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LETTER | The Sekretariat Solidariti Palestin (SSP) reiterates our congratulations to South Africa and its allies for bringing Israel before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to be investigated for violations of the Genocide Convention.

In a historic ruling on Jan 26, 2024, South Africa won an early victory against those who sought to dismiss the case as “meritless.”

The ICJ affirmed that it has "prima facie" jurisdiction over the case and will continue to hear evidence of alleged acts of genocide by Israel.

We welcome the ICJ's recognition that under the Geneva Convention, Palestinians in Gaza - who are under intense military assault - must be protected from genocide.

The court rejected Israel’s claims that their so-called “self-defence” operations conform with international law.

The ICJ’s interim judgment unequivocally orders Israel to immediately take all necessary measures to prevent violent acts within the scope of the Genocide Convention.

The court also acknowledged the “catastrophic” humanitarian situation in Gaza and demanded that Israel improve it.

Furthermore, the court noted that Israeli leaders have engaged in speeches and activities that amount to incitement of genocide against Palestinians. It ordered Israel to take measures to prevent and punish anyone involved in such actions.

Immediate cessation needed

However, together with the broader Palestinian solidarity community, SSP is disappointed that the ICJ did not issue a clear order for the total cessation of Israeli military aggression.

We believe that only with an immediate and permanent ceasefire can the court’s orders be effectively implemented.

As the preeminent legal institution in the world, the ICJ's decisions are final with no possibility of appeal. Although the ICJ lacks enforcement power, its decisions are pivotal international laws that the international community must respect.

We urge all countries to take proactive measures to prevent the tragedy of genocide in Palestine.

SSP will redouble our efforts to continue the solidarity campaign for lasting peace and justice in Palestine.

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