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Vox Pop: Who killed Kugan?
Published:  Jan 24, 2009 11:42 AM
Updated: 5:53 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Obviously, stealing luxury cars in the work of a major syndicate and not small fry like Kugan, who would have been but a small cog in the wheel. So why did he die - or was he allowed to die?’

On Detainee's death classified as murder

Who Killed Kugan: Kugan's death in the police station, the injuries on his body and the fact that the postmortem only states he died of ‘water in the lungs’ raises some serious questions that only the police can answer.

He was in police custody so that means the police were the custodians of this boy called Kugan, who had led the police to the recovery of 13 stolen luxury cars.

Now that would have made him very important to the police who would have wanted to uncover who were the masterminds behind this who car theft syndicate.

Obviously, stealing luxury cars in the work of a major syndicate and not small fry like Kugan, who would have been but a small cog in the wheel.

So why did he die or was he allowed to die? The attorney-general now suggests that he was murdered whilst in police custody.

Are there people who wanted him dead so that he could tell no tales? This begs one serious question - who could get behind police lines to kill Kugan?

On Mohd Khir: I have evidence against S'gor MB

Ravi Panicker: Well done, Mohd Khir Toyo! You have found evidence that the Selangor MB used state funds for purchase of cattle for Hari Raya Korban for the common rakyat . Where does it itch for you? After all, he has the authority to do welfare services as he deems fit.

How many times in 50 years did your BN government do the same thing.

Khalid did not swallow the entire money. He used it for a just cause in the spirit of Hari Raya Korban. That is part of his duty.

Are you angry that the 20% commission for the purchase of the cows did not come to you?

And pray tell, where did the money you BN people dished out for the Kuala Terengannu by- election come from?

People in glass houses should not throw stones. The whole federal government is corrupt. As the rakyat, we have no objection to what Khalid has done. He did not use the money for himself.

Mohd Khir Toyo, try your luck at the next GE. Believe me, you will fail again. Let Pakatan run their five states without your vested interventions.

CH Siew: First someone accuses our Selangor MB of corruption because he bought some cattle for the people. Now Khir Toyo claims that he has evidence of the purchase. The question is: where is the corruption?

Did the MB ask all those who benefitted from the meat for anything in return? Did he ask them for favours?

Did he pocket any some amount of the money used for the purchase? Is there even proof that an exchange amounting to corruption had taken place?

Already, the reputation of Khir Toyo is beyond redemption. The saga on MP Teresa Kok already shows how much integrity Mohd Khir has.

To think that anything out from his mouth is worth listening to is like believing that BN is not corrupted.

When Mohd Khir come into the picture, it was very clear to the rakyat how incredible this accusation is.

These kind of people are doing more harm than good for Malaysia and I feel very sad that the progress of Malaysia continues to be hindered by people like Mohd Khir Toyo.

Wu: A new low for Umno and Mohd Khir Toyo?

Imagine manipulating an issue of donations for religious event for one’s own political agenda! How low can they stoop? Any wonder why they are losing elections?

Whether or not Khalid used state funds and whether it is right if he did, is another issue for another time.

On 'Barisan still not waking up'

Time For Incorruptible Leaders: There have been so many of these wake-up calls that one more call would not do the trick. They need to again face a severe loss. They should lose even their simple majority.

That way, BN will know what it is to be in the political wilderness and not to have

their hands in the country’s coffers, treating them as their own.

They do not know what it is like to hold the money as a public trust. Development should not be about just spending money. It should not be about awarding contracts to all Class F contractors.

They are so wrong to think that a mere image change is enough. That’s precisely the point. It is not enough that you spin your story. The story is so bad; the characters are so untrustworthy.

You need men of character to lead, men with unblemished records. Not tainted by suspicion even. Do BN leaders know how to be clean? Transparent?

Which leader is untainted by corruption? By scandal? By immorality? These are the hard questions BN should ask themselves - not which PR company can work their magic again and again.

The wake-up call is that they need is to be voted out of the government. Nothing less will do.

On Horror flight: MAS regrets incident

Frequent Flyer: If one accepts Ayer O’Sullivan’s narration of what transpired, then the crew’s handling of the matter speaks of a staff ill-equipped to handle incidents of the sort that took place.

It appears as if a boor was accommodated and his victim subjected to greater inconvenience.

That she was allowed to be humiliated and abused in such an extraordinary fashion without a quick and firm response from the crew is baffling.

Can a passenger walk into an aircraft and say he will not seat next to a passenger because of his race or religion or the colour of his or her skin and such behavior accommodated?

The lout’s behavior was unacceptable and he should have been subject to disciplinary action by the security personnel who appeared to be present.

