the will to transform. And this seeking an apology from the DAP is pathetic, to say the least.

Umno has been rocked by corruption scandals and arrogance. Does it really seem that Umno has given up these horrible traits? Umno needs non-Malay votes for it to have a resurrection.

A substantial number of Malays have abandoned the party. Its honchos should not go around thinking that it still rules a kingdom. That is gone, maybe forever. So, play some light music, instead of beating the “drums”.

Doesn’t it sound comical that Umno grassroots will not support the DAP if the “sorry” word does not come? Do you mean to say that the DAP won 40 seats with the support of Umnoputras?

Have a better sketch to stage a more plausible comedy. What could come true is the slide DAP may face if it says the “sorry” word. Umno should be brave enough to say it doesn’t need the non-Malay votes. Would it?

MS: This puerile call for an apology is borne out of a desire to reestablish Umno’s supremacist moorings and send a message to the rabble that it is still the boss despite losing most of its seats.

This comes as no surprise. It simply proves that Umno’s old narrative is still intact, that it is stuck in the binary past, and that nothing has been done to educate its members about the new political reality.

For a Better World: Why is it that only DAP must tender an apology to Umno? What about Umno's ‘vociferous, scurrilous, attacks’ against DAP, in the past 30 years?

There were words like “Cina balik Tongsan” (Chinese go back to China), one leader waving the keris at an Umno rally, and hundreds of other shameful, disgusting words used to refer to DAP.

These new Umno Youth leaders should read and understand the past before opening their mouths. What DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke said ought to be accepted by Umno Youth.

What were you doing when 1MDB and other colossal corruption were being conducted by your former leaders? You are just excellent at raising unnecessary tension before the looming state elections.

I am a Malaysian Indian professional, aged 75, and not a member of any political party. I trust my words above has some significance. Let the coalition government proceed undisturbed since Umno is a coalition party member.

TC: DAP has been around for six decades and principles remained intact albeit with modifications to suit the changing times. It is already tough to win 40 seats and have to apologise to Sarawak.

It is for nothing wrong except to carry Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim across the line but more importantly to protect the non-Malays from the destructive politics of Perikatan Nasional (PN), which can lead Malaysia to a doomed country.

This minor role in a predominant Malay federal government is chicken feed compared to Umno which won only 30 seats and played a dominant role. If truth be told, Umno benefited, not DAP.

It is Umno who should be grateful that DAP did not pick a bone for the sake of unity versus Talibanism. Let Umno pull out if they continue to threaten and see how PN annihilates them.

DAP can just remain out of government if pushed to the limit but don’t destroy the party fabrics. If the majority want to burn the house down, so be it.

B Lee: Umno too have bashed DAP many, many times, pointing fingers endlessly even when it’s not their fault. So Umno too needs to apologise, since both parties also have condemned /argued/accused each other before.

All are mature people, since they already formed a government together, just move on, a new chapter has started. Why keep whining/nagging about old episodes, like a never-ending story?

Now it’s time to stay focused on bringing changes to Malaysia and its rakyat to have a better standard of living. Sorry is not the hardest word for DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke, it’s just got to be done right.

If it’s beneficial to the country on the whole, no need to ask, he will say it out aloud. Otherwise, it’s just meaningless to just say sorry.

LimePanther0552: DAP is very gentlemanly. Even with 40 seats, it does not act like a boss. It does not impose on its Malay partners but lets them take the lead.

One thing that’s right about the ketuanan (supremacist) ideology, is that it’s fit for the bin. Despite this, DAP still acknowledges the special position of Malays. They have kept quiet about many issues that have cropped up recently. What else do you want? Why continue to demonise them?

Let me tell you, special rights do not give Malays the right to impose on others nor to trot and trample on others. Good bosses will never infringe on their employees’ rights.

History has proven that supremacism will never work in any country. Why? The blessings will never fall on any country or race that practices supremacism no matter how hard you pray because God has not created some races to be more supreme than others.

For this nation to heal, Umno must apologise for its 60 years of abuse, corruption, exploitation of power, and mismanagement. It particularly needs to apologise to the Malay masses for having deceived them, denying them the progress they otherwise might have seen, and not improving their lot.

MyTwoCents: Umno has a lot to apologise, not just to the DAP, but to the nation, as a whole. While there’s no denying Umno’s big contribution to nation-building - there were huge damages as well.

Internal Security Act detention of DAP leaders, May 13 propaganda, racialisation of the Malay community, racist policies, and a lot more. It was shameful of Umno youth to even suggest an apology. Umno should be doing the apologising!

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