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I didnt make it, but proud of those who did
Published:  Nov 12, 2007 1:26 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

As a blind individual, I really wish that I could have contributed more such as by marching to the Agong's palace, says a Malaysiakini reader.

On LIVE reports: The Bersih rally

Alfred Ho: While attending Saturday's rally, I have nothing but praise for the many participants of the historical event. As a blind individual, I really wish that I could have contributed more such as by marching to the Agong's palace where the memo was handed to the King's officials.

Due to the amount of tear gas that was fired into the crowd near the Masjid Jamek LRT station, I found it difficult to continue with the march. The heavy downpour also dampened the spirits of many of the demonstrators including myself, and to make things worse, the heavy-handed tactics of the police was quite unnecessary.

I wish to congratulate all Malaysians who took part in the march especially all those who managed to make it to the Agong's palace. All you courageous citizens of Malaysia have certainly created history, and it is my believe that the Barisan government has now more cause to worry as they are certainly aware of the discontentment that Malaysians have towards them.

Ibrahim Musa K: Our prime minister did forewarn the 'Bersih' movement not to go to the street, lest facing a 'bad' consequence . Notwithstanding the harsh reminder of Pak Lah, an estimated 40,000 strong and single-minded congregation from all walks of life, led by opposition leaders, rallied peacefully in the rain.

Several days ago, a woman political stalwart admonished a younger contender not to challenge her position, lest facing a miserable if not ugly outcome.

Such incidences are so numerous that I have lost count, or should I say I hate to count. These are simply unacceptable to the sound-minded citizens of a nation that purportedly champions 'democracy' (or maybe more appropriately 'guided democracy') since independence. And astoundingly, our leaders have the cheek to advise other rogue nation(s) to practise democracy when they themselves have covertly interpreted it in a way as to serve their own vested interests permanently.

All over the world, politicians seem to share a common covetous interest - stay in power as long as possible by hook or by crook. Indeed, power is so luring, mesmeric and sweet, who wouldn't crave for more? Actually why not? I think I would too, given the opportunity.

Syaz: Is Bersih dragging royalties into politics as alleged by PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

First and foremost, royalties are the anchor of the country, not the government of the day nor the political parties. When politicians misbehaved and are above the law (such as in time when the legislative branch of the nation is no longer totally independent from the present government) whom do we, the people, have but the king to bring up our case to?

His Majesty are above politics. Political parties may (should) come and go but the kings are here to stay.

On Khairy, who do you think you are?

Dot: Thank you Latheefa Koya, for putting prime minister's son Khairy Jamaluddin in his rightful place. You are right. He holds no position and his only claim to fame is his familial ties with the country's prime minister.

However, let me tell you something. I was with some MIC people the day the 100-year-old temple was demolished in Shah Alam. Frantic calls were made to party president S Samy Vellu to seek help to halt the demolition.

Half-an-hour later, the entire group heaved a collective sigh of relief when the one making the phone call announced jubilantly: "Datuk Seri will be seeing the PM soon. He has spoken to the Menteri Besar and he has also spoken to Khairy.''

So, Latheefa, what you should rightfully do is take to task the so-called senior politicians as well as many, many others who have turned Khairy into the big monster that he is today. And I hope you'll do it soon too.

On Panel's reports to be made public? See first, says PM

Peter: Pak Lah is either naive or beyond his comprehension to fathom the seriousness of infamous recording of the alleged lawyer.

A football coach in a neighbouring country was charged for an attempt to fix a football match in a league. The charge carried a jail term of five years if convicted. Even though match-fixing affects just a small portion of the public, the gamblers, it is not tolerated .

Coming back to the video recording. Any person, with just a basic understanding of English, could sense some dealings being brokered by the alleged lawyer. In this case, it is judge-fixing. Compared to attempt to match-fixing, judge-fixing has a far reaching implication on the public.

Worse still, the post in question was chief justice. Every final appeal of court judgment, if challenged would come to him. Thus, the alleged judge would definitely decide in favour of client represented by this lawyer and, in all probability, may not be based on facts of the case.

Thus, based on the example and if Pak Lah could still not sense the seriousness, I do not know what would amount to public interest.

Oop! Maybe Pak Lah is not naive after all. He might really look into the reports and would consider the issue of public importance if the reports said that the recording is not authentic.

On Varsities: Don't be fooled by half-baked survey

JJ: I have been lecturing at university colleges here in the Klang Valley for over eight years and sad to say, most of them are rife with corruption. Either money for passes, certificates and to a certain extent extortions - grades would not be given until monies are given over a period of time. It is this that the normal person will suffer in sending their children to private colleges due to the lack of places in the public ones.

Further, private colleges are employing public university professors to be moderators which is pathetic as not much is done by the professors save a Dolby mark or two to state that they were there. It is this practice that makes education in Malaysia really appalling and I am not surprised if foreign students have dropped in their numbers in attending our institutions of higher learning.

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