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'Not sodomy-related? Let's not be anal'
Published:  Jul 31, 2008 11:01 AM
Updated: 5:05 AM

your say ‘Then why pray tell me, would the doctor look at his anus? For fun?'

On Hospital: It wasn't a sodomy probe

Meng: I don't know, I am not a trained medical doctor but I find the latest statement by the hospital most puzzling. They said it was not a sodomy inspection.

The doctor, after being told that the alleged victim was sodomised three hours ago, found no tear, found no pus (assuming infection) and found no blood. The patient looked fine.

This was not a sodomy inspection? Let's not be anal. Then why pray tell me, would the doctor look at his anus?

For fun? The fact is that the doctor's inspection found no evidence of sodomy.

Drop the case. Now.

A Sepet Guy: Having worked in the emergency departments of a few hospitals, I fully agree that the doctor at Hospital Pusrawi is not in a position to decisively state whether Saiful had been sodomised or not.

And all the more in a hospital like Pusrawi that has no forensic pathology support. And to be fair to Hospital Pusrawi, I disagree with those who say that from the medical report, it is clear that sodomy did not happen.

Nevertheless, I think the value of this leaked medical report lies in these two points:

1. Should this report prove to be authentic, we can for sure say one thing - there was no gross injury on Saiful's private parts at that time he was presented for medical examination.

If there were gross injuries like redness, swelling, bleeding, abrasions, bruises, etc etc, any doctor regardless of whether he is a specialist or not, would be able to recognise it.

But having said that, no gross injuries does not mean sodomy had not happened before.

2. More importantly, should this report prove to be true and because this was Saiful's first medical visit before he was referred to a government hospital, this would prevents anyone from coming out with a fabricated medical report saying that there was gross injuries on Saiful's body.

And that is where the greatest value of this report lies - not in disproving sodomy, but in preventing any further fabrication.


How ridiculous! Hospital Pusrawi states that Dr Mohd Osman Abd Hamid's examination (however basic) was not sodomy related. What?

We all read the good doctor's report. It states ‘the patient was alleged(ly) assaulted by plastic item into the anus - wanting to do report'.

He only examines Saiful's anus, obviously because of the complaint that he was sodomised (by plastic, though).

Furthermore, when quizzed on the authenticity of the report leaked to the media, the hospital replied: ‘Looks the same, contents are the same'. He confirmed the report!

How can they expect us to now believe the report was not in relation to the sodomy accusation?

Are there no ethics left with Malaysians? Are there no principles, no courage left?

This is a sad day for Malaysia, but the culprits will pay for it sooner or later. God willing.

Non-Medical Malaysian:

What kind of non-sodomy examination is this Hospital Pusrawi talking about when the terms used are as follows:

‘Zero active bleeding', ‘Zero ulcer or pus' and ‘zero tear and scar'?


This is so ridiculous! Does it really matter if Dr Muhammad Osman Abdul Hamid is a 'specialist' or not?

He followed medical protocol when this Saiful approached the said hospital for a check-up following pains that he was 'suffering'.

Frankly, the hospital should remain silent unless they have got some other more intelligent facts to share with the media.

The comments they made only serves to make the hospital authorities in this country look very incompetent and unreliable.

Dr SodoMee:

What's the reason of denying the report saying it wasn't a ‘sodomy examination' and it wasn't perform by a ‘specialist'?

What kind of specialist do we need to perform a backside examination? PhD in sodomy? Does our university have this course?

Why is it each time something crops up that shows Anwar is innocent, there'll be very swift action from the police and all the related parties to deny it?

Why is it when there is even the slightest hint or allegation from some party that Anwar has done something bad, the police will be up in arms with 15 cars to arrest a 61-year-old man with a bad back and who is unlikely to run away anywhere?

The faster the counterattacks comes from the police and Umno in a brutish manner, the more easier it is to see which party has a reason to hide certain issues.

And I'm 100% positive the official report from KLH (which is their last resort and being heavily defended by Syed Hamid) will be 100% opposite of the original report from Pusrawi.

When the report from KLH is out, I would like to meet the doctor in charge of doing this examination, which university he goes to and which course he attended.

