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No asset declaration, no transparency
Published:  Mar 27, 2008 12:55 AM
Updated: 3:25 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘They are many ‘funny things’ that could be done when those in power that are not required to declare their assets.’

On Q&A: We will 'pursue' Khir Toyo

Kamen Lee: Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim says some of his exco members ‘do not want to make their declarations (of assets) public for family reasons’.

If they do not declare their assets, this means that there will be no transparency. They are many ‘funny things’ that could be done when those in power that are not required to declare their assets.

What is the difference then from the previous BN-led exco? I am truly frustrated.

On Umno polls to be postponed?

KSN: Dr Mahathir at one time said that 60 Umno divisions would have to nominate a candidate for the president's position in Umno before the candidate even becomes eligible to contest. He continued that the Umno divisions are not that ‘brave’. What a statement coming from the same man who amended the Umno constitution so that nobody becomes eligible to contest against him or are not ‘brave’ enough. Shame on Mahathir. In short, he ‘killed’ democracy in Umno after his very narrow escape when Tengku Razaleigh challenged him for the post.

The entire illness (the damages he inflicted on the country are too many to list and they are public knowledge) the country now suffers is his ‘contribution’ to nation building and the subsequent leaders of Umno found no reasons to change the status quo. The people of this country decided in the recent elections that they have had enough of Umno and BN and the ineptness and incompetency of leaders like Mahathir.

On Idris apologises to sultan

Peter Yew: Let us step back and view the Terengganu issue vis-a-vis that which took place nationwide. The similarity is that the Sultan rejected Idris Jusoh just as the rakyat rejected BN. The Sultan wanted someone else and appointed Ahmad Said. The rakyat wanted a change and voted in Barisan Rakyat in five states.

The central issue is displeasure over past performances that is well known to everyone. My advise to BN in general, and Umno in particular, is get a life and move on. Whoever was selected as MB of Terengganu was an elected Umno assemblyman. Stop the infighting.

Work with him and see to it that the Terengganu government is quickly formed and functioning. I don't see any point in arguing over legalities when we can see very clearly that the Sultan has stood his ground.

On Abdullah: Big mistake to ignore cyber-campaign

Wan-Leong Jiangti: Had the consideration for the cyber-campaign been taken into account, is the PM so confident that the Malaysian citizens would have been satisfied with our recent progress?

Please acknowledge that more than just campaigns and promotions are needed to win a general election. I do not see that the strong opposition campaign influenced the citizens’ vote. The citizens just made up their minds. So please give the Malaysian citizen the credit they deserve - they have an opinion.

Henry: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi please stop giving lip services and making statements that you are the prime minister for all Malaysians. If you practice what you claim, then why is it every year so many deserving non-Bumi children have got to beg the MCA for help? You said you did not have evidence to act against corruption but isn’t the late Zakaria Deros’ palace not good enough evidence of corruption ?

It is difficult to believe what you say anymore. You say one thing today and another thing tomorrow. What you say has to be swallowed not with a pinch of salt but a handful.

Patriotic Malaysian in China: If we look at the speeches of the PM in the last two weeks, we would notice that he touched on the word ‘corruption’ and on the issue of corruption no more then two times. Why is this so? After all, this was one of the key issues the rakyat had resented for so long and this was also one of the main reasons why the BN was thrashed in the last election.

Now that the PM has included Muhd Muhd Taib in his cabinet, the people know he is not listening to the rakyat. Simple as that. Whatever his considerations, be it for balancing the power in Umno for his own survival or others, the PM's second term is doomed to fail.

Chuacj: Pak Lah, we do not tust you anymore and the rakyat has became smarter. All these institutions, the judiciary, the police, the ACA, the mainstream press and the television stations all belong to BN.

The only thing that belong to rakyat are darkness and suffering. We do not know what is happenning especially with our money. Every goverment deal is sealed behind closed doors.

You do not even repect the Raja and Sultan. I hope we will not turn into communist country’

Dr Robin Hood: Dear Mr PM, for a start, kick out Muhammad Muhd Taib and see for yourself the positive comments you will receive. Then, make absolutely sure that Mahathir apologises to Salleh Abbas – if he refuses leave it to a royal commission to take of him without your interference.

Take on people like him. Not poor honest citizens like the Hindraf people who only demonstrated for some genuine economic, educational and business opportunities help. This way, you may stay in power and get back your two-thirds majority.

Up, Up and Away: Mr Prime Minister, I was not looking for someone to campaign in front of my eyes. I wanted a change, just like many other Malaysians who wanted changes. What matters most to everyone is his stand on certain issues affecting the rakyat.

The cyber-world is a matter of choice and however hard you campaigned in cyberspace, the election results still would not have been too far off what is was on March 8.

On What now, MCA?

Kaisim: The MCA must take heed at their loss in the 12th GE, otherwise it will be wiped out starting from the urban to the rural areas. The present MCA is full of cronies and opportunists. Many of them work hard for their children`s scholarships from the government or for their business opportunities - very few work the party or to help the lower-income group.

I lived in a housing estate where there are old, hard-core supporters of MCA. Now they are happily retired because their children have finished their higher education on government scholarships. Some have obtained free or cheap land from the government and now retired in their cosy homes because of the good palm oil price. Some have become headmasters of Chinese schools for being strong MCA supporters. Opportunists work hard for the MCA when the carrot is dangling in front but lie low soon after they have taken it. MCA must change or else it should be prepared to be wiped out of Malaysian politics.

On Selangor gov't seeks takeover of PKFZ

AMS: Take over the PKFZ but at the same time disclose all the irregularities and bring the culprits to justice by making police and ACA reports. Reveal the action taken in Parliament so the public can know where their money went and who has benefitted.

On Who will save UM now?

Padman: With every other public university in Malaysia offering medicine now, surely there will be a shortage of qualified teaching staff to go around. So employing contract staff seems to be the solution as even UiTM's medical faculty has a 70% expatriate staff teaching there. I think this is still alright.

But the expatriates selected must be of the highest calibre. My nephew, who is doing medicine at University Malaysia Sabah, says that some of lecturers are from Myanmar and some of them have a very poor command of English. Why employ such expatriates? Why expose our future doctors to such underperforming lectures? What will the quality of our medical graduates be?

On Let candidates know postal votes breakdown

CheapIdeas: The police and the armed forces should fight for their true right to vote. The current postal voting method is widely perceived by many to be fraudulent. If the present BN government and the Election Commission still insist that the postal voting process is free from fraud and intimidation, then don't blame Bersih for any future demonstrations.

What I am proposing is a slight variation of the postal voting method. The ballot papers should have the parliamentary or state seats clearly stated. The ballot papers must then be cast into either two giant transparent boxes or two sets of standard-sized transparent boxes, and not into different bags. In other words, votes for different districts are mixed together. And the last part, the sorting and counting process is done at the same voting location. The reason why two transparent boxes are used instead of hundreds of opaque bags is to enable the easy monitoring of the casting of the ballot papers.

The Election Commissions had introduced a new procedure in the last 2008 general election, whereby, for normal voting the counting is done at the polling stations and the results are then tallied at the tallying centre. So, in a similar way, only the certified results of the outstation voting should be faxed to the respective tallying centres, as well as to the media. No outstation ballot papers should be sent to the various tallying centres. The whole process could turn out to be cheaper and faster as well.

Of course, all the political parties and election watchdogs should have the right to monitor the whole process. This kind outstation or postal voting right may also be extended to overseas registered voters, at designated embassies or consulates.