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Mahathir and turmoil: Your say
Published:  May 27, 2008 1:28 AM
Updated: 1:34 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘Let us not dismiss his warning of a racial unrest brewing. He is capable of bringing down the nation as a last resort to fulfill his mad desire to unseat the PM.'

On Mahathir warns of unrest amid political turmoil

Richard Teo: Mahathir was the one who amended the federal constitution to remove the ruler's immunity from criminal prosecution under a special court. Therefore, if even rulers cannot be exempted from criminal prosecution, then why is the former premier not brought to court for his seditious comments in Johor when he accused the non-Malays were gradually taking away the rights of the Malays?

Then, when in Japan for a conference, he went to say that extremists non-Malays were making unfair demands on the government. If anybody else had uttered those words, they would have been classified as seditious and charged accordingly. Then may I ask why is not Mahathir charged for his seditious comments? Being an ex-premier does not mean he is immune to the laws of the country which even the rulers are not exempted from.

The Attorney-General must display fairness in prosecuting offenders who have infringed on any of our legislated laws and failing to do so would give the perception that there are two sets of laws in the country - one for the ordinary citizens and one for our political leaders.

Thequay 007: Dr M has gone overboard by using scare tactics to undermine the current government. He is making all kind of unsubstantiated accusation mainly focusing on Malay rights. He is trying his best to stir up racial unrest in this country by making wild claims that will then result in the resignation of the current PM. He is trying to ignite racial disharmony in this country. Nice try Dr M but nobody believes you. You are now trying all your tricks to destroy Umno, BN and the country. And you are now running down everything deemed to be obstacles to your cruel intentions.

The government of the day has to react fast by arresting him under the ISA. He is running wild now and has to be tamed before he manipulate the people to create unrest. He is going for broke. One wonders why he has to use forceful means to unseat the current PM. Is it for the good of the country or him and his family? Obviously he has much to benefit if the PM goes. Otherwise he wouldn't be so restless.

Having said the above, I am not saying all is good with the current government. The current government lacks accountability and transparency. The BN government is only fearful of general elections. After elections, they are back to their old habits. The so-called reforms done are not up to the mark. For example the ACA has no power to prosecute. If you have done nothing wrong, nothing to hide, why are you afraid of being prosecuted?? The courts will handle all cases with upmost fairness. Unless of course you are not comfortable with the courts.

The governments can give nonsense excuses why the ACA is not given the power to prosecute but the rakyat are not stupid. Do you thing you can take the rakyat for a ride ? Do you think the rakyat are so naive to belief everything you say? Or do you think you are safe now that the election is over? Only time will tell.

The way things are going, the only way to get a government which truly cares for the rakyat is a complete overall. We have to start from square one again and all the people currently in power have to go. A complete change of everything is all it takes. Otherwise our dream of a caring government will remain only a dream for a long long time.

Malaysian: I see a better Malaysia developing since Dr M stepped down as PM. During his tenure, the rakyat was kept in fear. Every conceivable institution in Malaysia was destroyed during his tenure. Corruption had skyrocketed, the judiciary was controlled by businessmen, education policies saw extreme discrimination and the entire country was running on mediocre gear. A friend of mine commented the day after Mahathir’s retirement: ‘There is a general sense of calmness come upon Malaysia’. However, that calmness is not to be prolonged by the same man who was in power for 22 years. Pak Lah must be commended for undertaking brave corrective policies.

Dr M is now going around whipping up racial sentiments again. I remember during his tenure, one of his favourite saying was ‘Don't play with fire’ to anyone who questioned his policies. He is now playing with fire by whipping up racial sentiments again. Only cowards will take such measures. Can't Dr M see how divisive his ways are? I'm sure the right-thinking Malaysians want a better Malaysia where everyone feel that they have a place on this Malaysian soil. My advice to Malaysians? Just neglect the old man's ranting and ravings and let’s go on building a great and peaceful Malaysia.

Louis Lim: Let us not dismiss his warning of a racial unrest brewing. Of late, he himself has been playing up the ugly racial card in his many pronouncements. With his latest move of resigning from Umno and the lukewarm support from Umno members to follow suit, he is capable of bringing down the nation as a last resort to fulfill his mad desire to unseat the PM. His inflammatory speeches may be premeditated to rouse the emotions of some nut cases out there to start a racial conflagration.

Then, like a modern day Nero, he will play his lyre and watch the nation burn whiles in the safety on his ranch in Argentina. Pak Lah ought to put his foot firmly down and put away this bitter and frustrated man before he wittingly or unwittingly wrecks havoc to this beautiful nation.

