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No bloggers, no cry?
Published:  Jul 9, 2008 12:57 AM
Updated: 8:47 AM

vox populi big thumbnail You mean if we all stop blogging, we will all wake up with all our problems solved? It will solve our judicial problems and give us courts through which law and order can be restored?

On Rudd decides against meeting Anwar

Percy Chan: I think I have had enough of this PM. For goodness sake, don't keep pointing at others. Take some responsibility, man.

Why are bloggers blogging? Why are people speculating? Why are people holding protest rallies? Why are political parties moving for your ouster? Why are people being tried by the media?

Why are people concerned that our economy and other matters of importance are not being attended to?

You mean ‘Please do not blog any more’ is going to solve the problems? You mean bloggers are to blame for all this?

You mean closing down cyber-cafes is going to put money back in our pockets?

You mean if we all stop blogging, you are going to solve our judicial problems and give us courts through which law and order can be restored instead of these trials by media?

You mean that if we all follow you to sleep, we will all wake up with all our problems solved?

Come on. Get serious or get out! Your bungling leadership is the cause of all this. Show us you have ethics by not accepting the bad behavior of your government members.

Show us you can restore our confidence in our law enforcement and judiciary, show us that you have policies in place that will safeguard our economic future, show us you understand the complexities of these issues and that you are on top of it.

Show us some leadership for crying out loud. If not, in the name of the Almighty, please go!

The Legions: I must say that all of us should be careful of what we think and write on the paper, the Net, and even in our blogs.

We never know as one of these days our own so-called human rights could be violated by those who have power and we be accused under the act of sedition.

We are now on the verge of being submerged under the name of democracy. Laws? Justice? Rules and regulations?

All of these are nothing but iron chains to curb our ability to think ahead for our rights and also to restrict us from knowing the truth.

The Atlantuya case? All I see is something we call butchery in a madman’s sense. But since this is how our Malaysian upper power works under the name of justice and bringing peace to our nation,

I’d say we should better shut up as well because we never know when we’ll be the next to get blown up.

Talking about the Anwar case, I wish to say to all those in BN or whoever who is behind this that we are no fools and even if you put Anwar in jail, you will not see your support increasing and I mean it.

Pak Lah is a good man, and the people know now he is caught in between maintaining the party and serving the nation in a righteous way.

Did anybody hear in silly speculation that the next big thing would be Najib? If it comes to that, I bid thee luck and farewell…

Anwar is in danger because the people in BN are now against him. But he no doubt has the people’s support.

Go on, do whatever you like, blow up something, or accuse someone of sodomy, because that is the only thing you've got.

On Balasubramaniam, family may be held 'against their will'

X'roy: The police have some serious answering to do. Where is Bala? He went missing after reporting to the police station. What happened at the police station? Why did he suddenly retract his statement?

Was it an afterthought? Is that what we are to believe? An experienced police officer making a statutory document with one lawyer and then retracting it with another lawyer at his side. Does he not know the consequences?

What have the lawyers got to say? Do either of the two lawyers know of his whereabouts? This is no ordinary case. It is the Altantuya case where judgment is still pending.

Can evidence still be adduced and are there parties who fear such evidence being presented? We all know what happened to Altantuya.

The police have to provide the answers and I fully agree with the family members - why can't the police consider the fact that he is being held against his will, that is the priority?

Missing Balasubramaniam & Family: I feel sympathy for Balasubramaniam and his family. Look at his children, young and innocent victims caught in between.

So who will be the next victim? Only Abdul Razak Baginda can stop all this because he is at the centre of the epic.

Please pour out what actually happened and if you have done anything wrong, face the consequences and bear the responsibility rather than dragging in some young innocent children.

Jeremy: The police are saying that Balasubramaniam could have gone hiding overseas.

Come on, don't tell me the police cannot easily find out whether he and his family have left the country with the latest IT technology our country is using at our immigration exit and entry points.

Maybe our country’s latest technology deployed at our various immigration check points is not working or the technology is working fine, but the immigration personnel are unfamiliar with it.

To me, the best way of clearing up all doubts as far as which of Balasubramaniam SD is true and was not made under duress is by getting Balasubramaniam to hold a press conference in a neutral third country of his choice with his safety guaranteed.

It would be in the interest of our DPM Najib to use all the power under him as DPM to make this happen to clear his name so that we Malaysians will be comfortable to have him as our next PM.

Lilian Tan: As a Malaysian, I'm not only fed up but insulted. The authorities must think the people are fools to feed us their story that Balasubramaniam has left the country and we need the help of Interpol.

