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'How much does one minister cost?'
Published:  Jun 12, 2008 8:50 AM
Updated: 3:21 AM

vox populi big thumbnail 'Can one of the MPs ask in parliament what is a minister’s complete pay structure and allowances are? Also, request the amount of claims made by individual ministers over the last five years.'

On PM makes RM2 bil cost cuts after fuel hike

Selva: Can one of the MPs ask in the parliament what is a minister’s complete pay structure and allowances are? Also, request the amount of claims made by individual ministers over the last five years.

From there, we the people, will be able to see how much each minister is costing the poor rakyat .

PT Tan: A 10% cut? Tell that to the poor guy who tries to make ends meet with moonlighting.

With the economy like this, they can still think of holidays? The ministers should just pull up their socks and work 16 hours a day like the poor civil servant who is forced to moonlight.

The government should do the following: a. Sell the PM's jet. Let him take MAS or better still AirAsia like everyone else. No priority queue - book in advance and plan your working trips.

b. Do away with police escorts so that we need not waste extra petrol. c. Scrap all tolls and road tax. d. Zero entertainment, zero decorations, zero speeches and zero kenduri . So sero cost - just work.

e. Show us the complete in and out of every sen collected so that there will be no more perception of corruption. Every item above RM500K spent should be itemised, just like the same conditions applied to medical bills. Don’t lump them together.

f. Zero overseas trips, zero deployment to guard the British Queen, pull back all our peacekeepers and scale down all our diplomatic missions. g. Reduce the passport fees so that more can go overseas to work like in Singapore and bring back more money.

h. Allow the import of hybrid cars at zero tax. i. Get the buses on the road instead of mothballing them at ‘bus graveyards’. The government should start working instead of taking holidays. Else the rakyat will send them on a holiday - permanently.

Vimhal: Ridiculous, this is what can be said. Entertainment allowance to be reduced? Why should there be one in the first place? Fully paid expenses? Are we the rakyat fools to put them in power? What gratitude shown to us.

The people are suffering due to the mismanagement of the country and until when do we have to pay for the continuous 'mistakes' done upon us for the past 50 years? If the politician want to have 'entertainment' allowances and holidays do it at their expense.

If everything is 'covered' why do they need to have a salary at all? Something to think about fellow Malaysians. We have been disgusted enough with their acts of selfishness.

Stop using the mainstream media to fool even more of us. Let's all rise up together and make the changes necessary to ensure we have redeemed ourselves. The longer we wait the more we are losing.

LTF: Mr PM , you forgot to cut off all the useless ‘consultants’ including the few just appointed eg, Sharizat. If you need to consult you can refer to the blogs and get free advice for any subject you care to look into.

Our ‘hero’ is also a consultant for Petronas. What good has come out of that? Even in MAS there are many consultants. I just wonder what those in charge are doing. Maybe their job is to employ consultants? Shows that unqualified people are sitting in the chair .

TeoKelooMangoop: In the spirit of transparency and accountability I would like to know how these entertainment allowances have been spent by these ministers in the past. We want to know how our tax money has been spent. Let's see the itemised claims.

Watchdog: Talking about cutting expenses and overseas trips. When the nation is bleeding, excuses are plenty. Our salaries remain the same but there is a lot of advice on how to curb spending and change our lifestyle.

I would like to suggest that every minister should have a performance appraisal done by the PM himself to see if they are being productive to the nation building process. Official travel should be recorded. and receipts maintained.

Yang: a 10% cut is peanuts! Plus free holidays to Asean countries only while ordinary people like us have to pay from our own pockets and sit in budget airline. Tell me, how fair is this government?

YC: Imagine, a 10% cut on the entertainment allowances (excluding their take-home salary) and on workshops and stuff was already costing the country RM$2 billion. It is mind-bogging to hear from the prime minister that so much money has been wasted all these years.

If they care for the rakyat , they should live like the rakyat ie. taking public transport to work and paying for their own entertainment expenses. No wonder the country is currently suffering from severe inflation due to meg- wastage and mismanagement.

On Bar Council startled by judge's 'damning' disclosure

Francis T Rozario: Justice Ian Chin has made some startling allegations. This from a sitting judge is indeed a very serious matter not to be taken lightly more so because his statement hits at the very fabric of our judicial integrity and the integrity of the office of the prime minister although the accusations here are made against a former prime minister. This calls for urgent clarification from members of the judiciary.

