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New anti-corruption body yet another BN lap dog?
Published:  Feb 21, 2009 3:28 AM
Updated: 9:15 AM

your say ‘It is so quick to act on reports against Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim but chooses to ignore the years of abuses under the previous administration of Khir Toyo.’

On Car & Cows: S'gor MB could be charged

Helen Yeap: It never ceases to amaze me how low the clowns from Barisan Nasional will stoop to stay in power and continue with its blatant pillaging of taxpayers' monies.

The MACC is turning out to be just another BN lapdog. The MACC is so quick to act on reports against the current democratically-elected Pakatan Rakyat MB of Selangor but chooses to ignore the years and millions if not billions of abuses under the previous administration of Khir Toyo.

Just think of the few cases which spring to mind - illegal buildings built without permits on land where land taxes have not been paid for decades, approvals for hill-side developments which caused death and destruction etc, etc.

Malaysia is a country run by corrupt officials who do not even pretend to be democratic anymore. It will very soon be on par with the likes of Indonesia or worse, Zimbabwe. There is no hope left.

All young Malaysians should get out if they can and all Malaysians living overseas would do well to spread the word about the evil BN government officials and ministers who steal taxpayers’ money through shady contracts.

They then run off to live in their fancy bungalows in Australia and other ‘Western’ places.

John Tan: My compliments to the newly-minted MACC for their swift action in wrapping-up investigations on the above. Which in a way makes me wonder what happened to all the other reported cases of suspected corrupt practices.

Since some of them have not been highlighted for so long, most of us might have trouble recalling them but off-hand there are a few good ones that come to mind ie, Pempena, the Youth and Sports Ministry and PKFZ affair.

I am sure many of us can help the MACC to recall more. I hope the MACC would also demonstrate their competence over a broad spectrum of cases and not be seen to be selective when it comes to swift action.

After all public perception is everything when it comes to image unless the MACC does not need to maintain that image.

The EC, another ‘independent body’ has demonstrated that public opinion means nothing to them so I hope the MACC is not thinking in the same vein.

Stephen Ng: It is in my opinion, the MACC chief has clearly abused his position in making a public statement against a VIP. As a matter of fact, a decision has yet to be made by the attorney- general whether to charge the menteri besar.

For Ahmad Said to make the statement, he was already preempting the AG’s decision, leaving the AG with no leeway for his own discretion.

This will also raise a lot of concerns whether the MACC will be seen as biased. I am sure in the past, a number of reports were lodged against other political figures which the MACC did not investigate seriously.

Why then is there now such a strong stand made against the political leader of a Pakatan Rakyat component party? He did not personally benefit from the distribution of the meat. And I am sure he has used his Lexus for official functions.

Ahmad Said has a lot to explain to the people why irregularities by the previous Selangor administration have gone unchecked or why irregularities highlighted by the auditor-general’s report against certain government departments were never investigated.

The behaviour of Ahmad Said and MACC would certainly raise many an eyebrow.

Yuvan: Wow! The speed at which MACC investigates complaints and reports against non-BN politicians is amazing. It is truly supersonic!

Now, can the MACC maintain the same speed and enthusiasm in its investigations into all those countless number of complaints and reports involving BN politicians?

MACC should prove, beyond any doubt, that they are able to discharge their duties and responsibilities without fear or favour. All that they should see is the validity of the complaint or the report and if the person or persons implicated have committed an offence.

They should maintain an absolute neutral stand and should not at all be concerned about the status and position of the person or persons they are investigating. Only then can we believe that MACC is truly independent and transparent.

Kenny Gan: MACC should be mindful that it is not perceived as an Umno stooge by the public so early in its formation by going after ludicrous and marginal cases involving opposition politicians while ignoring serious cases of real corruption by Umno politicians.

Even if Selangor MB Khalid really used state funds to buys cows for the poor, what is wrong with that? The public does not see it as corruption as he has not stolen a cent for his own pocket.

