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'Chor, you're unfit to represent us'
Published:  May 30, 2008 12:45 AM
Updated: 10:00 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘I feel ashamed with what the deputy minister has said regarding the beating up of a youth at Bandar Mahkota Cheras. Shame on him for justifying the beating up of a member of the public.'

On Chor justifies police action at BMC clash

Disappointed Citizen: Dear Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung (BN-Alor Star). As you should have known by now, many people already know the truth. Have you been living in Mars? Do you not know what some policemen can do? Are you talking blind with your eyes wide open?

Just one question to you. Did you see the Malaysiakini video ? If the FRU and police have nothing to hide, then they should not have been chasing off the reporters before they did their ‘work’ on the 21-year-old. They should let the reporters film the whole thing. What are they afraid of? Justified? Mr Chor, you do not seem fit to represent the rakyat .

Lemon: I feel ashamed with what the minister has said regarding the beating up of the onlooker/reckless driver whom, according to the police, wanted to knock down policemen with a car. Regardless of whatever the driver’s intention were, it does NOT give the police the right to assault anybody. Shame on the minister to justify the beating up.

Two wrongs do not add up to a right. Negative is never a positive in this case. If this is not curbed now, they can justify shooting in the near future. Is Malaysia a police state? The truth speaks for itself.

Pharmwell: Chor, just because you are from BN and a deputy minister so you side with the police. Wait, one day when the police whack you or your loved one. You should be telling the police off. Even if it is true that a car knocked into some police personnel, then the correct thing should be for the police to apprehend the driver. They should conduct a proper investigation and then charge the person. But what did your police do? Whack the guy to hell and back.

You and your police must feel very great for the action that they had undertaken. I dare you to step down from your position and stand for an election. I will bet all I have that you will lose due to your comments on this matter. Me and my family will never vote for a man like you. For the comments you have made are going to make MCA more unpopular. I think you must be thinking that Umno will accept you as a member.

Mana Justice: Datuk Chor, your reply does not speak for all Malaysians. An innocent person was wrongly beaten up. The police have used excessive force. The prime minister has made a mistake in selecting you to be the deputy home affairs minister. Datuk Chor, luckily the person beaten badly was not your loved one.

Alex: Irregardless of whether a policeman was assaulted or not, their duty is to reprimand and let the course of justice take precedence. They have no right in bashing up the citizens they are supposed to protect. However unruly the citizens may be, they are unarmed versus the FRU personnel that are carrying batons and shields, not to mention some 'supposed' training in their force.

Also, as far as we all know, traffic policemen carry firearms nowadays. I am very sure that if they were to drive in with sirens and without even having the need to flash their guns, the fracas could have been avoided and there would not have been reports as published. All police officers that defended the assault should be relieved of duty and questioned, including the deputy home minister himself. Any act of violence should be condemned in our peaceful society but the government, as usual, is practicing double standards when the fault is theirs

This shows the gross negligence, denial syndrome and unrepentant attitude of BN. That said, there is no point having massive campaign for the next general election. We will remember how we were being treated. I may be overseas and not be involved physically, but we feel the pain these people are going through.

Adrian Ng Chai Foong: I do not feel ashamed and disappointed, but I feel angered by what this so-called minister has said. Hey, whatever you want call yourself, if you don't know the situation, don't say anything. Have you gone down there to see what has happened? Have you not seen the video of the beating by the police/FRU? If you don't how to use the Internet, ask your children to show the video to you. Go and watch the video, then you come and talk to us. I am a resident there so if you have nothing better to say, just shut up.

If we don't read Malaysiakini , where are we going to get accurate news? Read the local newspapers controlled by the government? Believe in what you say? Come on Mr Whatever You Are, we are not stupid to believe whatever we read. We have the intelligence to judge for ourselves - not like you.You are not fit to represent the people. I suggest you resign from your post and come and live in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. We will represent you.

Ridiculous: Just imagine Datuk Chor said that the police were not able to do anything when there was scuffles and fights between the residents and the thugs. Then, tell me, what is the police there for? Also, please bare all on 'the other side of story' if Malaysiakini reports were false or not accurate. By the way, why should not the Home Minister be the one who should explain? Don't know what happened?