There is also this accusation of a ‘boot camp’ held between May 26 and May 30 which was conducted to indoctrinate those attending to hold the view that the government interests’ were more important than all else when considering judgment.

If the judges choose to remain silent then they have apply the same rules of the law of evidence against themselves. Here is a brother judge who has come out and made some accusations, it is for the judges themselves to clarify this matter so that the general public, the layman is not in a situation where he doubts the integrity of the entire judicial system.

‘The Borneo case’ as it alleged to has been referred to has greater implications than meets the eye. Together with the Lingam case, it is troubling to the ordinary citizen who is now in serious doubt about his ability to seek justice against the government. It casts a cloud over all judgments in the past in favour of the government and its agencies and in particular, Umno members.

It is no secret that this government under Umno is run like a communist country where the a communist party has total control over the people’s assembly, similarly to how Umno has control over parliament.

Judges are men of honour. They have to come out into the open and either support or deny the accusations made by Justice Ian Chin so that what has to be done can be done.

Sundram: The Sun didn't carry the story on the explosive revelations by the high court judge. We know why, of course. Vincent Tan, whose name is implicated, owns The Sun . The Sun may be great at uncovering people like Zakaria Deros, but it chickens out when it comes to its own boss. Shame on journalism.

Zi-zenn: Though judge Ian Chin’s disclosure is strictly nothing new, his boldness in relating the details of the executive intervention during the obnoxious Dr M’s era of decadence must be complimented. The exposure serves as yet another eye-opener.

It all goes to show how corrupted our legal system has been in the past quarter of a century. The present judicial reform just introduced by Pak Lah must go on in full force, without trepidation, without condescension. This is the only way to bring back some sanity to our nation.

Lau Sue Chau: I think Mahathir is shut up and retire into oblivion gracefully for the following reasons. He is definitely too old to be actively participating in Malaysian politics. He is too forgetful to be worthy of any hearing by any sound-minded Malaysians. He had admitted during the Lingam Tape inquiry that he could not remember anything.

He was the one who had destroyed the nation through dictatorial and autocratic rule. This has been recently affirmed by Ian Chin, a senior judge in Sabah. So, for these, Mahathir, please back off and let your successor carry on to clean your dirty linen.

JTB: After the Lingam Tape royal commission, most of us think that the worst is over. Most Malaysian have the perception that corruption in the judiciary is only confined to judges selling their souls to make a fast buck.

The above report reveals something different altogether and that the judiciary is not at all independent. The executive in the form of the past prime minister saw that it was all right to interfere in the judiciary. The power he wielded when he was in power was so terrifying that none of the judges at the judges conference dared to defy him.

With this pathetic state of affairs that has now surfaced, it is incumbent on the present government to now set up a royal commission to investigate the allegations made by this senior judge. Justice Chin is not a whistle-blower, what he did was correct and he was duty-bound to disclose his previous involvement in matters that may call for his recusal in the hearing of the current case.

This time the government must make the commission’s terms of reference wide enough for it to investigate all aspect of the judiciary and the interference from the executive. The Lingam Tape royal commission’s report certainly has a bearing on this matter at hand.

Edmond Wee: Admittedly, it is stuff of legends and fiction to imagine the former PM wielding power even over the judiciary. Could this be fact? This is a difficult one.

It is a matter of what he said and what the others heard. In a court of law, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Did Dr M really say those words? We were not there when those words were allegedly spoken. It is truly scandalous if he really did.

On the other hand, Justice Ian Chin is putting his career and integrity on the line by making these claims. Everyone must have a chance to defend himself. Perhaps Justice Chin has a tape recording as proof?

On Zaid: No probe on judge's expose

Peter Ooi: I am appalled by Zaid’s statement ruling out a probe on Dr Mahathir's alleged interference in the judiciary. As I see it, the government is not serious in cleaning up the judiciary.

Mahathir and Eusoff Chin were implicated by a royal commission inquiry and now by a learned judge. Dear Zaid, how are you going to clean up the judiciary when a load of rubbish is still piled up in its backyard?

Your statement seems to imply to let bygones be bygones and let’s start on a clean slate. How simplistic a solution it is. But I am sure the public thinks otherwise.

The general perception is that the authority does not have the guts to charge those two and others implicated for fear that they would expose even more wrongdoings by some still in power.

Balakrishnan Manickam: The judicial system presently seems rotten and sure smells like it. Where's the promise of transparency and integrity; to safeguard the society at large?

The 'rotten apples' are still in the judicial basket so how can justice be maintained? Justice delayed is justice denied. This mainly affects the Malaysian society and even the ones who are detained under the ISA.

