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COMMENT | Is Najib same as any other convicted prisoner?
COMMENT | Yes, the Pardons Board has full prerogative in deciding if an individual is pardoned or gets a reduced sentence. Yes, the Pardons Board has no obligation to explain the reasons for its decisions.

Yes, it is the right of any convicted individual to apply for a pardon from the board. Yes, once the board has already made an official decision, it is binding and there can be no appeal or judicial review of the decision.

We understand it all. However, feelings and sentiments can’t be avoided because everyone is human. Show me a human being who is devoid of any feelings and emotions, and I will show you a pig that has wings.

So I will bet my bottom ringgit that Malaysians, and even non-Malaysians, will have feelings about the recent decision made by the Federal Territories Pardons Board to reduce former prime minister Najib Razak’s prison sentence from 12 years to six and his fine from RM210 million to RM50 million.

If anyone expects Malaysians to not feel at all when it comes to the decision that has been made, then I think those people should just kill us all.

Just take a look when...

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