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Selangor sultan spot on
Published:  Jun 19, 2008 12:54 AM
Updated: 3:56 AM

vox populi big thumbnail 'His remark that the protest by PAS Youth was hypocritical and trivial was spot on. He again demonstrates his sincere concern for all irrespective of race.'

On Sul tan clashes with PAS over entertainers

Peter Ooi: HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah's stand on the Ella and Mas Idayu concert is indeed very commendable and should be supported by all. Being the head of Islam, HRH definitely knows what is good and bad for his subjects.

His remark that the protest by PAS Youth was hypocritical and trivial was spot on. He again demonstrates his sincere concern for all irrespective of race. HRH's stand should serve as a lesson to all, particularly religious fanatics, who would want to impose their ways and practices on others. Long live the sultan of Selangor.

Baiyuensheng: The Selangor sultan has said that Selangor did not comprise of ‘just PAS and Muslims’ adding that the state had many political parties and people of other races and faith. He could not have described the state of Malaysia better than anyone else.

PAS is just hellbent on instigating the other races. If they continue this, they may spilt the country and Sabah and Sarawak would secede and opt to go along by themselves.

Michael Lim Guat Yong: PAS and PKR, please explain the call by PAS Youth to implement the Islamic administrative system in Pakatan Rakyat-led states. We are disappointed with you by not fulfiling your word and promises.

Pakatan Rakyat is a multi-racial political coalition where all races have equal rights. Please respect all the people. No single party in Pakatan is allowed to act alone or on their own interest.

If PAS wants to implement this agenda or if they have any motives behind, please leave Pakatan Rakyat. You are not welcome if you are not in line with PKR objectives which is to fight for all races as one nationality - Malaysians.

Please put your efforts in defending the people’s welfare, such as the issue of Petronas transparency and Tenaga Nasional’s pay increases for its top staff that have caused a public outcry.

On Nizar: Restoring the sparkle to Perak

Proud Citizen: Mr Mentri Besar, I give my unreserved respect to what you have said. I have never heard more down-to-earth remarks in Malaysian politics which was all this while has been based on racial lines.

You have overcome all the hypocritical issues that have bothered the rakyat over the last 50 years and finally I see a real statesman is born. More so in the state I was brought up. I am proud of you, Dato Seri.

For those in the ruling parties, be it Umno or MCA, please learn from the wisdom as expressed by the Perak menteri besar. We are living in a borderless era and the only way to survive is learn to live together. I begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel and I believe Malaysia has a good future. Bravo, Mr Menteri Besar!

Dorai Dubai: Great! Great! Keep it up Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin. This is proof of the good and quality governance by our Pakatan leaders. Firstly, the menteri besar fully understands that he is a government servant and is doing his job well.

The state government has four years to prove that they can do much, much better than the spoiled old BN government. The MB and his exco, who are working very hard around the clock, are a good example of high quality leadership.

If the entire exco can engineer the Perak government well, there should not be any reason for the public not to reelect them again. One thing is for sure, if Pakatan can remain in the seat for next term, then forget about BN recapturing the state. Keep it up!

Ahmad Kamal: I am sure the rakyat appreciates PKR and MB Nizar in taking buses and driving in boneshakers. The point is made. The ‘huggy-buddy-we-are-with- rakyat’ thing should last 100 days.

It might be more useful for PKR parliamentarians to get to work and meetings on time by reliable transport and do a good day's work free from bad traffic and rickety cars. Unless, of course, the public bus in Perak and its public transport system is something to talk about.

Let’s do the real savings - food prices, school expenses, fuel costs, housing for the poor. But I do like his savvy response to PAS Youth's dream of implementing Islamic law in PKR states.

On Sapp MPs to move no-confidence vote

Kenny Gan: No corrupt regime gives up power gracefully. A snap election will be a disaster for BN with public anger simmering over the hike in oil prices.

Faced with the threat of losing power, Umno may resort to draconian measures. The moderate Abdullah Badawi may be forced to step down while a hardline Najib takes over. With the ruthless and unprincipled Mahathir egging him on, another emergency and Operation Lallang is not inconceivable.

