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DPM should be East Malaysian
Published:  Oct 21, 2008 1:48 AM
Updated: 6:06 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘The second deputy prime minister's post, if there is one, should go to East Malaysia for having won almost all their parliamentary seats and keeping BN intact'.

On 'Make MCA chief deputy prime minister'

Clement Jaikul: MCA fared badly in the last elections. They shouldn't blame Umno for their failures because these failures were mainly due to their own internal squabbles.

The second deputy prime minister's post, if there is one, should go to East Malaysia for having won almost all their parliamentary seats and keeping BN intact.

On Tackling the 'Soi Lek' question

S Vijay:

It can only happen in Malaysia. In Western countries or in thriving democracies in Asia such as Japan and Taiwan, once a politician is disgraced by any scandal, let alone a sex scandal, he would immediately resign and disappear from the face of the earth.

Moreover, the mistress would probably be given her own TV talk show to host! But not here in Bolehland where Chua Soi Lek has successfully become deputy president of MCA.

The fact that what he did is not against the law does not matter as he, a public figure, should adhere to a higher moral standing. Does this man have no shame?

Is this the example we should set for the young of Malaysia - you can be philanderer and still be a leader of the community and country? No wonder people have such low perceptions of politicians.

On BN backbencher joins chorus for independent ACA


I think MP Abdul Ghapur Salleh is one with spunk and one who is not afraid to speak out.

I hope there would be more MPs like him within the BN ranks who are not afraid of 'rocking the boat' or angering the powers-that-be.

Abdul Ghapur, you have my respect as a man who stands for what he believes in (despite being on the wrong side of the fence)

On Intrigue at Umno to topple Abdullah

Moses Lim: Great disappointment has been expressed by the rakyat over the promises and pledges by our PM, especially after the March general election.

I for one, was full of hope and optimism when Abdullah took over the leadership of the country from Mahathir.

But in the last four years, it was a terrible experience to have my hopes gradually dashed to pieces. I do not want to be disappointed again!

So Mr. PM Abdullah, in your remaining few months left as the PM of Malaysia, you have declared, proclaimed and promised to do many things.

Please spare us another round of disappointment by getting your boys to do MBO (management by objectives) and make it public. Tell us what are the things you want to do, the time frame and the means of doing it.

I think it is not to much to ask for such a basic management information from the highest office in the country. You owe this to the rakyat .

On Outcry over Datukship for Bollywood heartthrob

Fathima Idris: The February 2005 issue of the National Geographic had a feature on Shah Rukh Khan and he related the following to the writer:

‘He tells me about the time he was visiting a village in Malaysia. In the afternoon heat, he took a nap by the side of a road and had the sensation of being watched. When he woke up, he opened his eyes to see 60 villagers staring at him intently.

‘A chant went up as they did their best to pronounce his name: "Chalukkhan, Chalukkhan..." Giggling, they led him by the hand inside a house. And then he saw it - a small shrine to him, with pictures and incense.'

I found the whole account quite incredulous at that time and only thought of how conceited he was. Malaysians worshiping him - unbelievable! The story also did not fit in with my perception of his attraction in Malaysia.

To me, he seems to be most popular with the Malays and not the other races; and it would be unthinkable that Malays would have a shrine to him.

And to top his conceit now we have a Datukship conferred on him. Perhaps I must revise my view about the shrine to him. It would look like there might be one somewhere in Malaysia, maybe somewhere in Malacca though.

On Indah Water charges an infringement

Lee Seng Meow: I am in full agreement with the writer in that this is a daylight robbery started by Dr Mahathir Mohamad as one of his brainchild projects. It contravenes and violates all the basic rights of consumers.

What are consumers paying for, may I ask? We neither see nor receive any service for the amount we have been charged. Who is owning the business and what are the profits made so far?

Nothing is made available to the consumers yet we are being forced to pay for a so=called ridiculous service. I suggest this billing be abolished immediately starting with Selangor.

If there is any government that wishes to continue with this commercial business, then let it be their responsibility but not at the cost of households.

On Terrible car repossession experience at Eon Bank

Brian Fong: I would say the writer is fortunate to encounter a decent car re-possessor. Ask around and you will hear lots of story of gangster style re-possessing and, of course, the hassle of going to the bank and settling all the stupid paper work.

My experience was in 2003 when the bank's re-possessors came knocking at 2am at my gated apartment. My mother-in-law's experience was worse. In 2005, two minutes away from her house, a Kanchil suddenly swerved and breaked in front of her moving vehicle.

Out bounced three burly men who turned off her car engine and took the keys away. They showed her a letter (she is illiterate), drove off in her and left her standing by the road.

I have several questions:

1. I was told your car can be repossessed only after the Fourth Schedule is out. But does this mean that even if I failed to receive, these thugs can still tow my car away? Isn't there a clause to give ‘fair warning' like perhaps a phone call?

2: Is there is a time frame for repossessing car? Something like only between 9am and 6pm? Can they act like the Special Branch and come knocking on our doors in the wee hours of the morning awakening the whole neighborhood?

3: Some car re-possessors say if the owner is not near the car, they will tow the car to the nearest police station to await for the owner to report it stolen. Does this mean the police are in cohorts with them? Is it legal for them to tow the car away when the owner is not informed?

I hope there is a consumer body which can educate ‘Joe Publics' like myself with regards to the Hire Purchase Act and our rights.

For now, we are all at the mercy of the ruthless banks and financial institutions who employ thugs and have no inkling of what customer service or corporate social responsibility means..