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We, too, believe the tape is genuine
Published:  Oct 16, 2007 7:00 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

To establish the authenticity of the recording, it requires only three attributes, namely, (i) the images belong to the actor in question, (ii) the voice is that of the actor, and (iii) the conversation is not dubbed.

On Believe me, the Lingam tape is genuine

Fed Up: Yes, the whole world believe that the tape is genuine, Mr Teo. Only the powers-that-be chose to differ.

As the writer had stated, any layman could tell that the recording is not doctored or dubbed. To establish the authenticity of the recording, it requires only three attributes, namely, (i) the images belong to the actor in question, (ii) the voice is that of the actor, and (iii) the conversation is not dubbed. All this can be done using technology available in our country.

Lastly, this whole process does not need a month. I believe a week would be long enough to complete the job. I believe that this setting up of the panel to probe the recording and needing a month to do so is to buy time as said by none other than a highly respected and intelligent statesman, Lee Kuan Yew, in his interview .

Yes, time is all they need. As time goes by, it is hoped that this whole incident will come to pass without any action taken - just like so many scandals of the past.

Tracy Kwan: As with Richard Teo, I also believe the video footage is genuine. It's no rocket science. The only reason our corrupted government of the day wants to flush out the whistleblower is to enable them to "plan" their next step, just like how our law minister challenged the lawyers to join the opposition party so that he will know how to deal with them.

The government of the day cannot allow VK Lingam or the chief justice to deny the video outright as the informant may still hold the smoking gun. It is thus very crucial that the informant must not be revealed.

On Nazri, don't hide behind secretary's skirt

Sadirah K: If our so-called law minister does not even know that there is no 'Witness Protection Bill' in existence, then what can we say for the words of the PM. If this is the level of intelligence of the man he relies upon, then it would just be right for him to dismiss him so that he can go back and refresh himself with his legal practice. No wonder, the PM is echoing similar sentiments. Why should anyone even for the love of the country come up and open himself to ridicule by giving statements when he has no cover of the law?

The panel can wait, and sit, and hope for the best. The whole exercise is a charade done in bad faith. If the authorities were to have confidence then they would have set up a royal commission and got to the bottom of this issue. They have an opportunity to cleanse the judiciary of the ghosts, which Dr Mahathir did so much damage to this august institution. What have you to fear Mr Prime Minister?

On BN's tradition of quotas protects non-Malays

Tan Soo Inn: Dato' Lee Hwa Beng's basic thesis is that the present BN racial approach to politics is the only way to ensure that non-Malays get adequate representation. If this is true it only shows the failure of the policy to help all Malaysians mature. In other words, a Malay leader cannot be trusted to care for Malaysians of all races, only for fellow Malays. I presume it is assumed that the same is true of leaders of all races - that they will care only for their own community and not for all Malaysians.

If this is where we are after 50 years of independence it only shows the failure of the BN's racial approach to politics. It has resulted in Malaysians not growing in maturity. We are still juveniles playing 'king of the hill'. There must be a better way.

On Tough to change BN, says Gerakan leader

Mohd Kamal Abdullah: It has finally been revealed by Gerakan that the component parties in the Barisan Nasional have very little or no say in any matter involving the management of the Barisan Nasional except for the 'big brother', Umno. What Umno wants to do, prevails, is what veteran Gerakan politician, Dr Toh Kim Won, revealed, and which other BN leaders fear and fail to speak out.

In reality, the composition of the government speaks for itself. Look at how many Umno leaders are in the government. If the BN is really an association of 14 political parties, the government should comprise of the mixture of its party leaders at all levels. Umno controls all the top positions leaving peanuts to the others to share, just to show that power is shared.

Then, why do these 14 component parties still associate themselves to the ruling coalition. The answer is just simple. The BN forms the government every time, so far, and with power the leaders of the parties benefit materially - it's all what I and my group should benefit, go to hell with what others say or do.

Looking at the electoral pattern every election, the Chinese and Indians are the major voters of BN, unlike the Malays who fail them every time although been assisted in every way due to the creation of the NEP. If the rakyat were to vote out the BN in the coming polls, the truth will reveal by itself and for sure it will be the demise of the BN. Only the rakyat can make this change. Vote carefully.