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EC chap right, why throw a hissy fit?
Published:  Jun 26, 2007 1:28 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

The comments made by the EC ambassador - the NEP, corruption, transparency etc have all been brought up locally. What is so bad if a wrong policy is put right for the goodness of the populace?

On EU envoy summoned to explain NEP criticism

Concerned Citizen: The comments made by the EC ambassador are exactly what our politicians and intellectuals have been expressing. The NEP, corruption, transparency etc have all been brought up locally. The man-in-the-street has even talked about it. What is so bad if a wrong policy is put right for the goodness of the populace?

We want more FDI to keep up with other Asean countries and to maintain our economic and financial strength. It is disturbing to read the DPM's statement against the ambassador. He is still under a coconut shell for not knowing the truth or pretending in not knowing.

Every citizen has an equal stake of the pie. The NEP has been raped and abused for far too long and the policy has become thorny and obsolete. If the government is not careful, we will erode to a Third World status where hard core poor can be seen even in KL city.

Wake up and face reality and abide by the law of substantiality. The universal law of cause and effect will surely come into play soon.

Joe Lee: Your Excellency, Ambassador of the European Commission. As an ex-Malaysian, may I extend our thanks to you for plainly telling the facts to the Malaysian government. The NEP is the greatest impediment to progress in the country- the quicker it gets reviewed, the better it is for 99 percent of Malaysians.

By helping to reform the NEP, Your Excellency will also enhance the human rights of all Malaysians including the Orang Asli of Peninisular Malaysia, as well as the Ibans, Kadazans, Penans, etc of East Malaysia.

Ideally, you will be able to help make your approach an EU official policy that will remind the world constantly of the real nature of the Malaysian government.

On Najib: Euro rep 'interfering' in our affairs

Disgusted Malaysian: Najib the DPM should realise that Malaysia with its Malay hegemony should stop hoodwinking the world and must now dismantle its racist policies against the non-Malays which has been in existence for the last 37 years.

Calling for a level playing field is restoration of human rights for the non-Malays. When Tun Dr Mahathir, the ex-premier, attended a Commonwealth conference, he referred to South Africa as a 'pariah state' for the apartheid policy practised against the blacks in that country. Now who is the pariah state?

Isn't it obvious that Malaysia discriminates in all fields against the citizens of the country who are non-Malays. Najib, shame on you for getting that sensitive when the truth is spoken by the EC ambassador to Malaysia.

On 'Sorry JB folks Parliament has failed you'

CH Ong: The alarming crime rate in Johor Baru is not new. I used to live in Johor Baru many years ago and it was also quite bad then. People I know were robbed of their cars in broad daylight at gunpoint in front of many people.. One person I know was kidnapped for ransom. After that, he went to live in Singapore.

Barisan Nasional MPs have not uttered a single word in Parliament for the past week on the rampant crime that has become a daylight nightmare for everyone in Johor. If the voters of Johor Baru continue to elect BN politicians for both parliamentary and state seats at the next elections, then they really deserve to live in fear of robberies and rapes.

On How low will Streamyx go?

Joe Chia: I faced similar problems with my Streamyx connection. Many times I found it frustrating to go online as it took so long to download material. Sometimes, I just switched it off without waiting for the Streamyx speedometer to show me its readings.

I only see TmNet pushing its Streamyx services at the many shopping centres but the question in my mind is do they also monitor the need to upgrade the bandwidth to accomodate the higher traffic? Don't tell me it is going to be like on our roads - traffic jams ever so often.

That's what I encounter quite frequently with my Streamyx service. That's why I did not upgrade to their 1MB service. Since it is on a 'best effort' basis, the same thing would happen.

I am just hoping another ISP provider will come along so that I can make a switch if their service is better.

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