Political parties and civil society should be prepared for such an eventuality. Contingency plans should be drawn up. The obnoxious ISA is still hangs over the heads of the opposition.

Malaysia must never go down the path of another Operation Lallang which would push the country back by decades. Leaders of Pakatan Rakyat, please beware of the danger and plan ahead.

On Syed Hamid: Fuel price won't go down

David: Please note that a Malaysian has to pay for the following on top of expensive petrol.

1. Road tax 2. Toll charges which are equally expensive as the cost of petrol. 3. High purchase price for new cars.

Please note that a two-litre Toyota Camry is selling at RM90K in Thailand whereas a Malaysian has to pay RM140K for the same car. A Malaysian has to pay an extra RM50K. If you take RM50K and divide it by RM625, the buyer has paid 80 years in advance to the government to pump petrol without any subsidy from government.

A new Toyota Camry buyer will have paid for three (average) Malaysian car owners for the rest of his/her life. Please note that Thailand is not an oil exporting country but the price of petrol there is RM3.50 per litre. The Thai does not pay high toll charges like a Malaysian.

There is no road tax charge in Thailand. Imagine what type of quality life of a poor Malaysian has compared to a Thai. There is no reason to increase the price of petrol because the extra tax for a new car is enough to compensate for the high cost of petrol.

Michael Lim: Our government never reveal the truth about oil prices in other countries to us. They keep on emphasising that our oil prices are the lowest in South East Asia. They are not telling the truth.

Sad to say that Petronas still hiding their income and the TNB CEO just asked for a salary increase of all things.

On 'Petronas bosses live like oil kings'

Mohd Yusoff: This is the most absurd tale that I’ve seen twisted. I have been with this organisation for a while and have never seen or heard of Petronas bosses owning helicopters let alone private jets. I know they operate and own an airport at Kerteh in Terengganu but I have never seen neither private jets nor helicopters parked anywhere at its vicinity or at their homes.

The helicopters there are those used to ferry offshore employees to drilling platforms located in the South China Sea. I don’t recall any of these helicopters being owned or operated by our staff either. I believe they are provided by an experienced aviation company.

On PM warns of disaster unless inflation tackled

Phua Kai Lit: In the face of an ill-conceived policy, raising petrol prices drastically without an anti-inflation programme in place and without programmes to cushion the impact on low income people, progressive citizens in Malaysia need to think about ways to help ordinary people to cope with this awful situation. I propose the following for starters (please add to the list):

1. Demand that the government abolish all fees in the public schools.

2. Demand that the government give a monthly ‘child welfare’ allowance to each family with a child under the age of 5.

3. Push the public transport companies to put more buses, trains etc into service immediately

4. Re-introduce the minibus forthe whole of KL

5. Get the government to increase the rebate for motorcyclists.

6. Get Bernas to increase the supply of rice in the market

7. Ask better-off people to donate unwanted clothes, furnishings etc to organisations that can give them free of charge or at nominal price to low-income people.

8. Get trade unions etc. to purchase food and other essential items in bulk for resale to their members at lower prices (NUPW, are you listening?)

On Economic slowdown 'will spur terrorism'

Garry Khoo: Economic slowdown 'will spur terrorism'? PM warns of 'disaster' unless inflation tackled? Pak Lah says will not step down before December? PM: No more fuel price hikes this year?

What has happened to our government? We want to hear of projects or plans that can benefit the rakyat and not this nonsense that makes the rakyat worry even more. It is ridiculous!

On Mahathir finally refutes judge's allegations

Teo Chuen Tick: I am no fan of Dr M but he has a point - no other judge has come out to independently substantiate Judge Chin's allegations. So as it is , it is Dr M's word against his.

I discount those few judges who say they don't remember for they were judges who benefitted under Dr M's administration. ‘Work camp’ to him, ‘boot camp’ to others - semantics isn't it? But indoctrination was the ultimate aim.

