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Why stigmatise children?

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vox populi big thumbnail It is unfair and despicable to brand any child, Malay or otherwise, as illegitimate, just because the parents had not been married for a ‘reasonable time’ before the child was born.

On JPN on the look-out for illegitimate Malay children

Joseph Paul: This report is most disturbing. First of all, the director-general should remember that it is unfair and despicable to brand any child, Malay or otherwise, as illegitimate, just because the parents had not been married for a ‘reasonable time’ before the child was born. The child is innocent of any wrong doing and it is most unbecoming of anyone to attach a derogatory label to the child because of an act of commission or omission on the part of the parents.

It is even doubtful whether the unmarried parents of the child could be considered illegitimate parents, since I am not aware of any law which requires that the parents should be legally married before they can have a child. Be that as it may, I feel that the DG would do better if he would spend more effort to ensure that all children in the country have proper documentation such as birth certificates and identity cards which are so essential for living in Malaysia.

The good DG may have high moral values for himself - though it does seem strange that morality is very often associated with anything sexual - but to try to impose those moral values on others under the guise of carrying out his statutory duties can only be termed as ‘illegitimate’.

On Wife: RPK cuts contact with outside world

AB: The arrest of blogger Raja Petra for the most un-seditious reasons of law only goes to show that the Umno-led government has not learnt its lesson and needs some drastic shake-up to bring it to its knees. We cannot allow the victims (include the Hindraf 5) to remain victims to this dastardly brutal entity built over the 50 years.

The world must be made aware of our malicious, vengeful, vindictive and immoral government leaders who are attempting to destroy all good governance, accountability and honest leaders of the country, especially those not in their 'team'.

Whatever good said about the Prime Minister Abdullah before has come to nought in my mind and I shall not relax until I see the downfall of the Umno-led government and their desperate organisation. All those who voted for them should realise the sin of betraying honest Malaysians and work with the organisations and political parties who oppose these malevolent leaders of Umno.

On Bloggers: Sedition charge politically motivated

Arianna: What is happening to the Attorney-General’s Chambers? Why does Abdul Gani Patail's office always come up with a ‘Government vs The People’ case and not ‘The People vs the Government’? Why is it that the AG always finds fault with the people but almost none with the BN leaders even when a good number of these leaders' crimes are as clear as day.

Why is the AG’s Chambers so ruthless towards the people and defensive of the government? Is the AG’s Chambers run by robots or genetically-engineered humanoids? Aren't they capable of having their own minds or is it simply second-class legal minds?

Do we need robots or genetically-engineered lawyers doing their masters' bidding in the AG’s Chambers? Decide for yourself Abdul Gani Patail and company for you will continue to be judged by The People even now and long after you have left the AG’s Chambers.

Verbal-lash: Once again, it has been proven that the Malaysian police are but runners for the BN government. Any voice of dissent against any deeds of the BN government and their politicians are quelled by police actions meant to instill fear. The summoning of The Sun 's Terence Fernandez and R Nadeswaran for their reports on the Balkis controversy, the arrest of Raja Petra Kamaruddin are all cases in example.

The police have better things to do, don’t they? They should be solving crimes that are so rampant in our country – what happened to the murderers of Nurin Jazlin, what happened to Sharlinie, what happened to all the unsolved cases? What happened? And here they are, jumping to the commands of the BN government and getting involved with political issues when they should be serving their masters, the rakyat , who are paying their salaries.

Wasn’t the political tsunami of March 8 enough to carry the message through to the BN government? Or are they blind and deaf? Do they seriously think that their old style of governance which is dictatorial, authoritative, repressive and selective, will assure them of another term of governance? The more they continue with what they are doing, the closer they are to sealing their doom. They never learnt, and will never learn.

On Gov't to review 'unfair' deals, toll charges could be slashed

Alan Tam: At last the BN government has admitted there is room for review. The people were so helpless every time there was a toll increase and we were always told by the Samy Vellu that ‘if we do not let them increase the toll rates, huge compensation has to be paid’. This was ridiculous. We hope justice will be done to review all the lopsided concessionaire contracts, which only benefit the concessionaire at the expense of the taxpayer.

On Sultan Perak acted unconstitutionally

Zawawi: We must understand that the Sultan is not a 'robot’ or a ‘yes man'. The Sultan acts on the advice of the MB, yes. But since he is not a 'robot’ or a ‘yes man', he, too, must have discretion. It’s the Sultan’s right/discretion to accept or not to accept the MB’s recommendation - that simple.

If everything that needs the Sultan’s or King's consent is considered done/approved with the decision made by the MB or PM, then why do we need the King and Sultan? We seem to understand the meaning of things but not the substance. Democracy means freedom but we forgot that such freedom requires management and administration

On Pakatan cabinet: What will it look like?

Godbless: Going for a ‘two-party’ system is a healthy direction. Malaysia is now 50 years old and it is time to accept a matured political environment so that all the rakyat can truly express their wishes through the ballot paper. This will mean that those voted into power must be committed in what they are doing and take ownership of their portfolios. Should they fail to deliver, they will be replaced in the next election.