The response of the MAS crew was inexcusable and the subsequent above response from MAS is pathetic.

Kevyn Cheah: It is true that MAS’ service is dismal when compared to several other airlines. I have written to them via e-mail many times but until today, there is no response. My wife and I flew Business Class from Penang to KL on Dec 25 last year. The cabin crews was not even helpful to us Business Class passengers.

They saw me lugging in my luggage but refused to open the overhead storage compartment door. Worse, they just stood there and looked at us.

I have chosen not to support MAS except for my very rare domestic trips. I fly more than 100K miles a year but throughout all my trips, I have only used MAS twice.

It is my sincere hope that the management of MAS is able to change the attitudes of their cabin crews.

On Najib: No decision on Labu LCCT yet

KP Ng: Tony, I'm a big fan of AirAsia for bringing affordable air travel to the masses. You must have strong business acumen to have achieved the success that is AirAsia today .

Having said that, a good business person knows that his customer is always right. In the case of the proposed KLIA-East at Labu, it's not what your customers want.

Customers like me would like a single point of transit between international and domestic flights because we don't want to be lugging our luggage all over the place, checking in/out and going through the immigration twice!

We simply want a good airport in one place with good connections between flights.

I know there're a lot of compelling reasons to relocate the new LCCT in Labu. I know the devil is in the details.

But this is the KLIA we're talking about, the crown jewel of the nation. Millions of Malaysians and tourists use it every year. So I hope Air Asia and the government will put more effort into making the right decision for the people.

Getting it wrong will not only inconvenience travelers in the foreseeable future, but vanquish any hopes of KLIA challenging Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi or Singapore’s Changi Airport as a regional hub for air travel.

On Loot falls into 'media entrapment'

Jane Abdullah: This story puzzles me. Loot complains that the so-called journalists did not make it clear that they were there as journalists writing a story.

The complaint is sexual harassment. If a person is sexually harassed, the fact that the person's professional identity is not made known is irrelevant to the charge or complaint and this requires investigation.

A person who habitually sexually harasses would no doubt have no care over the status of the victim as long as he/she is in that position of power or authority which allows him/her to sexually harass/abuse/assault the victim.

No person deserves to be sexually harassed/assaulted. A complaint should not be taken lightly.

The above story and the Wami statement are rather confusing.

Niuku T: I strongly condemn the method and manner the media owners are using to harass Loot. Loot was a fighter to defend, advocate and develop mother tongue education in our country for close to 50 years now.

The leadership and dedication that was his entire life has resulted in our basic right to learn and be educated in the language of our choice.

Loot is a respected man who is already 80 years of age. Commonsense will tell us that there is no element of ‘sexual harassment’ as proclaimed by these media.

I think I need to do some research on the owners of China Press and Feminine magazine. The reason is that when you know who are they, you will then get a pretty good idea what their hidden agenda is.

Again, I deplore the media owners and their hidden agenda to keep on harassing Loot.

On Ministry to probe Herald's use of 'Allah' despite ban

Maniam Sankar: So Syed Hamid Albar with his intellect thinks the Catholic Church’s continued use of Allah is a show of strength to cause disunity.

Even though the church has been using the word for a very long time. He does not then think the ministry’s action in asking the church not to use the word is a show of strength too?

Or that his Ministry staff are showing their religious ‘strength’ in recommending to him to stop an ongoing practice?

It is really frightening when the strong man dosen’t seem to know that he is (mis)using his strength. The minister’s statement is right. But it is misdirected.

On 'Herald' must rethink its decision'

Edward Cheong: It's not only regrettable and dissapointing that the writer supports the home ministry's ban on the use of ‘Allah’ by the Catholic weekly Herald , but I am also personally offended as a Catholic by his choice of the pronoun ‘we’ while expressing clearly, what to me was only his own ignorant opinion.

The issue was approached with much civility and tolerance as ‘we’, numbering only about three percent of the population, did not resort to any violence or terrorism but were instead forced into taking a legal recourse for our fundamental religious rights which are guaranteed by our constitution.

The word ‘Allah’ is standard Arabic for ‘God’ and it's even used by Christian Arabs today. How else can we accurately describe ‘God, the Father’ when Christianity orginated from what we know as the Middle East today and the people called him ‘Allah’?

This might sound trivial to others but when you consider that the majority of Catholics in east Malaysia are bumiputeras and many of them only read and write proficiently in our national language, then it makes sense to include the term ‘Allah’ in the privately and very limitedly circulated Herald .

Is it that scary to deny that we have a similiarity with our Muslim brothers? Isn't the blood that runs through our veins red as well?

How can we have peace and harmony when we keep on emphasising our differences instead of similiriarities?

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