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'Penang Umno is right'
Published:  Mar 17, 2008 4:15 AM
Updated: 8:31 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘If Umno wants to withdraw all the mega-projects from Penang, then please go ahead. So what’s the problem?’

On Umno holds one-hour protest at Komtar

Ong Kok Seng: I agree with Azhar Ibrahim. So what's the problem? If you think this is what Umno wants, please go ahead. Does he knows who gets hurt? All these projects were awarded to Umno cronies in Penang - the Penang Monorail will go to Scomi; the Penang second bridge is given to UEM, the RapidPenang is Umno-owned, and the PGCC is Patrick Badawi’s. Please go ahead Umno!

A good government never needs federal government financial assistance. They can get investors if they can generate confidence that investors will derive value and benefits. For example, Singapore had nothing when they left Malaysia. But now Singapore GLCs have few hundred billions invested in so many countries.

All what Penang needs is a clean, efficient and honest government leaders with a strong human capital base. The rest will fall in place by natural process.

JM: I am disappointed with the PM. First he said he will listen to the people. Then in an about-turn, he warns Guan Eng about the issue on abolishing the NEP of which he totally missed the point. Then when Penang Umno decided to protest and called on the federal government to stop mega-projects in Penang, just like the PM he is, he does nothing.

Again, he has made Malaysians angry and furious with his ‘ Umno lah, tak pe, biar je ’ attitude. This happened even when his son-in-law, the outlaw Khairy, protested against Condolezza Rice. He closed both his eyes when Hishamudddin unsheathed the keris and kissed it. He missed the point the people were angry and he missed it again. The people don't need this - please step down.

Nkp777: Excellent Umno culture, When Umno feel Malays are marginalised they can gather and protest but however when the Indians did it they said it is not ‘our culture’. Excellent, simply amazing. Look at how the ruling party (Umno) acts and preaches things that only suit them.

Will Pak Lah sack the Umno leader who went to the street to protest? I challenge him to do so.

Oops ... I forgot, when it comes to Umno everything is okay.

Pak Lah as Umno head for Penang should assume full responsibility to this street protest by Umno Penang and apologise to the Indian Malaysians for assaulting us when we peacefully protested.

YCM: Lim Guan Eng should not allow DAP's victory go to his head. He should bear in mind the people supported the opposition including DAP not because of him (Mr. Lim) or his father but because of the wrongs the BN has accumulated. And Lim has to guard against behaving like BN if he does not want to be rejected doubly-quick.

It saddens all to see Lim starting his first days so stupidly. I strongly suggest DAP and the rest of the Barisan Alternative set up a body to check on their leaders before they lose the little they have just won.

MS Gill: I am Punjabi-Sikh. To the new Penang CM, the NEP must still go on to protect small and medium bumi contractors because Malaysia is formed by a majority of Malays. The NEP should be continue in terms of education, welfare, scholarships to protect bumi children and to protect small/medium bumi contractors. For example, for projects below RM200k, the projects could be awarded on the ration of (80% to bumis and 10% to Chinese and 10% to Indians).

The BR coalition, however, has to abolish cronyism through the NEP multi-million ringgit projects were only awarded to certain individuals regardless of the cost. The previous government used the NEP as an excuse to rob the country’s wealth. When the previous government offered and approved over-priced projects, someone has to pay for it and that some one is we, the rakyat. Someone has to pay for it, nothing is free in this world.

Sudhakar Vasu: The 1,000 Umno members and supporters who the protest are not people from Penang. These people were outsiders paid by Umno to demonstrate. There were buses seen ferrying these people to the venue.

Azhar Ibrahim thinks that he is a 'hero' but the poor Malays really don't know his real intention. This is how Umno will behave to create problems as they have got no power. Just look at Kelantan how good the leaders there are.

Santhi: It is obvious that Guan Eng’s statement on the NEP has been misunderstood by some quarters and has been deliberately been overplayed by Umno and some parties. Their objective is clear but can be dangerous and this must stop. The statement on NEP by Guan Eng was not correctly put. He should explained and stated clearly the state government plans on the NEP. I have confidence that the Malays in particular will be much better off from now than ever before. Give him time to settle down.

