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YOURSAY | Properly allay non-Muslims' anxiety over hadith module

YOURSAY | 'Why give room for doubts and concerns?'

Let concerns on ‘40 Hadith’ module be heard, MCA tells Umno Youth

Vijay47: What an almost reverse coincidence – Umno Youth chief Akmal Saleh’s arrogance towards non-Malay anxiety regarding the further intrusion of religion into education (with the planned introduction of “Imam Al-Nawawi 40 Hadith” appreciation module in public schools) is in direct contrast to the humility displayed by King Mahabali.

I mention this because Mahabali’s related Onam festival is currently being celebrated throughout India and the world, including Kerala-capital Trivandram, where I am now.

Don’t fret, Akmal, a similar event will never be held to commemorate what you lack.

By the same token, MCA vice-president Ti Lian Ker, I am pleasantly stunned that you do have the spine to speak out strongly against the stance adopted by Umno and the prime minister.

We are glad, Ti, that you express the sentiments that non-Malays hold; gone are the days when we could expect DAP to protest against excesses by its masters.

Coming back to you, Akmal, and to put it bluntly, we do not at all trust Umno or its associates when it comes to anything even remotely connected to race and religion.

We keep a distance from what Muslim students are taught, whether spiritual or of secular advantage.

But what you promise with much fanfare of not involving non-Malays has invariably proven otherwise.

Finally and again, Happy Onam to all, including Akmal, for whom some virtues might prove most beneficial.

No, it is not illegal, as Anwaristas would hasten to claim on selected issues.

Kilimanjaro: What is wrong with Akmal?

The way he behaves may appear as being unhappy with the unity government. He seems to be throwing tantrums and barriers to scuttle it in any way possible.

Or maybe he is aiming to be the next Umno president? What MCA president Wee Ka Siong asked (regarding the hadith module) is something that DAP ought to have cleared but failed to do so.

Also, the word perluaskan (expand) that Wee took exception to is too vague and this vagueness has caused concerns and headaches in the past.

So, why can't Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek put in bold print in the draft that this is only meant for Muslims to allay the concerns of non-Muslims?

Unless, of course, what perception one may get that the drafters have other ideas. Just explaining away would not earn trust.

Why give room for doubts and concerns?

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim may not be here forever.

In the hands of the wrong person, it may land in different territories.

In getting this right, the noise from Akmal would be insignificant and should be simply ignored. Even after losing so much, they still hang on to a false pride.

It looks like he has the face of Umno but talks like one from PAS/Perikatan Nasional.

There will be questions and he should set an example as a leader and role model to handle them professionally. The way he behaves makes me sick.

Seal the deal: Who does Akmal think he is?

Does he think that facing Umno youth is a force to be feared?

They are not. They are the baby wing of a party in turmoil rejected by the electorate for historical corruption.

The “40 Hadith” cannot simply be imposed on the curriculum without proper discussion and that includes positive statements on exclusion of non-Muslim students.

Akmal should tone down his rhetoric if he doesn't want to offend non-Muslims.

Frans Rozario: This is nonsense. If it is not meant for non-Muslims I think we should not interfere. Leave it alone.

If it is meant for only Muslim students let it be and stop this who are we to ask for an explanation for this?

Moreover, why should there be concerns about the teaching of Islamic knowledge to Islamic students, isn't this already being done in public schools?

I feel this is unnecessary provocation.

In the article, it says that "Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has listened to these concerns and tried to explain the issue and assured the public that the module is for Muslim teachers and students only."

Concerned parties like the religious authorities of various other religions should have a chat privately with the prime minister and the whole issue can be settled.

Man on the Silver Mountain: Shouldn't we get the opinion of Muslim parents too?

When there is something new that can affect the lives of people, should they not be allowed to participate in the decision as well?

The education system should not be changed at the whim and fancy of the government but should only be made after thorough systematic study by educationists and other experts.

Do not tinker with the education of our children. Don’t play God.

Undecided: Ti's response to Akmal's arrogance is spot on.

This kind of disrespect for non-Muslims and corruption is what ultimately led to the downfall of Umno/BN due to the massive erosion of support by non-Muslims over the past decade.

Harapan needs the support of more Malay Muslims to put the coalition on a stronger footing and Umno needs the support of non-Muslims to fend off Bersatu/PAS trying to weaken Umno and make it subservient to PN's leaders by stealing its members.

Harapan has done its part to support Umno.

Therefore, Umno youth has to be seen to reciprocate so as not to jeopardise its party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's efforts to do so.

Focus on the objective of unity to win back the support of non-Muslims, which can only come with respect.

Picture: Politicians like to be heroes when they think they can capitalise on certain issues they would go all out.

However, some far-sighted politicians keep their cool heads and listen, explain, show empathy, show concern and in the end, make sure all understand their noble intentions. This will end well with a win-win understanding.

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