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T'ganu MB: What would you do?

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vox populi big thumbnail ‘If the Sultan orders that you do A, and your PM orders that you do B? What do you do? Who will you obey? Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara or Kesetian kepada Umno ?

On PM wades into royal tussle over T'ganu MB

Charles Hector: The prime minister certainly does not decide on the question of who will be Menteri Besar. It is the elected members of state legislative assembly who decide - the menteri besar is the one who has the confidence of the majority of the members elected.

Ahmad Said has been appointed the mentri besar by the Sultan of Terengganu. He has the support of seven of the eight Umno division leaders in the state. Twenty-two (or should we say 23?) of the 24 BN Aduns apparently supported the choice of the prime minister, that is the former MB, one Idris Jusoh..

Ahmad Said has been stripped of his Umno membership for disobeying party leadership. Where was the show-cause letter? Where was that disciplinary board hearing? Where was his right to be heard and 'fair trial' principles? But what am I talking about for it is Umno and things work differently there. Leaders say jump and all who do not jump are no more a member. Since when has it become an offence for a member to disobey the party leadership?

Derhaka - would the behaviour and the boycott by the 23 amount to that? If the Sultan orders that you do A, and your PM orders that you do B? What do you do? Who will you obey? Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara.

Wendy Lee: When Lim Kit Siang asked the Perak DAP assemblymen to boycott the Perak MB swearing-in-ceremony, there was huge uproar and illegal gatherings at various spots in Perak demanding that Lim KS apologise in what they perceived as an insult to the Perak royalty.

Now, not only we see a similar scenario in Terengganu, it is worse! Umno assemblypersons, federal cabinet ministers, the PM and Deputy PM are defying the instructions of the Terengganu palace. So where are the demonstrators? Why no outcry? Why no street gatherings demanding apologies? Others can't do this or that but when it comes to Umno, everything can? So readers, judge for yourselves.

Tabbythamby123: Idris Jusoh and his 22 BN cronies were apparently not taught the Rukun Negara on loyalty and respect to the King and Ruler. Their actions of defying the decision of the Terengganu palace are tantamount to a revolt or waging war against the King. According to the constitution, they can be punished. A more appropriate way to educate them is to strip off their beloved Datukship titles.

Batmanm: As a Malaysian guided by the Rukun Negara principle of ‘Kesetiaan kepada Raja’, I would like to call on all Malaysians to show their solidarity and support for the Sultan of Terengganu in his hour of need. Going by the Sultan's track record, I am confident that the Sultan only has the rakyat 's interest in mind in appointing the new MB.

From what I have been reading in the media, the Sultan appears to be alone in facing the wrath of the BN government. The rakyat from Terengganu should demonstrate their love and support for the Sultan and I am sure that an amicable settlement can be reached.

Any disagreement with the Sultan should be handled behind closed doors. Public statements against the Sultan would only be viewed as disrespect and insult to the royal institution. Any act deemed to be biadap dan derhaka will not to be taken lightly by the rakyat and I call upon the government to take heed of this. Daulat Tuanku!

Chai Ming Hock: When Lim Kit Siang called for the boycott of the swearing-in ceremony of the Perak MB - for which he later apologised - he was labelled as ' derhaka' and accused of showing disrespect to the Perak royalty.

Now, Terengganu Umno has boycotted the swearing-in ceremony of the Terengganu MB, so they too can be called ' derhaka '. Worse, Umno has actually sacked the Sultan’s candidate from the party. Aren’t these actions by Umno to be considered a great disrespect to the royal family? Anything less will smack of a classic case of double standards in Malaysia.

Om Prakash: It dawns upon the Malaysian public that the constitution of the country and the various states needs streamlining now that the rule by constitutional monarchy has come back to haunt the government. The glaring truth is that each is being used by the other for their own interests in the name of the rakyat and country. It has been the tradition and culture to shift the blame when it suits the respective parties

On Selangor exco sworn in

Selangor Indians: Selangor Indians feels that exco list is not balanced We expected at least two Indian exco members in the list including ISA detainee M Manoharan. But we see only Xavier Jeyakumar there. Looks like going it is going to be the same as the BN ruling us .We

We feel Selangor has a large Indian population and there are lot of other issue facing the Indians in te state. So we need more than one exco member. We feel cheated and disappointed. We hope the Selangor MB will do something about this..

