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'Retraction has no credibility'
Published:  Jul 4, 2008 4:15 PM
Updated: 1:28 PM

your say ‘The damage has been done. Most - if not all - will take the view that the only duress that took place was that which caused Balasubramaniam to recant.’

On PI retracts stunning statutory declaration

23PSI: The damage has been done. The retraction has no credibility.

Most - if not all - will take the view that the only duress that took place was that which caused P Balasubramaniam to recant.

Now it's a matter of the additional proof Anwar says he has and Pak Lah's move if any.

David138: Between the first SD and the second SD by P Balasubramaniam, I am inclined to believe the first SD to be truthful.

First of all, it is more reasonable to believe that he was under duress for the second SD, because he had exposed and linked a powerful politician to the murder case of Atlantuya, but all references to this person in the second SD has been expunged.

Without question, he must have been threatened in someway to do so. It is laughable to expect the public to believe that the opposition, especially Anwar Ibrahim (who himself is embroiled in a scandalous accusation) has the means and the power to put him under duress.

All Bala needs to do is to report Anwar Ibrahim to the authorities, and they will welcome him like a sweet singing canary, and perhaps later even earn himself a 'Datuk' title for good service to the nation.

What is clear is that, in the first SD, it took courage to come forward to put one's name on the dotted line. The pressure and the risk he and family will face in the aftermath is not for any ordinary soul like us.

Perhaps only a person of Raja Petra's background and calibre can withstand such a high pressure and risky challenges.

In the second SD, the risk element has disappeared and it really make no relevance to the outcome of the on going trial. So why does he need to make the second one?

I am afraid Balasubramanian has made his point.

Kenny Gan: Bala claimed he was under duress to lie on the first SD. But he could as well be under duress to retract it with a second SD. Which SD to believe? Let's just think on the basis of possibilities.

Who has the power to put him under duress in the first instance? I've heard some say his lawyer which must be a joke! PKR or Anwar? Unlikely and even if so, couldn't he just go to the police?

But who has the power to put him under duress to retract it? He made allegations against a powerful politician occupying the second highest office in the land with all the state resources at his command.

The power and motive is certainly there and if used, he would have practically nobody to turn to.

In his second SD, all references to the powerful figure was expunged.

So was he probably under duress to file the first SD or under duress to retract it? Hmmm...this is a ‘tough’ one. You decide.

Diana Husin: I am getting weary of our political made-for-Hollywood dramas. But the report about the PI retracting his SD, that does it for me. I’ve had enough.

In fact I think I’m overdosed. Way too many plots, too many actors and supporting actors, visible and invisible, it’s becoming annoying.

Can somebody just wake me up please when the story is over. I just want to know who the hero and villain are.

Borneo Boy: I simply cannot believe what I am reading. First PI Bala revealed all in his SD on July 1 and now he retracts them.

I only hope that he will be adding more information to bring out the truth but I can only say it will be wishful thinking. It is obvious that he will be taking incriminating statements out of his first SD which may implicate some VVIP.

Bala must be really worried about something otherwise he would not have suddenly changed his story and hold a press conference so quickly. Well we will all have to wait and see what happens next.

Always Smiling: Bala was smiling when he shook Anwar's hand at the press conference yesterday. Dis he look like he was forced to make the declaration under duress?

Was he also forced to smile for the camera? What a good actor. Bravo. Wish that he can be a Bollywood actor and I bet I will be the one watching his movie 10 times.

Fergus Ong: Come on, Bala. Come on. Let's not play hide-and-seek here. John Lennon said ‘All I want is the truth’. I think he spoke for all of us.

Alamak: If I may, Bala, will you consider to be a script writer for a novel or Hollywood director when you PI career finally crashes? Hope you are happy now.

Johnny Koay: What is wrong with the top ruling and opposition politicians? Murder, sodomy claim cases with another sudden change of a statutory declaration?

Our Malaysian laws are in question. Can we allow false statements and changes in statutory declarations? Who can we trust now ? The politicians from the ruling parties or from the opposition ?

I think the police and the judiciary should win back the confidence of the public by handling thse cases with full transparency and fairness.

If not, go to Hollywood or Bollywood if you want to act.

On Explosive claims linking Najib to Altantuya

Kevin Thong: Can our DPM be trusted at all? Only recently he revealed that he had met with Saiful. Earlier he says that Saiful went to his office to get help for a scholarship. Giving scholarship for a school drop out?

Doesn't his office have other productive work to do rather than entertaining a school dropout asking for scholarship?

‘He (also) came to my house because he needed help because he was so traumatised, so that was it.’

Mr DPM, I am also very traumatised with the current political situation in Malaysia. I am also very traumatised with current stock market. Can I come to your house to see you please?

Absolutely rubbish that anyone can just walk into the DPM’s office and the DPM actually has time for him. So surely they knew each other before this. The DPM is so close to an opposition leader’s personal Aide!! Hmm...

Joe: I agree, our DPM is a nice guy. But I can’t believe he just spends time to entertain this alleged sodomy victim. Don’t we have a police station this person could go to for help?

Or perhaps Saiful doesn’t trust the police to help him? I suppose this is what is means to be a public servant. Najib goes the extra mile to assist Saiful in his predicament.

He could even feel the poor victim’s trauma, ‘ Tangannya sejuk dan dia nampak takut’ .

I really wonder who our DPM was actually describing when he said all of these things.

On Najib denies affairs with Altantuya

Allen Tan: Najib smiled all the way throughout the press conference. He said he has nothing to hide as he did not know Altantuya. He emphatically tell the journalists he still could smile.

Previously I said the police should use a lie-detector on Rosmah. Now I would like the police to use it on Najib too. This time it must be witnessed by independent lawyers.

On DPM admits meeting sodomy complainant

Dylan Chitty: If Najib is suddenly opening his doors to alleged victims, why don't the parents who have lost their children to the National Service programme knock on his door as well?.

They've made police reports but where are the investigative units which were so quickly to arrive at the crime scene as in Anwar's case?

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