On Malays at 'defining moment' of history

P Lim: The prime minister should be voted for and nominated by the members of all races in a political coalition.

In the future, all prime ministers should be voted in by the members of all parties be they in BN and PR. Only then is he or she a prime minister for all Malaysians irrespective of race or religion.

On PSM allowed to register as political party

Francis T Rozario: After 10 years, now a sudden recognition for the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM). Ever wonder why? PSM is being recognised to do a couple of things. One is to fill the void and replace Gerakan which is about to keel over.

We now have a ‘spoiler’ so henceforth it will be PSM's job to be the ‘spoiler’. I think the recognition of PSM is to give Umno all the options they require to try and derail PKR's bid to topple them.

PSM is another Barisan party clothed with the sickle and hammer. Knowing Umno and their dirty tricks, they may seduce PKR members of parliament to join the PSM for a fee. They did that with one of the PKR state assembly candidates in Selangor.

On MCA can't turn multiracial until Umno does

My View: Yap Pian Hon has a point when he said MCA can't be a multiracial until Umno is. But to me, MCA should think again whether is it right for Umno to remain as a Malay party. If the answer is 'no', then MCA should opt out of BN, and turn itself into a multiracial one.

In fact, the other racial party, ie MIC should do likewise. It is not correct for Yap to conclude that ‘If the multiracial approach can be a success, I believe Gerakan, PPP and other political parties that champion multi-racialism would have succeeded’ simply because these parties have no space to practise multi-racialism’ under dominancy of Umno in BN.

Multi-racialism cannot flourish under BN, thus is best that all component parties opt out of BN.

I predict these BN component parties, especially those in West Malaysia, will become irrelevant if still choose to remain in BN. Do or die, Umno is still a Malay party, they won't change.

On Electricity: C'mon, no one uses less than 200 kW

Soo Chinglinn: Electricity consumption (over a period of time) is measured in kWh (kilowatt hour) and not kW (kilowatt). This is misleading to people who don't know kW is for electricity power.

If you used 200 kW in your house, then your house must be a big bungalow. Lets say one only uses 90 hour per month (very low) then, the consumption is 200 X 90 = 18,000 kWh.

If one kWh is 22 sen, then the bill will be RM3,960. How many people pay this amount for the electricity used in their house? If Concerned Netizen really wants to save money, he/she can use the air-conditioner less.

On Offshore campuses' low standards

Sad Malaysian: Thank you, dear writer, for enlightening us on offshore campus’s low standards. What you mentioned is not just peculiar to offshore campus’s alone, it is the norm in most universities in our country today.

With universities mushrooming overnight, what standard can we expect? Education today has become a very lucrative business in our country so who cares for standards and academic excellence?

Sadly, in our universities today, mediocrity is the norm and academic excellence the exception.

You mentioned that in top universities, a PhD alone is not enough to be appointed as lecturer. They need ‘post-doc’ training too. Were you referring to any local university, because I know of a person who has been employed as a lecturer without a PhD and has no experience whatsoever.

This person is allowed to teach post-graduate courses (Masters). Surprise, surprise and this is happening in an IPTA which claims to be the ‘premier’ university of the country. It is so sad to see our academia being compromised and it is no wonder than to see thousands of graduates unemployed.

On KTM loses up to RM188 million a year

KTM Commuter: KTM Komuter used to have its service every 15 minutes during peak morning hours (6- 8am), or four trains each hour. A delay of any one of these trains led to chaos; sandwiched passengers or passengers that could not get onboard at all.

KTM then changed its schedule (before the petrol price hike) for the worse, ie. intervals increased to 20 minutes for each train (or reduced to 3 t rains each hour) to cater for the same number of passengers.

The recent petrol price hike has increased significantly the number of KTM Komuter passengers. The government has asked the rakyat to change their lifestyles in the face of rising petrol price.

So taking the KTM Komuter to work is one of the changes of many previous motorists. We appeal to the government to instruct KTM to put additional trains in service for the benefit of the rakyat.