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'Don't blame Anwar, it's you, Khir'
Published:  Jul 24, 2008 2:13 AM
Updated: Jul 25, 2008 9:07 AM

your say ‘Doesn't Khir Toyo know PAS is more mature than he thinks? Don't blame Anwar for ruining your plans. It's you,' said a Malaysiakini reader.

On Umno-PAS rule in S'gor - 'Anwar ruined it'

Mooshie Mooshie: Why is he a cry baby now? Doesn't he know PAS is more mature than he thinks? PAS wasn't born yesterday, man. Don't blame Anwar for ruining your childishly concocted plan. It's you, Mat Khir.

Ooisk: I found Khir Toyo's recent move to be a rude awakening as it gives us a frightening glimpse of the Umno leadership's thought process. I can only conclude that Umno is ever ready to abandon their thinly-veiled promise of a fair and equitable multiracial government .

When faced with the prospect of losing to a multiracial opposition coalition like PKR ; they would rather be a subservient partner with their previously sworn enemy like PAS so that they can continue to play the racial card and propagate the Malay supremacy ruling agenda.

I congratulate the leadership of PAS for not falling to such seduction and staying the course to build a new future for all Malaysian.

All right-thinking and patriotic Malaysian should strongly reject the racial ideology of Khir Toyo. As Barisan component parties like MCA and MIC claim to represent their respective races; I question if the leaders of these parties have lost sight of their parties objective.

If MCA and MIC still want to be relevant and be a true representative of their community, they cannot continue to embarrassingly silent when confronted with such adverse opinion from an Umno leader like Khir.


Umno's version of berdikari is to subtly break the very points of strength of the Malays and keep them on crutches that maim them for life. It is evident in their current moves.

By doing so, they can continue to become kleptocrats and blissfully turn every national income into personal bank balances. By now, one can see who has become their collateral damage.

This scheme of work is what is being toiled and being inextricably interwoven whereby only discerning minds could learn and be wary of the cynical moves. So be it.

But change is permanent. No worries!

A Malaysian:

I am a Malay professional in my 40s who is sick and tired of all this racist rhetoric so typical of Umno people.

As one who grew up in the 80s, who is a product of the boarding school system, and who is a former JPA scholar, I've had my share of BTN camps and Umno-style brainwashing, and once knew by heart the lyrics of that Malay racist anthem 'Warisan'.

In my youth, I subscribed to the Malay supremacy idea touted by Umno, but having grown up and with the ability to think for myself, I now find it truly abhorrent and counterproductive to nation building.

Unfortunately, my family in the kampung still believes in this, as their sentiments are constantly fanned by local and national Umno leaders.

So please, Khir Toyo and like-minded Umno people, can you please grow up, be more responsible and stop this nonsense now before you bring the country down with you?


The corrupted Khir Toyo said that those Chinese and Indians who are supported PKR and DAP are ‘extremists'. Did he mean to blame that 90% of the Chinese and Indians in this country are all extremists?

Why is he still sleeping in his own world until today? Anyway, he should please continue sleeping until his dream comes true.

I'm very fed-up and hopeless with BN politicians playing on all these racial nonsense. I don't think Anwar ruined the Umno-PAS rule in Selangor, but it is Khir and gang that ruined the future of this country.

Chris Wong:

Less is more. In the context of the citizen's current sentiment, a lot can be said that could be constructive or otherwise nation-building, and Malaysians can be generally intelligent in expressing themselves.

However, you can't but feel that Mohd Khir Toyo has completely missed the point. So why bother with such politicians with our hard-earned money and our children's future, you would wonder. Need there be more words?

One Malaysia:

One must ask what motivated Umno's wish to partner with PAS. Umno says it wanted to look after the interests of the Islam and the Malays. Can you believe it?

When Umno is in a disadvantaged position, it wants to latch onto something with power, in contrast to when Umno was all powerful, it never bothered to talk about saving Malays or Islam or to talk to PAS.

Now all of a sudden, Khir Toyo wants to play ball with PAS. This looks fishy coming from this man.

Umno is purely racist and self-centred. It wants to cling on to power, even by becoming a leech for the chance to suck the blood of rakyat .

Umno got its Hadhari, its own version of Islam, and now it wants to save Islam? It's not worth talking to hypocrites.

Hasn't PAS learnt enough by taking the devils into its fold? From an Islamic perspective, hypocrites are worse than unbelievers.

Anna Chan: I am amazed by what has been said by Khir Toyo. Clearly, he still does not understand that the outcome of the election corresponds to the wishes of the rakyat .

Mengchai: To dream the impossible dream - that is why Khir Toyo is dreaming.

This is the mentality of Umnoputras with their impossible dream that may not be realised if their attitude does not change from their present mind set.

They still do not realise that they are playing the dirty political dream of a dog-eat-dog society.

