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ACA goes down the drain
Published:  Feb 13, 2008 1:14 AM
Updated: 3:53 AM

vox populi big thumbnail Never in the history has an accusation been so explicit - that a complainant or witness was bribed by the very institution that is regarded as the guardian of honesty and integrity.

On Explosive revelations against Lingam

Raj: I am completely devastated and have lost the tiny faith I had in the ACA. Jayanthi's statement has caused the ACA to lose its credibility and integrity as the only institution that cannot be corrupted. All is gone down the drain forever. Never in the history of ACA has an accusation been so explicit - that a complainant or witness was bribed by the officers of the very institution that is regarded as the guardian of honesty and integrity.

This a shameful and disgraceful act. But it is also portrays how the entire system in this country has rotted in the name of nepotism, cronyism and political abuse.

It is time for all Malaysians to wake up from their sleep; exercise their rights and ensure BN doesn't get its two third majority this time around. Only then can the rakyat. together with a strong opposition, compel the government to ensure that the ACA is independent and answerable only to parliament directly.

Until and unless the ACA comes independent, I don't see this country as safe from the polluted and the corrupt. Remember our children's future at stake.

On Bersih offers EC proof of fraud

Philip Chong: I read the above news with full interest. Bersih has found irregularities in the EC roll with regards to ‘fraudulent registration’ and even though they lodged many complaints with the EC, the commission has refused to acknowledge this.

My question is why can't Bersih or the opposition parties bring this matter to the courts and let the judges decide on the veracity of EC’s voter registration roll?

There seems to be no ending to the complaints and I personally feel that this is the best way to challenge the EC.

On Rafidah positive on 2008 exports

Nithiyaavaani: Rafidah's statistics shows a growth in the exports but how about the growth of the people's living standard in Malaysia? Is everyone developing equally or are only the cronies of BN developing themselves?

Exports may increase but so will the cost of living in Malaysia. Inflation increases too. So it’s not a big deal for Rafidah to talk about increases in exports when the people of Malaysia are suffering from a high inflation rate and also rising living costs. There's nothing to be proud of.

On Development should not be seasonal

PT Tan: Is the opposition reading the mood of the people right? I know DAP miscalculated two elections back with PAS and lost heavily. This time DAP steered so clear of PAS that it seems unreal. Today, the Chinese in particular, do not care if PAS is there or not. They will vote in any opposition. To borrow from Johor BN, if you drape ANY opposition flag even around a banana tree, the people will vote for it.People are really fed-up with the rampant excesses going around. They just want a change and if that is not possible, a huge drop in votes to signal their displeasure so that the YBs and YABs and the titled wake up and listen.

I hope the opposition reads our mood right and contests every single seat available in a one-to- one fight with the ‘Dacing’. It doesn’t matter if it is a full moon, a half moon or a rocket, I am sure, this time, the rakyat will respond well. Nothing lasts forever.

Marion Tharsis: The fever is on and the whole country is abuzz with the question, when? While gearing for it with the hope of denying a two-thirds majority to the ruling coalition party and having a stronger say in the running of the country, one should not forget that we are politically stable and matured and it should be kept this way.

While campaigning, all parties should stay clear of racial issues or issues that could incite and instigate trouble-makers to create riots and civil disorders and disrupt our peace and harmony. We should look into the development and upliftment of all Malaysians and in this process, we should help each other. Remember we are as strong as the weakest link.

Keep the elections clean and fair and let the people make their decision. Accept defeat with honour, Malaysians have made their choice. Let us not throw away what we have painstakingly built over the years. Our aim must always be to move ahead to greater heights and never to take a step backwards.

On Drop MIC veterans, Samy Vellu urged

MIC Baru: Young leaders will certainly speed up MIC's re-branding efforts. However, the list of candidates touted as potential candidates brings both hope and cause for caution.

Leaders like Kamalanathan on one hand have a proven track record. Besides having a clean image and professional credentials, his achievement in building up Putera MIC, comprising mainly educated youth, in just months definitely speaks volumes.

Usha, a successful lawyer, is a vibrant and dynamic leader in her own right who is still able to connect with the Tamil-speaking masses.

At the same time, people like Saravanan, with an alleged shady past and bogged down by recent allegations of fraud and cheating are hardly desirable candidates to bring about the much needed change the community badly needs.

Concerned Indian: The first thing Samy Vellu should do immediately is get rid of YB SA Vigneswaran followed by Vel Paari, Dato M. Saravanan and other people like T Mohan.

Samy Vellu should appoint high-caliber and committed people with good hearts to serve the Indian community. Lastly, Samy Vellu himself should give a way and let others lead the party and the Indian community.