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COMMENT | I thought politicians don’t say the darndest things anymore

COMMENT | What is the indicator that politics and democracy are starting to mature in Malaysia? For me, it’s when there are fewer and fewer politicians and elected leaders saying stupid things.

Remember many years ago when writer and filmmaker Amir Muhammad wrote the book ‘Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things’? It was basically a compilation of politicians saying, well, the darndest things. He released several volumes. I guess it couldn’t all be contained in just one.

Some of the quotes that are in the books are such:

“The best way to improve your golf is to chop down the rainforest… We get too much rain in Sarawak - it stops me playing golf.” - Amar James Wong, Sarawak’s environment and tourism minister in 1988.

“Toilets are like new brides... 

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