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COMMENT | The blind spot in supporting Palestine
COMMENT | Lately, more and more people are demonstrating various acts of solidarity with Palestine.

For the past month, I have been noticing more flags raised in residential areas, shops, mosques, and vehicles.

Newsreaders on our public television network have begun to wear the Palestinian keffiyeh or the chequered black and white ‘desert scarf’ around their necks. Politicians are doing the same.

Many are boycotting pro-Israel products, brands, and celebrities.

People have also started to wear green outfits to demonstrate unity with the Palestinian people.

Others have taken part in peaceful demonstrations and protests around our country.

It is almost admirable to see Malaysians standing together, expressing themselves, and rejecting violence and oppression.

Yet, I cannot help but wonder, how much do we know about the cause we seem to care so much about...

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