Isn't rooting out the cause in any judicial putrefaction necessarily urgent? Is financial consideration the only obstacle to initiate this investigation?

On Irene seeks explanation on 'missing' court documents

Meng: First and foremost Irene Fernandez is a victim of a vindictive government who seeks to punish her not because of publishing false news but because of the embarrassment it brought them.

Now, delaying justice for stupid reasons like taking a month to retype the former magistrate’s handwritten shorthand notes is absurd. It just shows how archaic and backward our judicial system is.

There needs to be a total revamp and it has to start with all the judges who received phone calls from the executive or its representatives coming forward as Justice Chin has heroically done.

There should be a revelation of the state of affairs in our judiciary system and each and every judge should come forward in the name of justice and for the love of god and country.

The rakyat has always suspected the strong arm of the executive was wielded against the judiciary so it is time judges come forward to demand justice for the rakyat .

All those who have meddled and tainted the judiciary should be prosecuted for treason. This includes ministers or prime ministers who - to their surprise - need to know that they are really not above the law.

On Muhyiddin: APs to be retained, for now

AlexC: Why can’t the BN government ever keep their promises? These APs are just an indirectly way of supporting local cars. Take Korean cars as a benchmark. They were founded at about the same time as Proton. Today, they are among the world’s most recognised brands with breakthrough in cell technology now whereas the best Proton can do is promote itself in making flimsy cars with no breakthrough in any technological advancement,.

And I am saying this based on the feedback that I have been receiving in Australia. If Proton cannot buck up, it has to go and cannot be kept alive by taxpayers’ money. Lets face it, people are buying Proton because they are cheap.

If any other car were sold cheaper, no one would buy Proton. Even to date, all the new Persona and Satria Neos are still plagued by flimsy plastic that break easily and other never-ending complaints.

Also, APs are the proof of a racist policy that only benefits a certain group. It is further worsened by the very fact that it has been handed out to family members and cronies as practiced by the previous minister of international trade and industry.

So, what proof do we have that it will not continued to be used to line the pocket of a selected few? We are sick of people who made easy money through APs and travel not only in posh cars but helicopters!

I wish I could say that if these APs have to be retained, the profits earned from APs could be channeled to a fund to help the needy, but I can never bring myself to trust this BN government.

Brian Fong: So the present BN government is not sincere at all about transparency, accountability, removing of cronyism and has no regards for the hardship the common rakyat is facing with the current rising inflation.

Every Tom and his dog have read about the abuses of this AP system that not only distorts the actual pricing of cars but also enriches only cronies and lackeys at the expense of the rakyat . For some strange and suspected reasons MITI seems to be blind to it.

And Muhyiddin has the temerity to say that those AP holders are still unable to stand on their own despite having been on this non competitive system for 20 years. It therefore is deemed right to add another 10-11 years! Can Pakatan help out?

On Dr M poser on Scomi-RapidKL bus deal

PT Tan: To all suffering Malaysians, have you not seen enough? I am sure there are thousands of people out there who will love to take these buses and put them on the roads to provide us low- cost public transportation.

The picture only tells about KL, what about the rest of the country that have not seen a bus before? Can we continue to live with the mismanagement of the entire country’s resources?

When the leaders tell us to adjust our lifestyle, they basically ask us to go hungry. The people should ask the leaders to adjust their management styles or we should just simply boot them out.

On PM announces RM1 bil development fund for S'wak

Garry Khoo: Showtime! Congratulations for Sarawak! All the rakyat should wake up now to voice out the fact that our ruling party is still using the same very old cheap tactic of promising development to get votes.

Why wasn’t the money given earlier? What's the message from our PM? Encouraging us to shift to those states not under Pakatan Rakyat to have more ‘privileges’ for another five years.

I'm stay in a Pakatan Rakyat-ruled state and I want to tell Pak Lah that I voted for BN before but I didn't see any improvement until I voted for the opposition.

On M'sian seafood faces ban from EU

Dorai Dubai: Does it mean to say that the Malaysian authority does not follow or is not aware of the stringent health standards imposed by the EU? So do we have weaker health standards compare to other countries?

Do we Malaysians just tolerate poor and uncalled for health standards and swallow anything without any standard? Why can’t we also follow the EU’s standards for safe sea food?

Now we may lose RM516 million just like that. Why can’t we get all the importing countries’ standards, specification and the government requirements before we proceed further? Are we only good at recovery instead of planning and preparation?