Disappointed Indian: It was disappointing to see that DAP did not elect an Indian representative to the Selangor exco. DAP is just giving a lip-service to the Indians in Selangor. It should have followed PKR’s lead in electing an Indian representative to the exco. It’s not too late for DAP for it can elect an Indian as deputy menteri besar.

Barathi Tamil: We expected at least two Indian exco members in Selangor. PKR and PAS shouldn’t forget Hindraf’s big role in this election.The turning point for this victory was the Indian vote. Now we see that there is inadequate representation in Selangor.

We fought and campaigned almost everyday to get opposition into parliament. But now we see disappointment again. I hope this will be rectified. We want an Indian deputy MB or at least two Indian exco members. Anwar had promises that he would address Indian issues by having more Indian reps. Where are our reps now?

Chandra Kanth Kannan: The Selangor state executive councillors have been sworn-in without a representative from the Hindu Tamil community. This opposition coalition was made possible due to the efforts of Makkal Shakti (People Power) whose voice was heard loud and clear during the election campaign. But once the election is won, we are lost and forgotten just like what the Barisan Nasional government had done previously.

One may argue that Dr Xavier Jeyakumar from PKR could represent the Indian community. But many fail to realise that Jeyakumar does not represent the hardcore poor Tamils from the estates and rural areas. The Selangor government would need to address this shortcoming immediately.

It was expected that ISA detainee M Manoharan would be made a Deputy menteri besar to show appreciation for the Indians contribution in making the opposition victory a success. Nothing is too late, things can change. Hope the new MB of Selangor and the Selangor palace will consider the plight of the Indians.

On Samy: Indians want immediate action

Chu: To say the Indians ‘want’ immediate actions is an understatement! The poor and destitute Indians as well as the Ibans, Dusuns, Bidayuh, Dayaks, Malays and Chinese in Malaysia ‘need’ immediate action. Please focus on assisting them in the areas of education and their basic daily needs first.

And for the Indians, do we need to be told by a man who was supposed to be their ‘paramount leader’ for so many years of our needs? Is he sincere and honest? If he is sincere, start helping us on his own, after all he is well-known to be one of the richest Tamils in the world.

Samsson: Can I tell you Samy that you have no more business asking and demanding anything for the Indians in this country anymore. You sold our Indian pride to Umno all this years and never lifted a finger to stand up for our rights so why bother now?

You and your cronies can keep your questions to yourselves we don’t need you and MIC anymore . We have stood for our rights on our own .

Balakrishnan Manickam: What's the hurry Samy? It's interesting to see the sudden onrush and seemingly grave concern from the MIC leadership towards the Indian community now. Being in the ruling government and parliament for decades have not been fruitful in looking after the interest of the very people they represent and this only reflects one thing - a total lack of commitment.

There's a new dawn which has proved itself and it is the birth of a new beginning for the Indian community with people who have been on the ground and fought and seen the suffering of the the community. The Indian community has spoken with their votes, and they know who truthfully should represent them and it is not you Samy or your MIC.

Job Dhanaraj: When in primary school, we were threatened that witches will come at night and make us drink rat’s blood if we do not do our home work. And our parents warned that we would be given no food if we do not practice our piano. And when we argued with our parents, we were told that our bodies would be dug up by ghosts and eaten as supper. And when I did try to study, I was promised to be made an architect and be like the very first Malaysian architect who according to them (in their desperation to make me study ), were the real builders of the Egyptian pyramids.

And while still struggling in primary school, I was even promised to be sent to Nasa to become a space commander to explore outer space – fear, hopes, fantasies and fantastic promises by parents just to make us kids study. Parents have a way with below average-brained children. And now this Samy Vellu guy is bringing back all those nostalgic memories by being told and he himself saying that he is still relevant. Indeed, some of grandmother’s stories being told all over again! May I suggest that they contact the Tom & Jerry people to use his stores to create new entertainment show for cartoon lovers?

