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YOUR SAY: US doesn't need a 'snitch'
Published:  Jul 3, 2008 1:14 AM
Updated: 12:46 PM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘Despite having the most advanced IT, It just has to surf the Internet to be able to know what is going on in Malaysia.’

On Syed Hamid: Anwar a US 'snitch'

Garry Khoo: It is impossible for a country like US - which has the most advanced information technology - to be not be able to open up the Internet Explorer to know the news on Malaysia.

Syed Hamid, do you think US need a ‘snitch’ in Anwar? Don’t you have better statement to show the rakyat you are more capable? Please don't use your left brain to fool the rakyat ’s right brain.

Peter Ooi: I believe Syed Hamid is living in the dinosaur age whereby one might not know what is happening to neighbours living just a stone’s throw away. Thus, I believe he is not fit to be a minister.

Anyone watching events unfolding in our country would have observed the partiality of the government’s response to various events. When Raja Petra alleged that Rosmah was involved in Altantuya's murder, almost every one in the ministry jumped to her defence.

The most prominent was Pak Lah himself. The allegation did not jolt the police to immediate response. All they could do was take a statement from Rosmah.

But in the case of sodomy allegation on Anwar, a whole team of forensic police sprang into action. For one, the images of the forensic team on TV looked like the FBI in action.

Judging by the unfair response, who on earth would stand by and watch with folded arms? It is no wonder that the US was quick to fire a warning.

Joe Fernandez: I won’t be surprised if Anwar slaps Syed Hamid with a multimillion dollar libel suit for casting aspersions on his character and labeling him a ‘US snitch’.

If he has any evidence, he should produce it. Talk is cheap. Syed Hamid seems to have an infinite capacity to put his foot in his mouth.

In an increasingly globalised world, the US has a right to comment on what it sees as a violation of human rights and the rule of law. Does Syed Hamid expect the US to turn a blind eye to double standards?

If not for the US, many tin pot dictators will be lording it all over their people in perpetuity, hiding under ‘internal affairs’ a term which covers a multitude of sins.

After the RPK’s statutory declaration, Prime Minister Abdullah told the press that his deputy’s wife, Rosmah, was innocent. How does he know?

Again, after the police report lodged against Anwar for alleged sodomy, Abdullah virtually declared Anwar guilty by declaring, ‘people will always claim they are innocent’.

Again, how does he know? How come Anwar is presumed guilty and Rosmah, by the same standards, declared innocent?

So, is it any wonder that the US takes a cynical view of the recent turn of events in Kuala Lumpur.

More countries would follow in the footsteps of the US if only they could afford the luxury of preaching to the rest of the world.

On Poll: Almost everyone thinks Anwar's innocent

Anna Chan: The 94% of the people who think Anwar is innocent are the rakyat and the remainder four percent are those in the ruling coalition and their cronies who voice out the opposite.

Mdm CH Siew: Haha. The DPM claims that Saiful came to see three months' ago about a scholarship. Three months ago was after the election, by which time they would have known that Saiful was an aide of Anwar.

Knowing that he was an aide and supporter of PKR, would they have entertained his request for a scholarship let alone have their pictures taken together with Saiful?

DPM, don’t insult our intelligence. Nobody would believe it. To quote my teenaged daughter, ‘Why can't they think of something more original instead of repeating 1998?’

On PM assures safety of both complainant, accused

DelCapo: This is the first and maybe the last time I praise Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as a politician - this is a rare spark from his usual unconvincing self.

Whether it is sincere or not and if he still holds enough control over his people to make sure of his statement, well, let’s wait and see.

Whatever it is, it's still too late - he still has to go, and probably will go soon.

On US cautions over sex charges

Mikester: Here is an opportunity that every ambitious policeman will fight for. The opportunity to carry Anwar Ibrahim’s alleged crime scene mattress.

I’m sure a police committee is already set up to review applications and to do assessments for the most suitable candidate.

All the best to the candidates!

On Anwar to kick off nationwide tour on Sunday

Chuacj: Anwar, good luck to you on the nationwide tour. Please be aware of who is around you and what you eat. I worry ‘their’ agents will be everywhere to cause trouble.

Don't forget that they recruited a lot of Mat Rempit.

I suspect the reason they punched and made you faint (10 years ago) was to harvest your bodily fluid from you so that they can fabricate evidence against you.

They can even erase the immigration records without being investigated. Can you trust this government ?