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Palestine conflict: The tides have changed (Part 2)

At a benefit in New York in March of last year, political science professor Norman Finkelstein from the University of Chicago told an audience that modern historians (as opposed to popular versions) agree on the main strands of the conflict's developments. Similarly, he said, human rights organisations reporting on the conflict situation concur on the injustices and human rights violations committed on the Palestinians.

"If you look at the reports, they are remarkably similar in their analyses and their conclusions, so even in the current situation there isn't that much dispute The problem is that the conflict has been shrouded in this kind of ideological mist and that's what makes it complicated. If we can sort of dispel the clouds, the ideological clouds that are enveloping the Israel/Palestine conflict, I think we can probably reach most people on the justice of the struggle of the Palestinian people for their human rights."

Norman Finkelstein, whose own parents survived hell at the hands of German Nazis in one of Hitler's concentration camps for Jews during World War II, often speaks not to crowds of 'blindfolded' Muslims indoctrinated with an irrational and inherited hatred of all things Jew.

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