After all, we are not talking about just one ex-Special Branch officer but a man with his wife and three children in tow.

To suggest that a family of five can slip past immigration into oblivion is to admit that our border controls are lax and incompetent.

On the other hand, didn't one of Altantuyaa's Mongolian girl friends say that all records of their entry into Malaysia was expunged from the records of the Malaysian immigration? Once again, Malaysia Boleh.

On DPM admits meeting sodomy complainant

Joe Fernandez: Today, I learned something new. If you are allegedly buggered, no need to report to the police first.

Just visit the DPM and ask for his advice. While there, ask for anything else you want, like for example, a scholarship to a university from which you have been kicked out.

On Najib calls anti-oil hike rally a failure

J Jeyasingam: The deputy prime minister should not be in any position to comment on this effort, as he has not done the right thing by voluntarily withdrawing from his position until all the allegations against him are proven wrong.

That is the calibre expected from the holders of high position, at the very least.

In any case, he should be well aware that when you create a climate of intimidation and fear by deploying police to man roadblocks and by talking about military intervention, then surely a 30 thousand strong crowd attending the event is a success by any measure.

As for the home minister, can anyone expect anything different from him than an echo?

Peter Ooi: Judging by the threats and warnings from the police, those thousands still made it to the venue. They were determined to show their disgust at the ever-rising price of essentials since the hike in petrol price.

An attendance of more than 30 thousand for a protest is by no means an easy task.

Najib, I do not really know whether the rally is a success or failure, but I definitely do know that the government under you and Pak Lah is an utter failure.

There is no need to to elaborate any more the reasons for saying so. They are too numerous to be listed out.

On CM: Give us the cash, we'll do our own projects

Ranjinath: Guan Eng, I believe when they say they are scrapping the projects. That also means no more budget for Penang.

I believe if you look at the blue ocean, the island can be self-sufficient.

After all you have the best advisors in Tony Pua and Jeff Ooi who should be able to advise you on self-funding for these projects

A Penangite: Dear LGE, it is too much to expect the Umno people to step over their own shadow and behave like responsible statesmen.

So don’t expect to receive any cash. Expect them to make the people of Penang cough up more cash.

Unlike your principle of CAT, their guiding motto is CMR (Corruption, Mediocrity and Racism).

On Inflation crisis could spark political unrest: PM

Dhammika: The issues surrounding Anwar and Najib have been dragging and rolling on. The police must work with more dedication to get the truth out by accelerating their investigations.

Oon Yeoh has rightly said that people are getting sick but you cannot expect people not to read the news on issues like these.

The rate of inflation is climbing steadily. Are we prepared for this? The rakyat ’s patience is running out and when they go to the streets, the police must allow them to vent their frustration peacefully.

The worst hit groups are the poor and the retirees. Before any more increase in fuel prices, the government must have a contingency plan in place to cushion the effect.

Hakim Omar: Given the sentiment on the ground, BN will be swept out of power if elections are held today.

With the price increases for fuel, food, utilities and services, the ordinary Malaysian is hard pressed to make ends meet.

In such a foul mood, Malaysians are scrutinizing every single sen that the BN federal government spends of the rakyat ’s money.

How could they have kept BN in power for 51 years is something beyond words. Having awoken from their slumber, the rakyat can’t wait to dump BN into the dustbin of the past.

The talk these days is that so long as the BN brand is voted out, any other brand will be acceptable to the rakyat . But wait, there is a problem...

The BN government is legally elected for the next five years but the rakyat has become increasingly impatient and can’t wait that long. How to do it?

Legally, this can only be done with BN parliamentarians crossing over to the opposition or parliament passing a vote of no confidence on the PM.

Can we count on our wakil rakyat to stand up and effect a change in government?

On Handbag not snatched inside our shopping complex

Parimalawani Muthiah: The Summit shopping Mall's spokesperson said that the shopper's handbag was not snatched but was ‘taken’ in the mall.

I'm a little baffled here, what difference does it make whether it was taken or snatched? The crux of the situation is that the shopper was robbed of her handbag while in your premises and no immediate help was rendered to her in her desperate hour of need.

Don't you think that it would have been smarter to make an announcement alerting the security personnel via the PA system instead of asking the poor shopper to rush to another level of the mall to report the incident?

And how do you not expect this hapless shopper not to utter harsh words when your employees were of no assistance at all when the mishap occurred?

I do not have any legal qualifications but know for a fact that there is this thing called a duty of care, which the owners of premises owe to those under their roof.

My suggestion would be for the shopper to seek the assistance of a lawyer for possible legal redress.