Your say: Ezam rejoins Umno
Published:  Jun 3, 2008 1:35 AM
Updated: 11:57 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘While I respect his decision, I worry that he has misplaced his trust and has abandoned the grass under his feet in his quest for the stars.’

On Anwar was 'very cold' towards me

Meng: Ezam has every right to go wherever he wants and to fight on whichever party platform he wishes. However I believe that Ezam is very naive to think that Umno, with all its years of living the patronage system, can reform itself. It is further na V ve to think that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has the political will to carry through reforms which include a totally unmuzzled and free ACA. I believe that under the new proposed ACA, it still reports to the PM.

We have seen time and time again that this gentleman we call our prime minister is unable to make the brutally difficult decisions. Certain prosecutions never see the light of day, proposals from royal commissions like the IPCMC stop short of implementation and there is no conviction to prosecute the wrongdoings of past ministers and leaders who have squandered and pilfered from our country’s coffers.

So Ezam, if you think you can turn the course of the Titanic, good luck. But we won’t be holding our breaths.

Tan Soo Huat: What is Ezam up to? It is only his wishful thinking that Pak Lah can change Umno and government so quickly. Pak Lah is a good man, but the power-brokers and warlords in the party and government will bring everything back to square one. Ezam is only looking for an excuse to continue his political survival. A person like him should remain with Pakatan Rakyat.

Out of Pakatan Rakyat, it is worse in Barisan Nasional, he is good for nothing. Furthermore, his return is also viewed with suspicion by the Umno warlords. They are the least convinced that Ezam is an asset but more of a burden to the party. After the initial hoo-ha of Ezam reentry, everything will die down.

Ahmad Fuad Abdul Rahman: I had never intended to comment on Ezam's re-entry into Umno believing that this is a democratic country, and that, is his democratic right. I have no quarrel with that. I understand his noble intentions even more, after having read his interview. That he is attracted to Abdullah’s ‘reform agenda’ which is ‘more than what Anwar had intended when he was the DPM’. Oh how proud I am, and how proud I felt to have at least the benefit of knowing such a murni character!

My point is this. Saudara Ezam, whilst I (still) respect your decision, I worry that you have misplaced your trust and that you have abandoned the grass under your feet in your quest for the stars. In short, you might have put your hopes up a wee bit too high. Please, do not get me wrong, for I share the same aspiration with you, in so far as the Anti-Corruption Agency is concerned.

Only, you might have inadvertently been suckered by the sweet skill of Bapak Pengumuman Malaysia! (I am assuming, of course, the reason of your re-entry is exactly as you had announced). All said, here's wishing you all the best in the pursuit of your ideals.

On Ezam: PM must prove himself by next GE

Siew Wah: And so Ezam has divulged that he played an important role to get Anwar Ibrahim released from detention. I am just wondering why Anwar did not take note of this gracious act and return the favour to him by whatever means, instead of leaving him out in the cold. Ezam Mohd Nor is a prized gem to further the reformasi programme of Anwar, but he (Anwar) has not noticed this and has let him slip out to rejoin Umno, a party which has lost its relevance in the changing political landscape.

On Mahathir: Ezam a possible Trojan horse

Garry Khoo: At last, we know what Ezam wants. I would like to correct Dr M’s statement that Ezam might be a Trojan horse from PKR. Actually he was a Trojan horse from Umno! Let's us forget about him. He is only a common, opportunist politician always doing things for his own self. But I grudgingly respect him as when he decide to work for a party, he works all out of it. Good luck, to you Ezam!

David Yoong: For Mahathir to even suggest Barisan MPs to leave the Barisan, just to topple Abdullah Badawi, and then re-join Barisan when a new leader takes over, is an extremely irresponsible and despicable act totally ignoring the rights and aspirations of the electorate who voted in these MPs in the first place. These MPs were, after all, elected under the Barisan banner.

Mahathir's acts are thoroughly manipulative, just to achieve his selfish desire of seeing Abdullah out at any cost. There is no concern as to who that 'someone else would take over' is; equally uncaring is what effect all this would have on the nation and its rakyat .

No wonder Karpal Singh called Mahathir a 'gutter politician, without of any statesmanship'. I fully agree plus more. Mahathir’s actions clearly show his narrow-minded mindset, his conniving nature and wicked practice of justifying all his means by his desired ends.

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