Marion Tharsis: Samy Vellu and MIC have inflicted serious wounds in the trust and belief of the Indians in their role as the custodians of the Indians' interests and well-being. One lingering issue to be resolved soonest if MIC wants to have any hope of survival and gain some lost support, is the Maika fiasco. The urgent priority is to refund all the poor people’s investments in full. No more excuses, no more intimidations and certainly no more threats and delays. If this cannot be fulfilled expeditiously, then do not waste your time talking about reforms. All this big talk is nothing more than just empty promises again. You would be better off starting a drama company.

Secondly, of equal importance is change from within first. Do not look outside to put the blame or to divert the reasons for the debacle. The current leadership has to take blame openly and make way for a new, energetic and intellectuals to helm the party.

Remove the camouflage and show you really care. We want immediate action and results - not mere words which has been the case for the past quarter century and five years.

On Dr Subra: March 8 an awakening

Malaysiakini Fan: Dr Subra is speaking without realising the reality of the situation. How is it that after 50 years he is still telling the Indian community that the MIC is still relevant? The Indians have already told the MIC that it is no more relevant. What can he do? Get the cabinet to approve with immediate effect 100 new Tamil schools? Get the PSD advertise 50,000 new government jobs only for the Indians? Get the government to allocate immediately RM500 million for the Indian community?

Dr Subra, if you still think that it is your mission and duty to serve the Indian community, I recommend that you join PKR or DAP for at least they are making a difference. And get your fellow brothers released from the ISA. If not, I can tell you that you are just there for BN’s window dressing.

Gandhi: If only the MIC had been straight with the community, this plethora of anti-MIC factors would not have amplified to see its ruin. Arrogance was the chief cause for the Indian voters to tell MIC not to take things for granted. Portraying themselves as some invincible ‘lords’ was a major misconception and inflicted an unmitigated disaster. Is there a remedial measure for this fiasco? I suppose not.

As usual, this MIC minister has conveniently avoided the issue of Maika. This thorny problem must be resolved before the MIC can dream of picking up the pieces. We have our own reasoning mind and it's childish and misleading to say the opposition had brainwashed us. Stop pointing fingers at anyone but do some serious soul-searching please. Perhaps Hindraf could inject fresh blood in the severely hemorrhaging MIC.

Vinod Nair: This man and his party is still in denial. Instead of looking at the events objectively he accuses the Indian masses of being subjective and being influenced by the alternative media and the opposition parties. This man ‘looks like and sounds like’ a typical MIC-BN punter who the Malaysian community as a whole have come to loathe and despise.

He gives the impression that by being more effective in disseminating information (spin) in the alternative media they (MIC) could have countered the wave. ‘He sounds like a frog in a hole. He needs to understand, the truth is contagious. After 50 years, MIC has been drained of the best and the brightest from its party. Only the power-hungry and the greedy warlords remain. MIC has more than run its course. Would MIC have been able to get the post of Deputy CM in any state under the dictatorial racist Umno?

Only after destruction can there be resurrection, only after you've lost everything can you build anything.

On Segambut MP slammed for ignorant remark

WQ Lin: Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng deserves to be ‘slammed’ by MIC Federal Territory chief M Saravanan. Lim should not be passing judgement on BN appointees. He should remember he is a new kid on the block. He is under the microscope and the voters will be watching him on how he is going to deliver the pre-election promises of his party.

There will be plenty of opportunity for him to criticise the 'other' side when he himself has done his job well. BN is now in turmoil. Any stupid comments or capers from Lim and his like- minded wet-behind-the-ears MPs and state assembly persons will only invite the BN to bury them before they even know what hit them.

Chris Jong: Although I may not be impressed by the newly elected DAP MP for Segambut

Lim Lip Eng after listening to his speech at a ceramah during the election campaign, I don't see why M Saravanan, the newly appointed deputy FT minister need to be so overly upset over his remarks.

Since you, Saravanan, claim that you know every corner of KL so well, I wonder if you have noticed that Jalan Segambut and Segambut Dalam are one of those very, very few places in KL where the roads are still single carriage ways. If you don't, go check it out. It is such a shame that these areas - which are just a stone’s throw away from the very expensive Mont Kiara and Jalan Ipoh areas - can be so backward.

Trace: Is it true what Saravanan said about himself? That he was born and bred in KL? KL boy indeed. But he is, no doubt, very famous in Jalan Ipoh. Those who know him have a better knowledge of his previous profession. Maybe we should ask him about his nickname.

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