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Look who's 'talking rubbish' now
Published:  Jan 23, 2008 1:27 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

Can any member of the commission seriously believe that the person in the video clip is not VK Lingam? Or that he really cannot remember who he was speaking to that night?

On Q&A: 'It looks like me, it sounds like me'

J Chung: VK Lingam could not say if the person in the video clip was himself or not though he concedes that the person looks and sounds like him. One aspect is telling. In the video clip, the Indian man refers to the Sarawak lawyer (Dr Andrew Chew Peng Hui) as Andrew ‘Chui’.

Is it a coincidence that Lingam in his testimony before the royal commission also pronounces Chew's surname as ‘Chui’? Can any member of the commission seriously believe that the person in the video clip is not VK Lingam?

Or that VK really cannot remember who he was speaking to that night? Or that VK was so inebriated that the entire conversation of fixing judicial appointments was ‘talking rubbish’ as a result of ‘one too many drinks’?

YSM: Never mind that there was brokering for the position of the chief justice in Malaysia and that by a lawyer - he now admits to being drunk. Malaysia has now possibly got positions of high institutions brokered by a drunk lawyer.

This is not going to go down well in the global world as Malaysia once again becomes a laughing stock to the world. Investors will definitely be afraid now as they can see that a lawyer who had been drunk had a hand in brokering the positions of the judiciary. Not good for the country.

On Dr M & Eusoff: Competing in selective amnesia?

Peter: Lim Kit Siang could be not be more right when he said, ‘It must be a one-in-a-billion case of coincidence for Eusoff when he was chief justice and senior lawyer Lingam and their families to get into the same flight from Singapore to Auckland, and then from Auckland to Christchurch, and to visit the same places in Auckland and Christchurch as well as return on the same flight.’

To meet just one friend on an overseas flight from KL is already very remote. So far in my years of travelling overseas, I have yet to meet a friend on the same flight. What more the chances of sharing the same domestic flight itinerary in a foreign country?

The chances of it happening might be there. But I would rather leave it to a mathematician to calculate the probability of it happening.


I am so disgusted that the villain of the piece was let off so easily. He says he does not have to answer to anybody. How come he does not have to give any reasons? Doesn’t he have to give reason to the CJ for refusing to accept the latter’s recommendations? Does he not have to give reasons for proposing names which are not on the CJ's list?

Is he saying that he can pick candidates from the gutters or from the roadside for appointment to the judiciary? Does he not have to answer to the King? What happened to the Bar Council? Here was a chance to expose him for what he was and is.

Kumarasen Shanmuganathan: I agree with most of your readers with TDM's mind condition. He created a monsters during his tenure as PM and look at how things are coming back to haunt him. He made the policies of ‘Look East’ and ‘Malaysian Incorporated’ to serve his purposes and those who accepted things without questions were ‘rewarded’ and ‘awarded’.

In his book The Malay Dilemma , he chided, scolded and embarrassed the late beloved Tunku for his involvement with the Chinese. TDM blamed the economic disorder of Malays on the patronizing of Tunku in allowing the Chinese to have a free hand in the economic well-being of the country.

But when TDM was in office, he was so close with Eric Chia, the ex-Perwaja chief and Vincent Tan, the Berjaya boss. It was rumoured that the former Perwaja boss often slept at the official residence of the former PM.

On Anwar: Let me testify, I've new evidence

Vincent Chun: Among the witnesses that are left to subpoenaed , I think Anwar is the one that not only people trust but who also has something explosive to testify about.

Anwar knows more and he, in fact, the one who was badly victimised by our ever questionable judicial system. He will definitely disclose and identify most of the misconduct of officials (especially those still in service) in the judicial system. And from there, we would have a great opportunity to revamp our judiciary.

The people want a change of the evil judges, a change of the guilty officials and lawyers. In fact, this may be the one and only one chance for change in the Malaysian judiciary. I think, it's the time to stop the rot, before too late.

On Thousands at MIC's 'evening with PM'

KD Chia: It’s silly to ask whether peaceful street demonstrations are effective or not. Obviously the answer is ‘yes’. If not for the street demos by Hindraf and its 30,000 supporters, when would the Indian community have had an evening with the PM (no need for police permit and no danger of being sprayed with chemically-laced water)?

The PM would have had no time for the Indians. Pak Lah thought all Indians love public holidays so he declared Thaipusam a public holiday, big deal. Also, he announced the government’s . eradication of hardcore poverty by 2010. He and his infamous promises not meant to be taken seriously.

Om Prakash: The PM has yet again acted the bumbling stooge of Umno, saying the holiday for Thaipusam was meant to avoid traffic jams - what a slap for the Indians who turned up despite their fears for a gloomy future under the current leaders.

This is the arrogance of the Barisan Nasional leaders towards the very people they beg votes from. It’s time the government be treated like a servant instead of a master. The police have taken a political stance by supporting all that the government wants, twisting the law to their convenience.

Soon there will be illegal gatherings (indirectly encouraged by the police) all over the country because no permit can be issued for any gathering by private citizens or dissenting groups. More laws will be defied. As it is, traffic laws and civil laws are already being broken in broad daylight and no CCTV can arrest these acts.

Tabbythamby: Better to give us tax-free toddy than a holiday for Thaipusam. After all, we can afford to take a day off from our annual leave for Thaipusam.

ManiamSankar: I agree that the holiday declared by the PM for his under siege works minister is only a feel good gesture otherwise meaningless for the Indians predicament. How is it that no minister or chamber of commerce has decried this unilateral declaration?

Does the premier know of the havoc this sudden holiday may cause to businesses and contractual obligations which may fall on that day? It looks like this country only needs the PM to unilaterally decide on everything from who could be judges to what days we don’t need to work.

Will the rest of the cabinet at least, if not the whole, rotten ruling party, stand up to state how they are not anything more than rubber stamps for the willful PM?