As Khalid has explained that he used his personal Lexus for official functions, what is wrong in using state funds for maintenance?

This is no more than a company reimbursing staff for use of their personal cars for company purposes.

Are these the worst crimes in the country? The AG and the MACC should not treat the public as stupid lest they be regarded with scorn and derision.

CH Siew: Since the set up of MACC, many reports were filed especially by Pakatan Rakyat on irregularities involving BN personalities.

Yet, it seems that the MACC is very picky on whom they should investigate. Nothing at all was done with the reports involving BN personalities but full-hearted commitment was given to those involving Pakatan Rakyat.

Am I seeing a bias in MACC behaviour? It is just another minion created to protect BN's interest.

The matter of the cows and cars have already been explained. Still they are out to nail our MB of Selangor. I would say that the MACC has used its creativity in the wrong place.

It is very obvious now that any scheme that BN created by Pak Lah or Najib cannot be trusted because they are simply not straight.

GH Kok: Deputy PM Najib is on the warpath. Starting from the illegal overthrow of the Perak state government, to threats and bribery in Kedah and Selangor and undermining the integrity and dignity of Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong, now he trains his weapons on Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid.

He's using all available weapons at his disposal - the media, the police and the MACC, the Special Branch, state agencies and private parties.

It is obvious from the recent sequence of events that he wants to destroy Pakatan Rakyat at all costs.

He is embarking on a systematic attack on the representatives that we have voted for and put in office. Indirectly, he is launching an attack on us, the voters. He must be stopped.

On 'Injustice to all of us, not just Wong'

Visithra: Here's a women who is being judged for trusting a man she once loved but instead has become a victim of greed, pervert-ness and political games with people pointing fingers at her.

Hello, wake up people - she's the victim. The photos were released without her permission so get a grip. We should be prosecuting the man who released those photos besides supporting Wong instead of telling her to step down.

Just because I don't vote for her party it doesn't mean I won't support the call against victimising her further.

I hope she makes the right decision not to step down. Wong, you have the responsibility of being an example to other victims who are probably still being blackmailed or being hurt.

If you crumble under pressure what hope do other women have? What does it say of your party if it accepts your resignation? So stand up for your rights and don't let some idiot take advantage of your situation!

You're the victim - not the perpetrator.

Jocelyn: It has been proven time and again that, more often than not, it is the victims who suffer the consequences.

In this case, Wong is the victim and yet she has to resign. Is there no justice in this world any more?

She has done nothing disgraceful at all; she is a normal person with her own sexuality and her privacy was invaded. She has done a great job as a politician and this issue has nothing to do with her career.

YB Wong, you should not feel shameful as you have done nothing wrong. Don’t resign; continue to serve the country as we Malaysians need you. Never, never, never give up.

Life is like a roller coaster; just enjoy the ride. I am sure you can and will sail through this storm with your will power. Understanding Malaysians, especially women, are behind you. Chin up!

Jane Arveena: Subtle and gullible matters are now spoken more about when the issue here is actually about the situation of the people. So, she may have had sexual intercourse without getting married.

That is her personal agenda, for Pete's sake! How does that in any way affect the growing development of the country? Does the clock now stop or do factories close down, massive businesses collapse and global economy continues to slide?

Elizabeth Wong has sacrificed every second of her life, fighting for the betterment of the tourism industry, bringing out the truth and standing by her belief that Malaysia will soon be a less corrupt and racist country.

And this is how we judge her now? Based on a frivolous act of practicing her own human right of living life the way she wants it to?

The economic slowdown, justice unserved, rural poverty, the plight of the aborigines and the increasing prices of goods are not even half of the major issues being faced by the people of Malaysia.

And instead of giving importance to these rising problems, a dedicated and true Malaysian woman's name is given priority to be tarnished.

The more such agendas like these for injustice and political rape, the more diffident I become of the possibility of bringing changes for a more civilised society.

The more I read of corruption and the mistreatment of laymen, the darker the hope for a better future.