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VoxPop: Ban Malaysia Today, more votes for Pakatan

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vox populi big thumbnail ‘Here is one government making mistake after mistake. Censorship of the Internet will anger more rakyat which will result in pushing more votes towards PR.'

On Malaysia Today blocked! Order from MCMC


Now, here is one government making mistake after mistake. Censorship on Internet will anger more rakyat which will result in pushing more votes towards PR.

Can anyone tell our country's ‘pilots' that there is no way to censor the Internet? We are going no where with the current outdated ‘pilots'.


Does the MCMC realise that it is going back on its own Bill of Guarantees, that the Malaysian government would ensure no Internet censorship?

They can't just ban a website just because it gives us news and views from the 'other side' more so since our mainstream media seems to be all one-sided propaganda.

What is on the website is people expressing their views, opinions and ideas and I don't think it is insensitive or inciting.

I think we Malaysians are mature enough to judge for ourselves what is right and wrong.

We have a right to information and it is not up to any 'commission' to deny us our right to it.

Peter Ooi

: It is a crying shame that the authority has to resort to such drastic action.

I can think of only one good reason for doing it - to suppress the truth from the public.

Disgusting is the word.

On Merdeka: Dr M mourns lack of joy

Irlan: I am quite intrigued with this year's Merdeka celebration in comparison to previous years.

This year, I notice not many houses are flying the Malaysian flag. This year, I noticed not many cars are flying the Malaysian flag.

My ardent neighbour, who used to fly his flag every year faithfully for one month before Merdeka, is also not flying his flag this year.

I also noticed companies, especially big companies, are not flying the Malaysian flag.

I thought it was compulsory for large companies - such as banks - to fly the Malaysian flag. Petronas used to give free flags away for cars when the price of oil was globally low.

Now, due to the increase in oil prices, it is reaping higher profits, nearly RM100 billion, and yet, they cannot give free flags whenever you fill up with petrol.

Why is this so? What is so different this year from previous years? What is wrong with this year?

Is it because the cost of things have gone up so much that people cannot afford to fly the Malaysian flag?

Or are people becoming unpatriotic? Or are people fed up with the current government?

Keat Cheng, Thor: Pakatan Rakyat should celebrate Merdeka Day this year at Permatang Pauh in Penang.

On Utusan says sorry, Karpal files police report

T Shan: I hope Karpal will file a defamation suit of at least RM100 million against this racist newspaper.

They have been playing these racial, religious and language cards far too long in dividing and ruling Malaysians.

Sue them, Karpal, and teach them the lesson that they can't just misquote the opposition leader's views and get away with a tiny column of ‘sorry'.

Kindly also sue the DPM for using views and reports that have not been verified.

He needs to be shut off too, for he has been playing the same racial cards ever since his days as the Umno Youth leader.

Sue these people and open a scholarship fund for all Malaysians, regardless of their religion or race.

On Stop dishing out datukship to 'kids'

Raptor 22: We all know that it's the typical Malaysian way to give titles like Datuk and Tan Sri. However, I don't feel there is anything wrong in giving a title to Nicol David and Lee Chong Wei.

They have fought each and every game with full confidence and valour.

However, I also don't feel there is anything wrong with not giving a title to these people but instead giving them something better, like a scholarship for further studies in sports science so that our athletes can contribute back once they call it a day.

We have also seen many times that some state governments have been biassed, and that there are no standards set.

For example, our spaceman was given a Datuk title, our sailor around the world was given a Datuk title, but neither of our two Mount Everest climbers were given anything.

This double standard should be abolished and a new standard should be set. A Datuk or Tan Sri should not be given to our sports people or people who create history or people who make the nation proud.

There should be a new title given, specific to their achievements. On top of that, they should be rewarded accordingly with further study scholarships.

A Computer Cracker:

Ngeh Koo Ham wanted to decline the Datukship, but he didn't because his family members told him that declining the sultan's offer would insult the sultan.

The reason the sultan gave him the datukship was because of his persistence in the election, even though he had lost three times before.

The sultan admired Ngeh Koo Ham's ‘never give up' attitude in helping the citizens stand for justice.

Being a full-time politician is not easy, and I totally pity Ngeh's children, as they are usually at home and do not spend much time with their father, who is always helping the DAP.

I'm sure Lim Kit Siang would have no trouble accepting Ngeh's Datukship.

Name all of those senior DAP leaders - are you sure they are not happy with Ngeh?

Saravanan Muniandy:

Well, if the likes of Mr Angkasawan - who rides on our money as a ‘visitor' in space - can be awarded Datukship for his teh tarik stunt, I don't see any reason why a nine-year-old kid can't be awarded Datuk if he or she contributes a significant achievement to the nation.

It is surprising - why are there grouses about Chong Wei and Nicol, but not for the teh tarik and musical entertainers?

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