On Sultan, please listen to rakyat's voice

FW: In resolving this issue, may I suggest a delegate which represents the electorate of Selangor to seek audience with the Sultan Of Selangor rather than resorting to gossip via the media. We must understand the trauma of change has affected every body. As far as the state is concerned, the Sultan is still the chief but what is missing is a direct communication link between the palace and the people. This is not the Selangor Sultan’s private secretary Muhammad Munir Bani.

The delegate must be the voice of the Selangor rakyat and not a political party. Naming a non-Muslim MB definitely points to bringing the palace nearer to the hearts of all Malaysians and this present time is a real opportunity for the royalty to be felt as presence in the hearts of all Malaysians especially the non Malays. The head of state must feel there is a win-win situation.

Abc Abc: If there are certain religious ceremonies that must require the presence of the Menteri Besar (MB) of Selangor, can't those concerned do simple planning and book the dates for the MB well ahead of time? Just inform the MB's secretary. Why is this difficult? Then, a non-Malay/ non-Muslim Deputy MB will be a non-issue, as the MB will make himself available at that time.

However, if at all, the MB is not available for certain reasons or due to an unforeseeable circumstance, and the non-Malay, non-Muslim Deputy MB is the acting head of Selangor, can't the Deputy MB empower a Malay/Muslim state executive councillor to represent the MB?What is so difficult about this? Please think out of the box.

On Deal stitched, all systems go for Perak

Sceptical: Let's look deeper into the situation. There is more than meets the eye. DAP, PKR and PAS have done their job. They have agreed that the first choice would be a PKR or DAP MB. I do not think it is a question of who the coalition (or the people) wanted. Nobody dares (or wants to) think of the impossible. Ask yourself why there is no problem in the other states, but just Perak. So let's sit back, and analyse the situation before we point fingers at the coalition.

Edwin: I think people are overreacting to the situation in Perak. There is no need to start calling the three-party coalition names yet. Bickering, arguments and challenges of power are all part and parcel of a healthy democracy. I am sure we've all had enough of 50 years of ‘toe the party line’ style democracy imposed by the BN on its component parties.

Isn't the need for increased transparency and a more balanced government the reasons why the people voted for the opposition in droves this time around? We are now getting both of that, all parties are transparent in their discussion and position, and the voices from all sides are heard by the people. Hidup rakyat !

Sunna Sutta: Nevertheless, to appoint the PAS candidate who represents the least number of DUN seats in Perak as the Menteri Besar of Perak appears to be a mockery of justice, and seemingly points to palace interference in the democratic process.

At least, for the sake of decency, the PKR candidate should have been chosen instead of the PAS candidate as Perak's new MB because at least the former represents one more DUN seat than the PAS candidate.

The regent of Perak, who is a Ph.D. holder, appears to uphold the concept of constitutional monarch in parliamentary democracy who should heed the voice of the rakyat . But in selecting an MB who represents the least number of DUN seats, his action seems to indicate the opposite.

I strongly think that it is still not too late for the Regent of Perak to conform to his constitutional role.

On Samy: Nothing is too little, too late

Mancis: Dato Samy Vellu, I must salute you for accepting your defeat and blaming others. It’s about time you see the actual picture, that the Indian Malaysians don’t want you any more. Get out as soon as possible before more damage is done. Now you are talking about unity, NGOs, Dato Subra and even IPF. Don’t you think that by doing this you are downgrading yourself even more.

The message is clear and it is written everywhere - whatever you do or say, the Indians don’t want you, don’t trust you and don’t like you any more. Please, for the sake of all the peace-loving Indians and Malaysians say good bye and be a gentleman.

Let the new generation of talented, educated and vibrant leaders take care of the welfare of the Indians in this country. We are more united now (no thanks to you) and we know our destiny. To all the Indians in Malaysia, let’s build a more vibrant Indian community and country.