I want my son to study the same course in the future because being a ‘sodomy specialist' has a very bright future in Malaysia's Umno-run government!

CH Siew: It is interesting that the hospital comes back telling everyone that it is not a sodomy examination. Then pray tell, what examination was it?

So what was the purpose of such a detailed examination? Whatever the doctor jotted down on the form, there is no indication of any injury at all - no tearing of skin, muscles or even the presence of any foreign object.

When this evidence was release, no one questioned its authenticity. It seems that everyone was caught red-handed. Instead, the police complained that someone was sabotaging their investigation and Syed Hamid Albar said the government would only depend on the HKL report.

My question is why be so quick to write off new evidence unless you are determined to make someone guilty?

Yes, Anwar must be found guilty or many people will be brought down starting from the doctors who altered their reports all the way to DPM and even the PM.

Correct, Correct, Correct:

In denying that the medical examination conducted by staff member Dr Muhammad Osman Abdul Hamid on Saiful Bukhari Azlan was related to sodomy, Pusrawi's general manager Wan Mahmud Wan Yaakob's famous comments were ‘Looks the same, contents are the same'.

Do I smell a rat somewhere? Going by the famous criteria of VK Lingam in the infamous video clip recently, of course Dr Osman's examination wasn't a sodomy examination - but it looks like a sodomy examination anyway if we read between the lines of what Wan Mahmud Wan Yaakob said above.

Let the people judge for themselves whether Wan Mahmud Wan Yaakob is correct, correct, correct about the report.

Disgusted: It is indeed outrageous how far these people in high places are willing to propagate their lies, even after events with the surfacing of the leaked medical report from Pusrawi Hospital seem to suggest otherwise.

Now they have the gall to suggest that the medical report is not sodomy-related. In any ordinary circumstance, the logical and wise thing to do would be to bring the doctor involved to the fore and let him speak.

Instead, in this Bolehland, anyone deemed to make a stand unfavourable to the government has the habit of going missing.

By hook or by crook, somehow the so-called investigations must only point to one direction - that Anwar is guilty, no matter how weak the chain of evidence seems to suggest.

It seems to me the repeat of 1998 is eminent. As long as you fix the referee in a football match, he will award you a penalty kick no matter how ridiculous the circumstances look.

In this case I am afraid the match is already fixed, and the winner is already determined.

Our civil society must not remain silent on such blatant abuse of public institutions for the political survival of a few.

Perhaps it is high time that our Yang Di Pertuan Agong haul up those who serve under His Royal Highness like the police chief to answer for putting his good name in disrepute.

Dr Hlasim: As a medical practitioner myself, I am shocked by the publication of the medical report on Saiful, Anwar's accuser. It has violated a patient's confidentiality with is the fundamental right of a patient who is seeking treatment or assessment from a medical practitioner.

Even if the medical report is true, Anwar's legal team should use it in the court to squash the charge rather than using the media to win the war of public perception. I am not sure now if the report can be used in court if Anwar is charged because of this irresponsible publication.

I really hope the doctor will come forward and reveal the truth. If he didn't give his consent for the publication, then shame on the media that published the report. It is a disgrace to fight for the justice of one person but violate the rights of another person.

If Anwar's team is talking about justice then an injustice has been committed by the publication of the medical report. I am not a government supporter nor an Anwar supporter.

Yes, he was wrongly jailed for a crime he did not committ but he fought hard, and he gains my respect for that. This time, I am not sure if I am able to give him the same respect.

He should fight the accusation in the court and if he believes there is conspiracy against him, then he should reveal it in the court. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

The truth always prevails!

On Health DG: Ministry will stick by HKL's findings

Mooshie Mooshie: Dear Syed Hamid Albar, do not get cute with us. We, the public, demand to know if the government actually knew about this report from Pusrawi.

You have said the police are constantly following and looking out for new leads. So is this a new lead or not?


Never in history has a government agency, leader or ruling politician ever retracted a false statement for fear of losing public confidence.

These false statements will be upheld as long as possible, and the agencies will continue to portray themselves the ultimate decision-makers on the issue, irrespective of any implications.

Thereupon they will exercise the ‘hundred days' theory of making the issue smaller and smaller until people forget or forgive them. How nice is it to have power of this sort?