Fergus Ong: Mr Chor, in Malaysia we are governed by the rule of law. You are a deputy minister. You should know that the rule of law demands that FRU don't gang up an whack people in retaliation. Even if it was true that cars attempted to knock over the cops, the FRU, as law enforcers, responded outside the boundaries of their authority and you as the deputy home minister should be taking them to task. If the cars were trying to hit your cops, press charges. Police violence was wrong in LA in 1992 and is wrong again here in Cheras today.

Kelvin: From my observation, your (Datuk Chor’s) attitude pre and post-GE 12 is just the same. Despite the MCA losing ground in the GE12, your attitude does not help at all. You are a liability to the MCA. With people like you still hanging around, MCA is already not performing up to mark and will suffer further. MCA can surely do better without people like you.

Before making such remarks, please go to the ground and find out what actually happened. The boy did nothing for being dragged out from the car and beaten. And you say the police is justified in doing so. Are you out of your mind? With the police already suffering a bad reputation, this incident will further erode the public confidence in the police force. Is it standard operating procedure for the police to strike out at the public under such circumstances?

The federal government cannot just keep quite on this incident. An investigation must be made to find out if the policemen involved had abuse their power. The police force needs rectification to truly re-brand them. Very often the public is scared or uncomfortable with a police presence. The police is paid by the public and such things should not happen at all. Something urgently needs to be done to the police force to ensure that they truly serve the rakyat and the country and stick to their standard operating procedures.

Alice Hoon: Let the truth be the master. Let there be no more blood seen in a peaceful protest by poor Malaysians who juggle their low monthly income to fight the increasing cost of inflation, petrol and to avoid unnecessary toll collections. The ‘fortunate’ ones, of course, don’t feel their frustrations and grievances especially the elected government politicians, the attackers, Grand Saga and most of all the police. Please, no more excuses. Start an investigation and dig for the truth.

Angry 303: Mr Chor, you’re a real joke to this country. Period. There was no need for FRU to be at BMC. The civilians were not armed in any way. All they wanted was to clear the barricade. But instead, the FRU was brought in and they acted in such a way as if the people present were armed with just about every imaginable or conceivable weapon. Why the need for the FRU? Are the police so incapable of controlling a crowd that they needed the FRU to do the job? If this is so, then we may as well sack the entire police force and leave it to the FRU to go around whacking the hell out of everyone.

As usual, the beating incident was never reported in the local news media but I’m very sure millions of Malaysians would have seen the video by Malaysiakini . And why the need for the FRU to shoo all the reporters away if it was indeed their ‘job/? Obviously it wasn’t.

If you or your loved ones get whacked one day, I’d love to see what you’d have to say about that. Then again, that may not happen considering who you are and which political party you represent. I’m extremely angry with what you have to say about this and I’m sure everyone else is.

Desmond Lee: Calling All Malaysians who detest police brutality. Please make all our voices and concerns be known that we are a peace-loving country and abhor police brutality. Just look at the video clip on Malaysiakini . You can see all evidence there including blood all over the guy who got beaten in the very presence of the FRU group who were on duty as well as the evidence of a broken baton. And yet the government and police is all silent about it and worst all the BN MP are either too scared to bring this issue up in parliament or the speaker is purposely disallowing it.

If in the US this kind of video is shown, everyone involved will be immediately suspended from work, investigated and charged immediately in court. This is a black day and a disgrace to our police force as well as all BN members of parliament and PM Abdullah who just keep quiet and says nothing. When a leader or leaders keep mum and say nothing, it can mean that they condone it. This is a sin of omission by members of the parlisment.

No FRU and or police force personnel is above the law. This ‘non-accountability attitude’ of police leaders and the ruling government will make the rakyat more angry.

Baiyuensheng: All I can say is this - come the next election, MCA would go the same way as Gerakan. Irrelevant.

Tan Hak Soon: The police are supposed to uphold the law and protect the rakyat yet they ganged up to beat up a defenceless Malaysian citizen. They behaved like thugs. Look at the victim and the blood spilled. How can these police officials whose salaries are paid by taxpayers behave like a bunch of hooligans? They have disgraced their uniform. The chief of police must mete out tough disciplinary action against those involved in this vicious beating. There should not be any cover up. Justice must be served. And the deputy home minister should tender his immediate resignation for his callous remarks.

