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COMMENT | I neither know this guy named Wan Saiful Wan Jan personally nor do I understand him or his political ideologies and philosophies. That is if he has any at all.

Yet, I am unhesitant to describe him as a newbie MP who is a huge disappointment, in my book at least.

I have my expectations of new, young lawmakers. In essence, I expect them to be much better all around, way more intelligent and articulate than the oldies, many of whom just refuse to go away. They must be thinkers, leaders, and reformers, not mere passengers and followers.

I support and encourage the younger set to be involved in active politics because I know they are needed more than many of the seniors who are past their prime in public service.

The young are more likely to embrace new technologies and data-driven decision-making, which can improve governance and public services. This is something many senior legislators find difficult to keep up with.

It must also be stressed that younger lawmakers have...

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