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If Lingam was the source, will he be probed?
Published:  Oct 5, 2007 5:42 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

If R Sivarasa were to mention that VK Lingam was the source, are they going to call him up to investigate?

On Lingam tape: Name source or face jail

Yee: If R Sivarasa were to mention that VK Lingam was the source, are they going to call him up to investigate? What if Sivarasa were to say that Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim was the source, are they going to call him up too/

The public has loss all confidence in the ACA, the judiciary, the police, the government and our jet-setting PM. It is clear that instead of investigating the corrupt, they are now intimidating the whistleblowers. The PM had asked everyone to tell him the truth, and we are now telling him that something is very wrong with the judiciary. Pak Lah, do something!

KSN: Haidar, you said it yourself - that you have no power. So why accept the position as a panelist? It's that simple.

YSM: Truth is the best armour, and justice the best defence - unless of course, truth has been distorted and justice corrupted. Those who seek justice are finding themselves questioned, harassed and intimidated while those who are implicated are walking free and continue to remain arrogant.

An independent panel with no teeth is asked to conduct investigations into possible improprieties of the judiciary which it has not jurisdiction over. It reports to the cabinet and the prime minister, both of which have no jurisdiction over the judiciary.

On Will Tengku Adnan step up?

Sadirah K: It is all right for Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor to preach to the press. He asked them to be responsible. In fact, it would be very responsible and courageous for him to appear before the panel and clear his name.

The nation is facing a crisis of faith. We have far too many preachers and very few, if any, practitioners. Ask a vast majority of Malaysians and they will tell you that they have lost faith in the Anti-Corruption Agency. The scandal involving the former director-general of the ACA is indicative of the malaise. So many police reports and investigations had been lodged. What does the ACA do with them?

On Shahrir has finally crossed the rubicon

Mushir: Well said, Adcin, about Shahrir having finally crossed the rubicon. Many others have noticed this too. I hope it is not the case of 'if you cannot change them, join them'. Shahrir stood on his principles and values for many years and lost out in terms of plumb postings, ministerialship, contracts, etc. How long can one take this beating and see the many opportunities pass by? But I still do not believe that Shahrir prefers to sell his principles.

On Stop dreaming, we didn't negotiate as equals

Borneo Watcher: I want to simply inform Uncle Yap that the Federation of Malaya existed until Sept 16, 1963 - it was not called the Federation of Malaysia then! Sabah was declared independent on Aug 31, 1963.

Actually, there was every indication that the British were willing to guide Sabah until much later when it was confident enough to be on its own, but the state was duped by promises which were latter reneged on by the Malayan leaders in their eagerness to balance out the Chinese factor in the Federation of Malaya.

On Tamil schools not doing their job

Anonymous: I do agree with the writer on certain points but most of his arguments seem to be outdated. He should go to sekolah kebangsaan (SK) and do a study on the performance of the Tamil students. It is not true that all the Tamil students in SKs are good in their studies. Only those coming from middle and upper-class perhaps. The majority coming from the low-income group are much worse.

I am of a strong opinion that sending a Tamil student to the SK alone is not going to ensure his future. Therefore the government, parents, PIBG and NGOs should sincerely come forward to help the Tamil schools; the school admininstration and teachers.

On Dogs used in varsity experiments

Gregory Santiago: It's shocking to know that such inhumane treatment and brutality towards mammals among Malaysians actually exist. These harmless animals are put to so much torture for an experiment. Veterinarians are supposedly to be on par with medical practitioners in ensuring that any procedure is to be performed with as little pain as possible. Should pet owners now keep their pets away from them?