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COMMENT | K'tan syariah code ruling inflames anti-democratic forces

“Morality and values of the bedouins are not necessarily Islamic and therefore just and useful in the present-day context. You do not waste time debating the source of our laws. You should be more interested in justice.”

– Zaid Ibrahim, 2017

COMMENT | Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim was right when he posted on X that the apex court’s decision to strike down 16 Kelantan syariah criminal provisions was historic, an event which PAS dubbed a “Black Friday”.

Zaid acknowledged that he caved to political pressure back in the day on his quest for justice but he is correct when he said that “the supremacy of our Constitution is protected and reaffirmed by the highest court, the Federal Court.”

Here is the thing about these religious desperados. When it suits them, especially on issues such as race and religion, they warn progressive Muslims and non-Muslims to abide by the Constitution.

But when the Constitution is abided by and detracts from their theocratic goals, they become insolent and demand that special steps be taken to protect their interpretation of religion.

Zaid acknowledged that in the past he caved to political pressure because BN was afraid of the blowback.

What we should consider now is whether the Madani government will cave to the protestations of the...

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