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Nude photos more important than economy?

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vox populi big thumbnail ‘After repeated denials, the DPM now has no choice but to admit that the GDP of 3% is almost impossible to achieve. What took him such a long time to realise that the economy is really bad?'

On Najib says 2009 growth forecast may be cut

Micheal: In my earlier comments, I predicted that our country will enter a technical recession despite repeated denials from BN leaders. Our finance and trade ministers disputed the recession talk and defended the GDP projection of 3%.

With the world economy now heading towards the 'bottomless hole', the final hope of recovery during the second half of this year seems to be evaporating.

This is especially true for Malaysia as the federal government is more concerned about circulating nude photos of their opponents and buying-over lawmakers rather than concentrating on reviving the ailing economy.

After repeated denials, the DPM now has no choice but to admit that the GDP of 3% is almost impossible to achieve. What took him such a long time to realise that the economy is really bad?

Wasn't he supposed to see the downturn much earlier, unless, of course, his advisers are a bunch of financial incompetents?

The RM7 billion stimulus package is still no way in sight. I suppose they are still waiting for the money that they robbed from the rakyat over their refusal to slash the petrol price.

The second stimulus package which is scheduled to be tabled next month in conjunction with Umno general assembly, hopefully, will provide some impetus to the economy.

Anything less than a RM50 billion stimulus package will spell disaster for financial stability and it has to be implemented within one month from the date of announcement. And, of course, most important of all, it should not benefit the corrupt BN leaders.

The government should also be more transparent about the financial health of Petronas as crude oil is now trading below US$35 a barrel. And stop using taxpayers' money to support the stock market as the stock market will surge if the economy is well managed.

Focus on job creation is crucial too as retrenchment is likely to result in social unrest.

On Audio tape on Zaki's 'corruption' surfaces

Micheal: Such is our judiciary system. After the Lingam tape scandal, now we have the Zaki tape scandal.

The morals of a judge is the most important criteria in determining his integrity. A judge, if indeed found to have committed bribery, should vacate his position to avoid the collapse of judicial system and the loss of trust from the rakyat .

To be fair to the CJ ,we have to ascertain the authenticity of the tape shown by Karpal before passing any verdict against him as the law clearly states that 'one is innocent until proven otherwise'.

Of course, the best solution would be to set up a royal commission to investigate the case as per the Lingam case.

Nobody should feel intimidated if the incident had never taken place. The CJ should voluntarily advice the King to set up a royal commission to safeguard his (the CJ's) good name. The truth will always prevail.

May our beloved King agree to setting up a royal commission to search for the truth in the spirit of democracy.

On 'If it's wrong for Najib, it's wrong for Anwar'

Moloch: Dear Malaysians, we're divided on the Spt 16 issue on whether Anwar 'bought over' BN parliamentarians or not. Again, we're divided over the recent ‘buy-over' of Perak assembly persons and now the expose of Elizabeth Wong.

Disgusting. Our political scenario is literally in a limbo - how (much) lower can we go?

Sept 16 may just be another one of Anwar's political gimmicks or in Malay, gempar ! There is nothing more to it.

Similarly, PAS and DAP too have their gimmick - it's hudud ! Wake up! Even should PAS contest all parlimentary seats, do they stand a chance of winning the federal government? No!

How then will they implement hudud ? Hudud can only be implemented when Umno and PAS decide to contest all parliamentary seats together.

Will they ever? No! Do they stand a chance of winning (all the seats contested)? Never! Why then waste your breath on this hudud issue?

I call upon all my fellow Malaysians to tackle the issue at hand which is a corrupted government. Forget political gimmicks. We should unify as one to rid ourselves of this monster of corruption.

On Choose people over money, TNB urged

G Thomas: I refer to news reports of Tenaga Nasional Berhad president and CEO Che Khalib Mohamad Noh being conferred the ‘CEO of the Year 2008' award. Listed among his achievements was cost reduction for TNB.

Allow me to raise, based on recent scary experiences, the possible impact of cost-control measures on maintenance standards.

A TNB junction box placed against a link house in Brickfields caught fire in mid-December 2008 and burnt to ashes with sparks flying up to 10 metres away. I requested TNB via e-mail to check the condition of their equipment in the neighbourhood.

Nothing happened except for an automated response. Less than a week later, another junction box placed against the wall a few doors away caught fire. Parts of these houses are made of wood. Residents stopped the fires.

The said junction boxes and cables are TNB equipment. When were these last replaced? Seemingly, not in the 28 years that I have had a house on this street.

While TNB focuses on pleasing the investment community, it has a bigger duty to consumers - at least not to endanger them.

Does TNB have an equipment maintenance procedure? I hope this government-owned firm will explain its policy and performance in this regard.

On MCA duo on way out of cabinet?

Kenny Gan: Who really cares what the MCA does nowadays?

Ong Tee Keat may well be The Last Eunuch, capping a long series of castrated Chinese leaders who have been tasked by their political overlord (Umno) to keep their race in line in return for personal rewards.

On Bring back Queen's English, I say!

Good English:

I couldn't agree more with the writer in using Queen's English and never American English.

When the African American rappers sing, you can't even make out a single word they say. Most of the time, the words/lyrics of American rappers are repetitious.

In my day, English songs and chart toppers used to be used by our English language teachers to teach and it greatly improved our comprehension skills with lots of fun.

Today, just try that using the rappers' American English. We will be doomed.

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