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YOURSAY | Guan Eng should stay out of Penang govt matters

YOURSAY | 'Let Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow do his job'

Guan Eng slams Chow's ‘unfounded’ topple Penang CM claim

Mazhilamani: Had Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow remained silent, does it mean the planned toppling won't happen?

Chow had supported Lim Guan Eng when he went through challenging times, which is far from over. Lim as the DAP national chairperson must return the favour.

It is not for Chow to remain focused on state governance, but on his agitators within the executive committee, who serve as lap dogs to an influential DAP leader.

They must understand that the people are closely watching. They know who the distractor is and they are not comfortable.

IndigoTrout2522: Since Chow is the Penang DAP chief and the chief minister, Lim should stay out of the state government and party affairs.

The state government should focus on good governance and the party should focus on serving the people. Just let Chow do his job.

If he is proven ineffective, DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke and the executive team can then relieve him but must be able to convince the grassroots.

Why is Lim and his father, Kit Siang, continue so much in the public eye? They have had their time for years and should now let those elected do their job.

DAP can’t afford this kind of negative publicity. It is already bad with numerous resignations before the state elections.

Sun: As much as I like Chow as a person, he has not been a very effective chief minister. Two years of Covid-19 allowed his lack of dynamism as a leader to be covered from the public eye.

We need a more dynamic person like Steven Sim, the deputy finance minister, to lead Penang forward. He understands people and the economy. Chow appears clueless.

In case you think that I am a Lim guy, I am not. I think he should keep his mouth shut and stay out of Penang politics.

He has had his time and now other bright leaders in DAP should helm Penang. Sadly, Chow is not the answer.

Yom: I don’t think Chow is the type who would make such a serious allegation if there are no grounds to do so. To expect him to show proof is unrealistic.

Plotters are smart people. They will plan and plot in a manner that will not expose them or their strategy.

By the way, who is DAP’s boss? The chairperson or the secretary-general? I don't recollect former national chairperson Karpal Singh upstaging the secretary-general (who was Lim).

TC: Chow and his small gang have been trying to hold on to their positions before the last election to fence off the DAP leadership or replace them.

Except for Chow, the rest have not been nominated. Chow is still feeling jittery and is always afraid of his shadow.

As he has won a majority of votes in the party's central executive committee elections, he believes he is a strong person in the party.

When Lim was CM, they always had coffee in the Campbell Street coffee stall. When Chow became the CM, the coffee sessions stopped.

This is enough to measure a person's character. Too bad.

Fair Play: The beginning of the end for DAP? Who is the real boss? Lim, or Loke? Nip it in the bud before it destroys DAP in the 16th general election.

Washing dirty linens in public is the least of DAP’s priorities.

Wong Fei Hoong: Lim has to speak out as he has been accused of destabilising Chow.

Yes, there are former DAP people who would like to see turmoil within the party and Chow should not fall into their trap.

Just focus on the job to further develop Penang.

BrownCheetah9736: Do these two have nothing better to do? There’s no need for this mini-drama.

Chow is into his last term according to the constitution, so it doesn’t make sense for anyone to try to topple him.

And Lim, best to focus on his legal cases and how to strengthen the party instead of Mickey mousing around Penang.

Darwin Fernandez: There he (Lim) goes again, shooting his downline publicly as though both of them are from a different party.

Lim has always been a show-off that only he knows the best and the rest are fools. He should stop this attitude immediately or the people will decide when the time comes.

BlueFish0451: Lim has moved to the federal level. He should stay out of the provincial power struggle. Seriously, he is no different than former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Just continue to pursue ambition but learn to move on to new pastures; don't keep coming back to the same patch of grass.

Dm: Does Lim show his disrespect to the office of the chief minister or to Chow?

Lim says that Chow should pour his disagreement behind closed doors (internally), yet he (Lim) himself is washing his dirty linen in public by criticising Chow publicly.

Lim should lead by example, and be bigger than himself like his father.

MerdekaMerdekaMerdeka: There's just too much animosity between these two. Two tigers on the same hill, how can it be?

A totally new chief minister would be ideal. In the interim, Lim must allow Chow to play out his game set, regardless of whether he's an ace or otherwise.

It was a legit selection that put Chow there. Respect the process. This public bickering doesn't help in any way, whatsoever.

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