Clippy Mee: Shame on you, Chor. Even with police highhandedness you will still defend them for their brutality against a defenceless youth. Is it really necessary to use weapons to hold down a poor little youth? I am sure a couple of personnel could have easily pin down this unarmed peaceful protester. This shows the uncivilised charateristic of our police personnel. No need to conduct publicity campaigns to show the public that the police care for the security of the rakyat . This is hypocrisy in its most explicit form.

On BMC four investigated for attempted murder

Disappointed Citizen: This is typical of our police force, this is how they work. To justify their actions, they come up with this. They just simply cook up some stories and the innocent rakyat will pay the price. What has Malaysia become? Our law enforcers are all working on hearsay and condoning their own actions.

I would not be surprise that they can find the ‘injured officers’ soon. Our government should take action immediately before any obstruction of justice happens. Protect the rakyat .

On Cabinet wants BMC access road kept open

Angoon: Why wait until now? The whole cabinet had been sleeping all this while. The barricade had been torn down few times and yet the PM said that he did not see it. He has been sleeping too. I am ashamed of the cabinet which is supposed to be running the government of great Malaysia.

Furthermore, the deputy home minister Chor was telling lies when everything was so clear that the police and the FRU were doing something tremendously wrong. I am ashamed of you Chor. Step down immediately as a deputy minister. We remind you here that you won only be a very, very few votes in the 12GE.

On Cheras barricade goes down again

Pak Hamzah: It seems that all the voices and grievances of the people falls onto the deaf ears of the political leaders. We always being told by them that they are the champs of the people, it is the people's government for the people and that they fight for the people. But why are they silent when citizens are humiliated and beaten? On top of this there are all the difficulties everyday living due to price hikes and rising cost of living.

Incidents like the BMC saga show how things are being manipulated by profit-first private companies. Why this had to happen? Why are the ‘people’s heroes’ silent now? Don't they have children, don't they have families? Don't they have that human feelings?

The answer is because money is everything to them. The greediness in them has been cemented and the only feeling they have is ‘What more can I grab?’ They never learnt any lesson even after they were almost defeated in the last general election. This is the culture of the Barisan Nasional - dulu, kini dan selamanya .

Today, it is happening in Cheras, tomorrow it will happen somewhere else and it will happen as long as they are in power. Let’s get together and bring them down. Put them where they deserved to be.

Cheah Kah Seng: Can Selangor state government immediately start the construction of an underground bypass to connect the surface non-tolled, roads? I'm not proposing giving up a just fight. This underground bypass can proceed at the same time that the people strive to get the barricade open. Don’t the the planning and construction of regular underpasses fall under the jurisdiction of the Selangor state government?

We have a somewhat similar, though less extreme, situation here at Penang's Sungai Nyior toll station along the Butterworth-Kulim tolled highway. Despite earlier suspension of toll, the plaza is now collecting toll fees.

I believe the best way to force the hands of the tolled road operator is to bypass that Sungai Nyior toll station by constructing several surface and underground bypasses in the soft delta soil of the Prai River. The additional roads will boost local economy, properties, and devalue the toll station. Eventually, robust local development will even benefit the toll operator.

MySecret62: The hired thugs were there to intimidate the residents by employing scare tactics and casting fear on their safety. I would humbly suggest that those with the pictures of the thugs publish and distributed them for all to see. Let’s see which hole they will crawl into once they know the rakyat is on the lookout for them. Let’s turn the tables on them and make sure that these thugs and their paymasters be brought to justice.

Evelyn: For heaven's sake! What is going on or happening in our country, Malaysia? Why can't this tussle be resolved by those authorities concerned? And why do we now hear and see our police beating up a citizen? What is the matter? I do not live in Cheras but in another state. But just by reading the news about what is happening there sickens me. I pray that the situation would not erupt into a full blown riot involving the police and the rakyat . It is so shameful.

On Toll operator: We're not involved in BMC violence

HL Too: Of course, the toll operator (Grand Saga) had nothing to do with the attack on the residents in the Bandar Mahkota Cheras fracas. The thugs who attacked the residents are obviously people who have great love for Grand Saga and were incensed at the residents enough to attack them. Some things are just too difficult to believe or understand.