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Cyberjaya critics will eat their words in the long run

The so-called opinion by Shuf Shukur ([#1] Cyberjaya - plenty of bytes but no bites [/#], March 17) is one of the lamest I have ever read regarding CyberJaya and the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) in general.

Instead of looking at some of the more important issues as hand (i.e. - lack of skilled IT workers, having local IT MSC-status companies that can be touted as world class), the writer zooms in on essentially trivial complaints regarding CyberJaya and MSC.

Just look at any new housing projects - the basic necessities such as roads are all there, but don't expect transportation or a good place to eat to magically transpire. It takes demand to pull businesses in to offer such services.

With CyberJaya in place, won't it spur growth in the surrounding areas? There is an explosion in the demand for houses there as those who working in CyberJaya need to find accommodation.

I myself will be heading to CyberJaya as the Singapore company I am employed by sees the value of having a presence in MSC and in Malaysia. I have heard complaints about food and transportation, but I had said the same thing when I first moved to Technology Park Malaysia and have managed to adapt anyway.

What is important is in the long-term, Malaysia did the right thing in having MSC, regardless of what some short-sighted people may think.