This is the talk of people who have lost their political power, trying to stir up more problems in our already problem-ridden country, where inflation is high and foreign investors are shunning us. What happened to the money if his wife transferred to Bakti?

Very Upset : I have never once voted in any election. The next election, I will. And I know who to vote for. Umno, after all these years, is willing to share power with PAS? They must be desperate.

Selangor is now in PKR hands. Why is Umno still trying to take it away? Let PKR govern till their term, then wait for us to vote.

I think in the next general election, PKR had better be aware that there will be a lot of phantom voters just for BN to wrest back the state.

Please be prepared PKR. As of now, start a proper survey of how many Selangorians there are. Make sure it's a confirmed registration, no matter what.

Don't wait until the last minute. Those who are not registered voters (like me), please make it convenient for us to register.

Marion Tharsis: Khir Toyo's outbursts are like the behaviour of a small boy whose candy has been taken away and is throwing tantrums to seek attention and sympathy.

If you and your cohorts are smart and skilful in negotiations with PAS, there is a chance for you to work together. But on the other hand, you have been so arrogant and comfortable in your own nutshell for so long that you have lost all sense of proper and prudent direction.

Look at it like any business venture. The best survives and enjoys the big slice of the cake, whilst the lesser gets the crumbs, if any are left behind. Don't blame others for your own faults and failures, especially when playing on racial issues.

Remember, the people now have X-ray vision to see through all the wrong doings that have been hidden for so long. We Malaysians are no longer fooled by your racist sentiments.

Vijayandhran Valayatham:

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, in his far reaching ‘I Have A Dream' speech, ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character'.

In stark contrast, the ex-Selangor MB Khir Toyo recently said in his blog that ‘My dream is to see that the Malays once again become the backbone which will stabilise the politics in the country'.

Our people will not live in harmony, and therefore the country will not prosper, as long as leaders continue to view the governance of this nation along racial lines.

Sang Kancil

: I am extremely sad about the reasons Khir Toyo claimed to have arranged a meeting between Pak Lah and PAS leaders.

As a senior Umno leader, it is time to think nationally. Be national and act like a mature national leader striving for national reconciliation and Malaysian unity, not the narrow-minded racial unity.

The only unity that can drive the nation forward is Malaysian unity, not Malay unity or Chinese or Indian unity. Shame on you for being a menteri besar before.

Even his dream is narrow minded. He only wants Malay politicians seated at the same table and not politicians from other races. Can someone please tell me how he was picked to be the MB previously?

Hey Dr Khir, Deng Xiaoping once said: It does not matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches the mice.

Yap Choi Yin: Reading that Khir Toyo has so publicly and unashamedly admitted to this sort of blatant and aggressive racism makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

Why it is that MCA still continues to aid and abet Toyo's corrosive, retrogressive, childish and simplistic call for the races to aggressively oppose each other is just beyond my understanding.

What can be achieved by the outward posturing of a superior race? There are 20 million Malays and a mere six million Chinese and Indians combined.

Are you Malays not already the dominant race and are not all those who work in the government services already Malays?

For the Chinese as a whole, I say to my brothers and sisters that their survival lies in burying the MCA alive.

The governance of Malaysia can never improve while the BN government is at her helm. The solution lies in the destruction of Umno and MCA.


I just cannot believe our ex-MB of Selangor blamed Anwar for derailing their effort for the Malay unity talks. Is Khir Toyo that blind?

The March 8 election was historic in that Anwar became the unifying figure in Malaysia that no other leader had ever become.

All of the races will continue to support Anwar for a simple reason - a united Malaysia. Umno and BN used to sing the same song, but 50 years have passed and we feel we're going backward instead of forward.

Khir Toyo went on to comment that it was the ‘extremist' Chinese and Indians that supported Anwar. I think this ‘Doctor Gigi' is too extremist in his head.

Please refer to the real facts. In the past, the Chinese supported the BN/Umno because they wanted to avoid being labelled as anti-establishment, while the Indians were given promises for their basic living.

These promises were repeatedly used in every election until the most recent on March 8. When Anwar emerged, the people in the street said that enough is enough.

Khir, don't close your eyes and shut your mind. The reason is not so complicated. You can lie to one, but not to all.

Michael Ng: This report is a sure sign of the former MB's desperate attempt to remain in power. It looks like in Malaysia, politicians who lose cannot accept defeat gracefully.

They go great lengths to cut deals even with their deadliest enemies in order to remain in power.

Under Dr Khir's watch as menteri besar, there were a litany of abuses in the state which he could have kept in check, but he couldn't - or wouldn't - and as a result he has to pay a heavy price for it.

If this had been a scene from a mafia movie, Khir and his gang would have been swimming with the fishes long ago.

A Malaysian:

Why is it that Umno always talks about Malay unity? How many times do they have to be reminded that there more Malay MPs in parliament now than before?

