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Bujang Valley, Lenggong: Treasures captured in documentaries
In late 2022, actress, director, and producer Iman Corinne Adrienne, directed two documentaries commissioned by Think City that capture the unique culture and spellbinding beauty of two places not many Malaysians know about. The stories were recently released on Think City's Youtube channel.

The documentaries titled Exploring The Hidden Gems Of Lenggong : Archaeology, History, Heritage, Culture & Ecology (Menerokai Tapak Warisan Dunia Unesco Lenggong: Arkeologi, Sejarah, Warisan, Kebudayaan & Ekologi) and Bujang Valley Revealed: Rediscovering The Ancient Empire ( Mengupas Lembah Bujang: Penemuan Peradaban Purba) will remind viewers of our rich cultural diversity.

The Lenggong valley in Hulu Perak is one of Peninsular Malaysia’s most important areas for archaeology, as excavations have revealed many traces of Malaysia’s prehistory. It is the site of the oldest known place of human activity on the peninsula.

The Bujang Valley, meanwhile, is a sprawling historical complex near Merbok, Kedah, that tells of the peninsula’s pre-Islamic past and consists of ruins that date more than 1,000 years...

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