Since Anwar is the de facto leader, well, just allow him has the liberty to decide what is best for the new Pakatan. The people of the country should instead give him all the blessings he needs. The rakyat ’s expectation is very simple. Give us a better living condition and ensure us a good future ahead for our younger generation. Exercise truly a system with fairness, transparency and openness.

On Masters of malaise

Deluded: Meritocracy has never been applied in scholarships or coveted jobs. This has been prevalent for so many years that nobody actually cares anymore. It is not only confined to the medical services but to all streams of the 'rotten' civil service, which is normally staffed and headed by under-qualified loyalists to the powers-that-be who have appointed them.

As an example, in Johor, they advertised for vacant jobs to fill certain District Officer jobs and they actually went through a lot of administrative procedures and exercises which actually cost the state a bundle which obviously went down the drain. This was all just a smokescreen. Needless to state, the candidates who were appointed were all related to the elite in power who had the influence to pull a few strings or had 'blue blood' heritage.

There was definitely no place for an ordinary citizen - even though he may have had excellent qualifications - because he or she was not well-connected or the family were just simple folks.

Talk of fairness and transparency. Let those in power deny this. Obviously the District Office is where the coffer is and what a bounty to be salvaged by the 'privilged' few.

On Dana Johor investors discriminated

Angoon: DJ Investors cried discrimination and asked for fairness. Where is fairness in this country under BN rule? Every year the ASW2020 and ASM investors are being discriminated against and paid less dividends than the ASN and ASB investors. I am not surprised at all with this BN government in power. But what I am surprised is how come the BN or MCA had won handsomely in JJohor in the 12GE?

With all these unfairness and discrimination, the Johor non-bumis should had crossed something in their ballot papers and shown the BN or MCA the exit. They should have done something like their brothers and sisters in the central and northern states of the peninsular. No point complaining now because you have missed the opportunity. Wake up now for it is not too late to show the BN or MCA the exit come the next GE.

On MyKad may be used to stop foreigners buying cheap fuel

Johor Resident: As it has been pointed out, more fuel is lost via smuggling than by foreigners filling up their cars. Diesel fuel has been siphoned out via fishing vessels and oil tankers in the northern borders and along the boarders of Sabah and Sarawak. Subsidised diesel meant for fishermen is being diverted to factories etc.

Implementing the MyKad solution will not stop these smugglers because these guys are working with their Malaysian partners who can simply flash their MyKad to buy the subsidised fuel.

A simple solution is to get custom officers, at entry points, to verify that all foreign cars entering Malaysia have at least a three quarters full tank of petrol. While this may limit the amount of fuel that foreign-owned cars can fill up, the bulk of the problem has to be addressed through better enforcement along the shorelines and borders. And spot checks on factories using diesel.

On Traditional medicine: what's the health DG's stand?

Former Heart Patient: I was shocked to read this report. I remember that after the Health Ministry’s official announcement accepting the practice of T/CM (Traditional/ Complementary Medicine) by medical practitioners, my friends and I and members of the public whom I had spoken to, were very happy with the move. I have since undergone complementary treatment by a medical doctor successfully without any undesirable side effects to my serious heart problem and continue to go for regular maintenance treatments. I absolute vouch for the safe and immense benefits of these therapies and which are also inexpensive and safe, such as chelation, ozone and ECP.

How can the director-general of health now turn around suddenly and reverse the situation against the law? Has he carried out a thorough study? If so, we the patients and the public would like to read it. Has he ever initiated a research of former patients like me who have recovered? When many advanced countries in the West are slowly adopting T/CM into mainstream medicine, our DG is taking a step backward showing that he has not kept abreast with the latest development in health practices.

The positive evidence overseas (USA, Europe, China, etc) of the success of alternative therapies in integrative medicare over the years is overwhelming. As the law allows T/CM to be practiced by suitably trained practitioners, he appears to be biased against T/CM. Clearly this is not good for us the public. Let the consumer decide.

On Warrior mosquito plan under fire

Hooi Giam: The Malaysian government recently announced plans to release Genetically Modified (GM) mosquitoes in Pulau Ketam. These GM mosquitoes are 'created’ by a UK firm, apparently to reduce the population of Aedes mosquitoes. While GM organisms may have their uses, we cannot allow such organisms to be released into our environment without proper public consultations and independent scientific evaluations. Is the UK firm taking advantage of our country’s lax laws to introduce these man-made mosquitoes into our environment?

Malaysia, as a developing nation is least equipped to handle any problems which may arise from this GM mosquitoes release. Pulau Ketam is only a 20-minute boat ride away from the mainland. It's just a matter of time before these GM mosquitoes make their presence felt on mainland Peninsular Malaysia. That aside, it is not ethical and indeed an encroachment of our human rights to allow such biological control without having proper scientific evaluation and public consultation first.

Although the Health Ministry has since said that the release of the GM mosquitoes has been deferred, we must ensure that the ministry adhere strictly to the concept of public good when the issue of the GM mosquitoes release arises again. There is an online petition to lobby the government towards accountability and transparency on this issue of GM mosquitoes. Please sign the petition and spread the word if you agree with this petition.

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