Are they trying to put fear in the Malays (especially the less informed) that the non-Malays are a threat to them?

What is Khir Toyo trying to do? Incite hatred among the Malays against the non-Malays and put the blame on Anwar? Are these not seditious statements?

Will talk bring unity among the Malays? And unity against what? Against those who are challenging their position as masters of their own nation?

If DAP/ MCA/Gerakan and MIC/PPP were to get together and discuss Chinese and Indian unity respectively, I think all hell would break loose in Umno.

When are we ever going to get out of this racist mentality? I don't think I'll ever see a Malaysian Malaysia in my lifetime.

Revolting: As usual, Khir Toyo wakes up from his deep slumber and blurts out certain irrelevant remarks to gain attention or to prove to the world that he still exists.

He somehow does not realise that he is obsolete material and his loss is insignificant to the rakyat .

He is still harping on the racist issues just like the other fellows in Umno who are unable to produce any sensible solutions to the deteriorating situation that the country is facing with presently.

He still does not realise that all these problems have originated from the Umno/BN regime.

He still does not realise that he and others on the bandwagon are not wanted by the grieving rakyat . He vents his anger and frustration on the 'extremist' Chinese and Indians for the loss of Selangor.

He does not realise that if not for the Chinese and Indians, the country would still be in the doldrums.What a racist he is.

The modern Malays are not stupid enough to devour his sentiments. They are more educated and open-minded, and anyway, what has the Umno/BN government done for the ordinary Malays, except to inculcate the subsidy and special rights mentality?

Julia Tan:

PAS will get the Chinese and Indian votes anytime when they adhere to the strict code of no corruption and fair rule as in Islam.

PAS will not get Chinese nor Indian votes when all they think of is Islam and Melayu and not the rakyat .

There is more to ruling the country than just these two. Just think of Dubai. Get it?

Augustine: What a foolish bargaining by the PM and Khir Toyo. They are planning to

sideline the Chinese and Indians. We can now judge that they are not interested in national unity.

They purposely want to play on racial sentiments. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and Supp where are all of you? Your PM and Khir Toyo already plan to sideline all the other races.

Wake up MCA, MIC, Gerakan and Supp for the door is still open for you to make the drastic decision to join PR. The secret meetings between Pas and Umno were held and your party was not informed.

For SPDP, PBB and PRS, where are all your non-bumi MP and Adun who don't even question the rationale behind this issue. You were elected by the rakyat and it's your duty to defend them.

On Umno offered PAS to jointly rule S'gor

Dr Abdul Wahid: I see this 'issue' raised as being totally non-existent. Why would anyone want these political opponents to sit around one table, put their differences aside and supposedly 'save' the Malays?

The reason that they exist is that they are different in ideologies. It is not because the Malays are divided. The Malays are as united as you want them to be.

The real problem with Malaysians and Muslims is that their leaders are corrupt and losers. The people of Malaysia - Muslims, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans and all others - have long awaited for someone to stand up against the wrath of these evil and corrupt leaders.

PAS leaders should identify themselves with this and fight for this cause. What everyone wants is for their rights to be safeguarded whatever race they may be.

The reason that the leaders are divided is because they are all fighting for different causes. What is clear is that Umno does not intend to uphold justice equality for Malaysians.

Even with Umno's demise, the Malays will still be around, and they will need good leaders of PR and the gang to take care of them.

I advise PAS - they should stay away from having talks with Umno because political unity is different from social unity.

Leaders may be divided, but the people have chosen to remain true to the principle of justice and peace.

PAS leaders who are intellectuals should realise this. They are leaders that must deliver the hopes and wishes of the people.

Kevin Phang: Take these statements and compare them with statements from Anwar when he urged and invited Barisan MPs to defect to Pakatan so as to form a new government. The reaction and spin that goes along with it.

While they trumpet Umno-PAS rule in Selangor and Malay unity, they hurled insults of treachery and betrayal of electorate in the latter. Wouldn't what Umno did amount to the same? Urging PAS to betray their electorate? When those who voted PAS were in actual fact voted against BN in the first place?

Toyo even unashamedly announced that he is willing to forego his MB-ship to PAS as if it is a sacrifice on his part.

Why wouldn't others see it as a blatant effort in bribery? On top of that the deputy MB's position as well as four executive councillors!

The carrot is fat! But to Khir Toyo and BN that is all for their noble cause of unity and not bribery and corruption.

Take Pakatan's effort in coaxing MPs from BN to make a switch with offers for a second deputy PM's position, higher oil royalties and more cabinet positions all for greater Malaysian unity.

Is Malaysian unity not a greater cause than just Umno's myopic Malay unity?

And aren't both approaches basically bribery attempts to lure the other to move over? Aren't both approaches asking the MPs to betray the electorate that voted for them?

Why then are they treating both as mutually exclusive and accorded different interpretation?