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Lingam tape: Anwar, dont blink
Published:  Oct 25, 2007 10:15 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

The ACA director seems to have been instructed to play poker with Anwar Ibrahim. The former deputy premier should keep his cards close to his chest.

On Anwar's answer: No way, ACA!

Ahmad Fuad: The director of the ACA seems to have been instructed to play poker with Dato Seri Anwar. Don't blink! Keep your cards to your chest. And assuming the charge under Section 22 (or whatever) sees its day in court, it will be interesting to know, (1) how would the ACA prove that Anwar does indeed have the full tape, his confession to that effect, notwithstanding, and (2) who will preside?

Alfred Ho: The demands made by the ACA to Anwar and the PKR is most disgraceful and deplorable. I strongly urge Anwar and his party to stand their ground and not give in to ACA in surrendering the now infamous Lingam video tape. Instead of investigating the culprits, the ACA has decided to intimidate the whistleblowers and this is really uncalled for. How much longer is the government going to take us Malaysians for fools?

To show the ruling administration that enough is enough, let us all right thinking citizens of Malaysia come out in full force on Nov 10 to stand for our rights by supporting the elections watchdog to fight for a clean and fair election.

Ah Chong: The BN government have not learned their lesson. Putting Anwar Ibrahim behind bars again will only incite greater ill feelings - this time not only among the Malays but non-Malays as well. It is a crying shame that the biggest sham in the judiciary was exposed and yet the government has the audacity to gloss over it and penalise individuals who have nothing whatsoever to do with the tape recording.

It is a mockery of justice and in any reasonable democracy, it would have been a huge outcry with independent senate hearings being held. In Malaysia, however, it is obvious that we do not keep in high regard the separation of powers. How then can we hope to be a competitive country and be accepted in the international arena when we do not even have an independent judiciary?

If they want to lose the elections, please arrest Anwar, and maybe throw a few punches while he is in there.

On ACA chief: Video clip is inadmissible evidence

Puzzled: I refer to the reports that the FBI rejected investigating the Lingam tape and that the committee set up to check the authenticity of the tapes has no leads. I just wonder why the authorities are going round and round in their investigations into this matter instead of just directly asking the alleged participants in the tape on whether they are the ones referred to? They are not dead or untraceable, right?

As one is a senior lawyer and the other, is none other than the chief justice himself, surely they can admit or deny as honourable gentlemen in true time honoured fashion on whether they were in fact the participants. Or is our justice system has become so disreputable now that no honourable gentlemen exist anymore.

Pensioner: It has been announced by the ACA that they have sought the help of experts in Hong Kong to authenticate the VK Lingam video. Two officers will travel to Hong Kong to personally hand over the video. Then why have the three-men panel in the first place?

What puzzles me is that the video in ACA's possession would have been downloaded from the Internet. All they need to do is to ask their Hong Kong associates to download the same. I fear that the two officers may be there to "negotiate" on the findings.

On Malek: My ISA detention horror

Lau Weng San: I cried for Malek Hussin and I am touched by his courage. We Malaysians should not have this law in this country for even one more day. We can't even afford to ask our children to inherit such a draconian law. Give them a better Malaysia with law and order, where justice will and can prevail.

On Angkasawan returns to Earth, landing off-target

Dean Kuok: The Malaysian government should stop kidding the rakyat. Walking tall is not the right way to describe it. Whichever way the government wish to put it, let's face it... Malaysia spent RM90 million of the public fund to send a single space tourist to space.

RM90 million for a single joy ride? Stop the nonsense. Put the money to better use and have a little respect for our intelligence. This is simply another waste of hard-earned public funds. It's better off distributing the money into savings for the lower income group.

On Kayveas: Don't kill us off

YSM: PPP, like Gerakan, is a non-entity in the BN as far as Umno is concerned. Their continued insistence on existing under the BN flag will prove to be their downfall. The BN government has always been a political party based on race. The three main component parties are raced-based. They each seek the good of their own race and not the Malaysian agenda per se.

Kayveas and his leaders are fooling themselves if they think that the PPP will get very far in the BN government. It is time to leave, to work for the greater good of all Malaysians.