It is totally absurd for Ismail Merican to make such a statement.

The private practitioners are all registered with the health ministry, which means licences to practice are only valid after the doctor has fulfilled the ministry's requirements.

Hospital Pusrawi doctors, too, follow standard operating procedures, and hence, Dr Mohd Osman's report is a valid document that can be produced in the court.

By the way, what procedure does one need to follow to examine Saiful's anud? I hope Merican will list the protocol.

On Stop witch-hunt, end sodomy probe

Peter Ooi: The authorities should listen to Karpal Singh who is a very senior and excellent criminal lawyer. With his vast experience in criminal law, I believe he is an authority in this field.

Knowing that with the revelation of the latest medical report on Saiful, he more or less knows that the case against Anwar is extremely weakened. Thus, let us not waste time and money chasing rainbows.

Instead, the police and the attorney-general's chambers should pool all their energy to solve issues that affect the public's welfare especially corruption , murder and abuse of power.

According to the deputy IGP, the police are relentlessly searching for evidence and I believe they must be working extremely hard. This is a good sign for it indicates that police are capable of channeling their resources to solve serious cases.

This brings to my mind the many serious high-profile cases which almost every one knows about and that the police were 'relentlessly' trying to solve but without conclusion.

If only they had pursue these cases as relentlessly as they are now purusing Awar's case, I believe they would come up a definite sucesses.

To the police, please do the right thing.

On Anwar: It confirms plot to frame me

Lim Leong: With the revelation that there was an initial medical report showing no medical evidence of sodomy and that the police have a copy of the first report, I find it absolutely incredible that the police did not probe the possibility that the accusation against Anwar might be fabricated.

Instead, all the police machinery was put in to high gear to have a one-sided probe that ended with Anwar being arrested with a convoy of commandos.

I urge all the government officials not to further insult the intelligence of the Malaysian people by insisting that the police are running a professional and fair investigation.

In a fair and just criminal justice system, you have to prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt' before you can convict someone.

In this case, I would argue that there is more than reasonable doubt that the evidence is fabricated and police are serving the interests of their political masters rather than the interests of the people.

Meng Yee: It appears that Anwar Ibrahim is going to be charged, as the home minister has given the green light publicly for the police to charge him.

Once again as we saw in 1998, the entire government machine is out to get Anwar Ibrahim and stop him from becoming Malaysia's sixth prime minister.

This is against the democratic process of our country and we humbly call on our King to step in and stop this nonsense, as it is clear that Anwar is being charged as guilty until proven innocent.

This government is now illegitimate and I call on all fellow Malaysians from both sides of the political divide to reject this kind of persecution of a fellow Malaysian.

Reject the leaders. Boo them at every public event, do not give them the common courtesy of human beings. Refuse to move your cars when outriders come speeding down the highway - if many of us do it, we can put a stop to this nonsense.

Boycott functions by the government and hold protests outside every international function. We can sent them a message - that we do not want them anymore. Do us all a favour and go.

On 'Regrettable' but leaked report valid: Lawyer

William D: Based on the medical report issued by Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, I believe it is now in order to bring Saiful to book for making false police reports and perjury.

The party that should be concerned with all these goings-on is the Malaysian Medical Association.

Strangely, since this medical report was released, we have failed to hear a squeak from them, especially considering one of their colleagues may have to go into hiding for fear of his life.

On Police to keep investigating sodomy case

A Sad Malaysian:

As a Malaysian who lives overseas and looking at the events around Anwar's sodomy accusation, I cannot help but feel sad and disappointed with the police force.

The only way for Malaysia to get out of their current mess is for the King to step in and do the decent thing by dissolving parliament and calling for fresh elections.

Let the people decide the future of Malaysia. Is there such a provision in our constitution?

KB: When the Pusrawi medical report came out, the police said this was an attempt to sabotage the investigations.

With this slip of the tongue which is actually a slip of the mind, the police have confirmed that there is a conspiracy against Anwar.

New evidence does not sabotage an investigation. It helps the investigation along. However, certain types of evidence may sabotage a conspiracy.

Let's not take this slip of the mind lightly. It can reveal a lot about one's inner thoughts and intentions.

So are the police conducting an investigation or a conspiracy?

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