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'Razak, don't tell us who's not involved'
Published:  Nov 21, 2008 1:17 AM
Updated: 9:48 AM

your say ‘I know that I am not involved, everybody else is also not involved. The real murderer, too, is not involved as he would never admit his involvement.'

On Abdul Razak: Najib not involved

Ranjeet: Razak Baginda, since you can vouch for Najib and Rosmah, then I assume that you know the full story behind the murder of Altantunya.

Don't tell us who is not involved. I know that I am not involved, everybody else is also not involved. The real murderer too is not involved as he would never admit his involvement.

Then, Razak Baginda, tell us who is involved. Tell us also where is Balasubramaniam.

If you do not know, then we are not interested inyou. Just thank your luck that you're acquitted and that you were lucky enough to be born in Malaysia the Bolehland.

John Tan: The truth is no one knows what the truth is. But from the manner which the prosecution team worked on the case, it gives the general perception that they are not doing enough to uncover the truth.

Among others, one question that needs to be answered is how did Altantuya's immigration records disappear?

Whoever authorised and instructed this move must have had a reason to have her records erased and must wield considerable authority to be able to get this done.

Moreover, if Altantuya's remains were not discovered, no one would even know that she ever entered Malaysia. So a very important angle was not even investigated.

Millionth Citizen: Of course, Najib and Rosmah are not involved. After all, who's hand was it that made your acquittal possible?

And why are we not surprised that you were to be the gifted one to tell the world that they are not involved? As has been said before, you being found not guilty was a foregone conclusion.

And only the same hand that got you acquitted could delete the arrival records of the deceased, the disappearance of a vital witness, providing the C4 and even arrest RPK.

The fun is only just beginning. Let's wait for the outcome of the trial of the remaining accused. The wayang kulit show has just started.

One way or another only god can sanction the punishment for such a sin as this killing.

Sang Kancil: B_ _ _ _ _ _ _! That's my comment.

Razak Baginda with a french beard simply showed that he is not real and sincere in his statement. A true Muslim or shall I say, human being, will not tell lies.

Where is your integrity? So who gave the instruction to use the C4? Who erased the immigration records of Altantuya?

We Malaysian are not stupid. Remember, you will have to face Allah on Judgement Day. What are you going to tell Him?


Razak Baginda,, my advice to you is to go and seek repentance from your God and atone for your sins.

Your revelations are tainted and will only create more suspicion in the eyes of the public as you have no credibility in the court of public opinion.

Since your imprisonment over the last two years, we have seen enough incidents to realise that things are not what they seem.

Too many questions are left unanswered and you are the last person to provide the answers.

Go complete your course at Oxford or Cambridge and leave the us alone to tackle the economic malaise that's upon us.

Robert Choo: He was incoherently ‘sword-fighting’ with the media. I must admit he is good at it and he must have been rehearsing for this wayang kulit show, well, in the one week since the last cancelled press conference.

But he was superlative at evading the relevant questions.

Razak Baginda, you are very lucky to get away with your life. But the baggage you carry now will weigh you down from now till eternity.

You can live the rest of your with your conscience. Remember two police officers are to be tried - on whose order?

Dian Abdullah: Yes, sometimes it is better to save one’s own skin than to admit the truth. Especially if that person whom you wish would reveal the truth is some one very, very high up.

It is an accepted fact that our Malaysian society has gone downhill. We are fed daily doses of lies, murder, revenge, cheating, abuse of power and racial disharmony by our very leaders who are supposed to protect and guide us.

Abdul Razak Baginda had said ‘the prison authorities demonstrated a high degree of professionalism’.

So we can rest assured that he was given special VIP service during the 22 months compare to Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok or RPK.

Karma comes in many forms. It would be better if Abdul Razak Baginda take a really hard look at the future since he, too, has a daughter.

Cheesed Off: We are not interested in this alibi for Najib. The courts and Najib can defend the ‘truth’.

Malaisean: I am convinced that Razak knows who was/were involved. Otherwise why would he be so sure that Najib was not involved?

Unless one knows for sure who is responsible, how can one be so sure that another is not involved?

Unless, of course, my logic is not logical enough!

So the next question is: Are those responsible for justice having a temporary lapse in logical thinking?

Jr Lee: Words cannot describe the joy of any human being once he is released from a Malaysian prison, irrespective of whether he is guilty of a crime.

Only those who had been imprisoned in a Malaysian prison before would understand the trauma, humiliation and fear inside the prison.

