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On Now, only 'boss' Anwar can speak

Durian: Like most Malaysians, I eagerly anticipated September 16, hoping that it would be a new era for our country. Of course, it didn't materialise. But I wasn't that disappointed since I, like most people, didn’t really believe that a takeover could happen so easily.

However, what was really disappointing was that a few days after September 16, politicians from Pakatan Rakyat started spreading all kinds of stories. This culminated in the widely reported story that middlemen from Pakatan and BN were conducting secret talks. Most disappointingly, this story was spread by a top PKR politician.

As Anwar himself has denied such talks, my question now is, how could such an embarrassing thing happen in the first place? Is there no communication between Pakatan leaders?

NIKE: Yes, Anwar. Let's be patient. Let's wait till the next general election. After all the hype of September 16, PKR is beginning to sound like Umno: all talk but no action.

One minute they are having secret talks with the prime minister, the next Anwar is announcing that he is not aware of such talks. Can you blame the rakyat for losing their trust in PKR? I, for one, have vowed not to believe any of PKR's statements about forming a new government till it really happens.

A Toong: I think Sept 16 was a brilliant strategy by Anwar and was successful in many ways. It created mutual suspicion within the enemy (BN) camp, thus causing internal dissension and weakening it from within. Umno leaders are now bickering and BN component parties are standing up to Umno.

The strategy also boosted the confidence of Pakatan supporters and at the same time weakened the enemy’s morale. It broke an important psychological barrier in Malaysians' mind set that only BN can govern the country. Now, many Malaysians truly believe that BN can be toppled, to the extent that even BN leaders themselves believe that they are in danger of losing power.

Sept 16 was a milestone on the way to Putrajaya. The journey to the designation continues.

Takeda Shingen: Anwar said the toppling of the government on 916 did not happen because he wanted a smooth transition for the new regime. But, he had ample time to plan for this and could have announced this well before 916. He could have asked for all the meetings with BN and provided the list two weeks before 916 and then made it happen on the date.

All this time he was saying the government would fall on September 16 and now he claims it's not happening because Pak Lah won't meet him?

Anwar claims the transition is not happening because of a blatant disregard for democratic principles. Is he not aware that crossovers are also undemocratic?

I am sick of the economic instability all this is causing. Either publish the list and form a new government or let there be stability so things can move on.

Daljit Singh: It does not surprise me that many people are questioning Anwar's credibility and the existence of his list of defectors after the September 16 takeover failed to materialise. The government controlled media has been harping on Anwar's ‘failure’.

I do believe the transition will happen, but it will need the resolve and patience of all Pakatan Rakyat supporters. This delay in forming a new government is a test of our resolve. And even when the new government is formed, the public should not expect problems to simply melt away. We are talking off unravelling the mess of the past 51 years.

Vijay Kumar Murugavell: Anwar Ibrahim has been called many names, among which that he is an untrustworthy person with the gift of playing political spin in his favor. However, what many people fail to see is that Anwar has managed to accomplish the Herculean task that no one before this has been able to do which is to unite the opposition parties with diverse ideologies into an alliance that subscribes to justice, equality and a quest to end corrupt practices.

This is not very different from Pak Lah's pledges of revamping the judiciary, stamping out corruption and being a prime minister for all Malaysians. This inspired Malaysians so much that we gave BN a huge mandate in 2004. What Pak Lah did with that mandate is now water under the bridge but it is widely acknowledged that he failed.

It just goes to show that the people have been consistent in wanting good governance and are willing to give the mandate to anyone who can deliver. Anwar recognised the sentiments on the ground well and in the March 8 elections, led a coalition towards a common goal, denying the BN two-thirds majority in parliament.This was accomplished despite much slack from nay sayers. On top of that an unprecedented five states fell to the opposition.

Our country cannot go on for the next five years being ruled by a BN that is sulking over the loss of its two-thirds majority by continuously sabotaging the opposition led states, silencing political dissent using draconian laws, not moderating the extremists within its ranks and constantly coming out with measures that are ineffective to the stage that we have become an international laughing stock.

G-man: Although I am all for a change, I think PKR shot themselves in the foot by giving a date for the change and then changing the goal post each time. It all seems like a bluff by Anwar and BN called the bluff.

The contradictory statements made by PKR has also not helped their cause, with the one by Tian Chua on Monday and then Guan Eng yesterday that only Anwar is aware of the list. If that was indeed the case, I suppose the trip by PKR to Taiwan to woo the so-called defectors was a bluff too, because the reconnaissance team would have been completely clueless as to whom to 'woo' right?

People are not that gullible and stupid these days and if this keeps up, PKR is going to lose all the momentum it built up and leave all those who support the cause, including Raja Petra Kamarudin disheartened.

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