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LETTER | A pity that Kit Siang missed reunion dinners with alleged kin

LETTER | It would be a momentous surprise to DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang to wake up one morning to find out that he is a close relative to the famous former Singaporean prime minister the late Lee Kuan Yew and the infamous former leader of the Communist Party of Malaya the late Ong Boon Hua, also known as Chin Peng.

All these revelations had me baffled big time because all this while I never once thought that Chin Peng’s full name was Lim Chin Peng or Lee Kuan Yew as Lim Kuan Yew.

Had it not been for the young PhD holder and MP from the north, who goes by the name of Siti Mastura Muhammad, Kit Siang would have gone away without knowing this.  

Just think of the years that Kit Siang had lost without paying homage to his lost ancestors or the many missed reunion dinners, it is very sad indeed.

Okay, let’s put jokes aside. Either the history books had me taught wrong or the PhD holder and MP had pulled a fast one on the Lim family and us.

Obviously, it is a commonly held belief that Malaysian history is prone to changes, but it only happens every five years during the heat of the election campaigns, which is solely made by politicians and not historians.

Seemingly, in the case of our Siti Mastura, the speed of the historical change was blistering fast. In just one night’s ceramah she had managed to conjoin three families into one, if this is not lightning-fast, furious, and fake, I don’t know what is.

I do not know whether she is faking the facts about Kit Siang’s family link to Chin Peng and Kuan Yew, or if she really believes in it.

If she really believes in the link, she is ignorant and she urgently needs to go back to her university to take a refresher course. If she is faking it, then she is a dubious politician. Which is which? I do not know.

But anyway, Perikatan Nasional politicians are smart fellows, they know the fastest and easiest way to demonise DAP is to spread false and fact-free narratives to the public like DAP is a communist party, anti-royalty, anti-Malays, and anti-Islam.

No deep thinking needed, just as simple as that.

Actually, this persuasion is the trademark of BN and is a must-use strategy for every general election. 

Anyway, I hope to see the day in the near future when BN sues PN for this blatant patent infringement.

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