So when Razak was released from prison, naturally one would expect him to thank the Almighty that he is no longer in the Malaysian dungeon or maybe continue to defend his innocence.

But, instead, he immediately defends Najib at his first press conference. Why didn't Razak defend Najib earlier when claims of Najib's alleged involvement surfaced? Isn't it obvious?

Because otherwise he will not be released from prison and the prosecution will file an appeal against him. You scratch my back and I scratch yours.

Upon reading Razak's declaration that Najib is not involved, the minds of Malaysians will immediately switch to believing that Najib is not involved.

This is what we call positive manipulation of the minds of the readers.

Society Manner: Many cannot but have the impression that this guy has brains due to his profession. I believe many still feel he has brains.

So what on earth was he trying to do with his statement? You see, one can also swear to his God that he knows if someone is involved, but he can never be sure if that someone is not involved.

Why did he come out now and say something this? He had made the whole case smell even more so fishy now.

Maybe it was someone at the back with no brains that forced him to do so? Maybe he has purposely made the case smell even more fishy?

Only God knows.

On 10% discount: 'Treating us like beggars'

Society Manner: It would be interesting to know how this decision was made by Plus.

If it was a decision after negotiation with representatives from the authority, those representatives are not fit to represent the authority. Or, perhaps, the authority is not fit to represent the rakyat .

Whoever made the decision, or has agreed to that as a solution, either does not know what is going on or is not genuine in his approach.

Just reduce the toll rate. Reduce by a smaller rate if Plus feels the pinch. All these years, Plus has sapu enough toll collection and compensation from the government.

Colorblind: I see a lot of valid complaints about this so-called 10% discount to use these two particular highways between midnight and 7am. But I think we are missing the point here - sincerity.

Are we going to, like, pick up our car keys and go for a joyride just because of this midnight discount? People use the highways for specific purposes.

Unless they are going somewhere at those ungodly hours, you can bet your last ringgit they would be in their beds sleeping rather than risking life and limb for your meagre 10% discount.

Simply put, to the highway operators, if you are not sincere in your efforts to help reduce the burden of Malaysian motorists, save it.

If you were truly sincere, you would have considered a discounted rate for peak hours when your toll booths represent the real cause of traffic jams and congestion. How? Painful suggestion isn't it?

That is why we see you as not sincere in helping the cause. Next time, try empathy. Chances are, you might actually get it and not be seen as a joke. And who knows, we might even applaud you then.

Ganesh: The recent move to promote the use of certain highways in the night from 12am to 7am with a carrot of 10% reduction in toll fees is illogical and will cost the government more eventually.

It is statistically proven that night time driving results in more accidents and the accidents that happen are very drastic. In addition to that, our highways in the night are pitch dark.

Even the ‘cat's eye' reflectors on the road sometimes don't give a good indication of the bend and sharpness of a corner on the highway. Sometimes, you wonder why you pay toll when they cannot even light up the road.

The majority of the current midnight usage of the highways are the lorry drivers, many of whom are very sleepy sometimes. It does not take a genius to forecast that there will be an increase in the number of accidents.

Hospitals, mainly government hospitals, will have to bear the burden. Most people, knowing that the police are not to be seen in the night, will speed recklessly.

This will result in drastic accidents. As we all know, even in a drastic accident, the medical bill of an individual badly hurt can amount up to RM500,000.

At the end of the day, the taxpayer's money will go down the drain. So, a brilliant plan to save the rakyat 10% in toll charges will eventually cost the rakyat much more in subsidising over- crowded government hospitals.

Such a brilliant idea by the government and Plus officials.

Mathew Alex: I personally think this is a farce. Whoin his right thinking mind came out with this ‘brilliant' idea?

The only other the people (apart from the heavy transport operators - I hear they do not enjoy this deduction) who would be travelling at these god-forsaken time would be people rushing of to someone's funeral.

Clever idea indeed.

Vijay: Malaysians are furious about the 10% discount given by Plus. I think sometimes we overreact to things.

In my opinion, we should be thankful to Plus for giving us an option to travel and get some discount. For frequent users of the highway, I think they will be grateful.

Under the current economic situation, any measure taken by the responsible parties, no matter how small it is, should be appreciate by us.

It's for us to decide whether to take it or not. If Malaysian's think that traveling after midnight is not safe, then don't do it.

Negative vibes are not going to help the situation get any better. If a 10% discount by Plus is seen as ‘treating us as beggars', how about the 10% discounts given at all the shopping malls?