Silent Saint: The man will not rest until he has destroyed Umno and himself. The law of karma is inevitable. What you sow, you have to reap. This man sowed greed, racism, corruption and all these are coming back to haunt him. Abdullah is undeniably a weak and soft leader but certainly he is more human than TDM. TDM will do anything and everything to destroy his enemies, like what he did to Anwar Ibrahim. At the age of 82, most people would turn to God and repent for their misdeeds in life but Mahathir is committing more and more sins. Bilakah anda akan taubat wahai Tun Dr Mahathir ?

A man who was trusted to lead the nation for 22 long years is today going around the nation planting seeds of racial discontentment. Mahathir knows very well, that whatever he preaches to the Malay community will eventually reach the ears of the others, thus creating more racial tension and now he warns of unrest amid political turmoil. He is blaming Abdullah for everything that’s happening in the country to his weak leadership. He will eventually burn the house to kill the mosquito.

One very interesting turn of events in this political drama is the untimely political demise of his son Mukhriz Mahathir. The poor lad is caught in between his loyalty towards the father and his political ambitions. By the way things are going, the poor chap can kiss goodbye to the Youth leader’s post in Umno.

Chuacj: Dr M should be arrested under ISA urgently. I thought only BN is playing the racial card as they are politically bankrupt, but Dr M is fanning the racial sentiment which is more dangerous.

Sadly to say, our government is so corrupt that they don't even dare to mention the word ‘corrupt"’ in parliament as it is seen as shooting at one’s own foot. The only issue they can talk about is either racial or sexist origin.

As for Pakatan Rakyat, they have seen through the skin colour and want work for the betterment of all Malaysians. Do not be distracted by BN tactics. They will be consumed by their own greed and infighting.

Yumcious: Param Cumaraswamy's suggestion to arrest Dr M under ISA, though intriguing, alludes to how laws are enforced in Malaysia. It is never about the knowing, it is always about the doing. This gap is also known as one's ‘rice bowl’.

Authorities dispense justice swiftly when it is against the lowly. The very same authority also swiftly dispense away with justice with it is against the mighty. Some even get away with murder, quite literally. This is a sure-fire recipe for God to rain down curses on the nation.

We all know some are just more equal than others. Dr M will not be arrested, ‘rice bowls’ being the key reason. The only thing left is to wait for God Almighty to do His thing.

Om Prakash: The claim of possible unrest by Dr Mahathir is clearly his own fabrication and it is his plan to actually arouse such a threat of unrest. In any case PM Ahmad Badawi has to take the blame of slow and lame action for the nation's problems. His style of handling problems is not getting the support of the people although his effort to clean-up the civil service, delivery-system etc. may be admired. The claims of his economic achievements do not filter to the man-on-the- street. That’s the bottom-line. Yes, unrest may take place but not because of political reasons. It will be due to the economy which is affecting the man-in-the-street. The claims of Mahathir may just become a reality. The middle and lower-wage earners are trapped between rising prices and pittance in wages in the private sector. The government remains indifferent to the demands of the unions minimum wage in the private- sectors.

The employers - like the cabinet - fails to accept that labour must be an equal partner in the equation of the national economy. Malaysian workers are ‘sold cheap’ to attract foreign investors but then in came the foreign workers because it is claimed that Malaysians are not interested to work in the sectors taken up by cheap foreign workers. How could anyone be so cruel as to disregard the fact that unjustified wages to Malaysians were the main cause of the influx of foreign workers along with their criminal and social problems. The cabinets of the past and present have swallowed the fact that profit comes first before workers get their due share and accordingly employers are protected by labour laws which restrains workers to the minimum. Yes, with the current weak government under PM Abdullah’s leadership, turmoil is indeed very likely.

On Lingam tape: Police report made against Dr M

Maniam Sankar: I am amazed that to date nobody has seen fit to comment or follow up on the Lingam Tape royal commission report’s finding that the nomination of the chief justice proposed by Mahathir to the Conference of Rulers was not only without consultation with the judges but that Mahathir represented that it was in consultation with them!

We have a case here of a premier being deceitful to (all) the rulers and nobody thinks it is anything between sedition and treason?

Surely that act of TDM alone with its consequent odious result should be sufficient to charge him. Instead, we see all parties welcoming him to join/rejoin them. Should I be disgusted or bemused, I wonder.