'Impossible to expect fair trial'

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your say ‘This by looking at the way the investigation is being made and the level of transparency. This feeling is reflective of many people in Malaysia and in the international community.'

On 'Will Anwar get a fair trial?'

Om Prakash:

It is a foregone conclusion that based on the current political mayhem in the BN government, it will do almost anything to survive.

Looking at the way the investigation is being made and the level of transparency, it's almost impossible to expect a fair trial for Anwar.

This feeling is reflective of many people in Malaysia and in the international community.

It's vital for the judiciary to display impartiality, so allowing an independent body to monitor the case would be beneficial for both justice and the country, since the whole world is following the case.

Lets not make our judiciary a mockery in the eyes of the world. If justice in Malaysia is doubted what else is there left?

On Anwar pleads not guilty, out on bond

Ahmad Fuad: The farcical charge under Section 377B of the Penal Code notwithstanding, I must register my ‘hats off' to Judge SM Komathy for allowing bail and for not impounding DSAI's passport.

I can only describe the act as sensible, logical and, most of all, humane, given the circumstances surrounding the case.

Now that it has come to this stage, let the ‘final round' begin. Only this time, let the judge be a relevant one.

Selandia & Jutlandia:

It is excellent news - my prayers worked. Bail has been given, the first hurdle crossed - let's welcome the beginning of our new Malaysia. To the lawyers, congratulations!

To the many others who assisted and shared their concerns, to our credible Bar Council, human rights organisations and our many Malaysians who prayed hard for crossing the first hurdle successfully, ribuan terima kasih .

YAB Dato Seri, as I always say, for a good man like you, God is always beside you, every step you take. You are not alone.

Now let's go full steam ahead to continue capturing Permatang Pauh.

To our prosecutors, a big thanks to you, too. We know there are also good people within you guys, banyak terima kasih .

Sad Malaysian:

I read the news with a heavy heart. Why are there no brave politicians from BN to stand up and hit back because of how unjust this country has become?

Are there no more good men and women left in MCA, MIC, or Umno to speak up, to question where are we going with this charge against Anwar?

Or is it the fear of losing power that keeps them conveniently quiet?


This is a disgraceful day for all who love Malaysia. Why is Anwar being tortured?

Why has Najib not been questioned about the murder of his alleged mistress? When will there be fair play for all Malaysians?

It is a total disgrace for all political members of the BN. Are they such cowards that the truth frightens them?


We, as the rakyat , the people, are watching, scrutinising what the government is doing and what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim.

I just want to remind Barisan Nasional, we are watching.

Khin Nyunt:

The home minister said Saiful should not be charged as he was the complainant.

The Penal Code they are charging DSAI under with never states that a complainant cannot be charged too.

Why is the home minister tailoring the law?

Is the government practicing double standards?

Kenny Gan:

If there was any doubt that the sodomy allegation against Anwar was politically motivated, the charge against him for consensual sodomy has left no room for doubt.

We must be the laughing stock of the world now. After expanding enormous time, money and police manpower on intensive investigations, all that the authorities can come up with is consensual sodomy in the same league as consensual oral sex which are acts which many believe the government has no right to meddle in.

This has happened against the backdrop of economic turmoil and escalating crime leading the public to question where the priority of the government lies.

If sodomy between consenting adults is such a big crime, why are the police doing nothing about the daily occurrence of such acts in the back lanes of seedy city quarters which are well-known?

This act of selective prosecution is all the more glaring as the accuser who is equally guilty in a consensual act is not charged. We also have a PM who demonstrated his biased and irresponsible attitude by taking the side of the accuser and pre-judging the issue as rape even before the accused is charged.

It goes without saying all the police have are circumstantial evidence which will be thrown out by any fair judge.

To force a conviction, the trial will have to be conducted in such a shameful manner that it will offend the sensibility of any fairminded person and scandalise the whole criminal justice system.

It is abundantly clear that there is no case against Anwar. What we are witnessing is the desperate acts of a tottering regime which has entered into the final phase of decadence and is willing to pull down the credibility of all our public institutions together with it as it slinks off into the sunset.

On Has he got the stamina for the long haul?

CH Ong: If ever anyone close to Anwar notices that he is losing his stamina and is in danger of going the way of Shahrir Samad or Joseph Pairin Kitingan, they should immediately advise him to go and seek inspiration from people like Syed Husin Ali, Lim Kit Siang and perhaps even Karpal Singh.

They are all a lot older than Anwar and have struggled for a lot longer than Anwar and are still fighting for reform.

And they are not even fighting to be the future prime minister of Malaysia.

On He was at condo having a meeting

A Fence Sitter: For Anwar to convince fence-sitters like us on the untruth of the alleged sodomy allegation against him, he should:

1. Reveal to us his whereabouts between 3.01 - 4.30pm on June 26.

2. If he can convince us that he was elsewhere other than the said site where the alleged sodomy took place, the case is as good as over no matter how the court sees it.

3. If he was at the condominium at the time where the alleged sodomy was said to take place, he should convince us that some other persons were with him so that this could be his alibi.

It doesn't matter at this point in time to raise questions as to why the accuser was not charged if this was a case of consensual sex, or the sudden appearance of the medical report and the statutory declaration of the doctor from Pusrawi.

Just go straight to the point - show what happened between 3.01pm and 4.30pm of June 26 2008. Don't dilly-dally.

The longer the delay, the more people are going to believe in the allegation. And this might just nail the coffin for Anwar in his bid to win the by-election.

Especially by the fence-sitters.

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