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Foreign workers are openly traded in a lucrative scheme, where traffickers earn perpetual commissions from the sweat and toil of those who come to Malaysia in search of employment.

Malaysiakini’s investigation found that multiple levels of traffickers not only charge prospective employers a sizable one-off fee for procuring the workers, but they also take commissions out of the workers’ hourly wages, leaving them with a paltry sum at the end of the month.

The scheme also sees workers trapped by the traffickers, who collect their salaries on their behalf, and hang on to their passports.

Posing as prospective employers, Malaysiakini was offered workers for a one-off payment of RM1,700 per head, not including management and documentation fees.

The final cost, including management fees, medical checks, levy payment, insurance and visa would be RM2,800 per person per month, the quotation read... 

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