This is a bold and "extraordinary" book. "The Malaysian-Malayan Communist Party Peace Accord" is projected "in Perspective" as Malaysia's 'Finest Hour', because it finally brought peace to the country.

Others may dispute this but certainly no other country has managed to deal with guerilla insurrection as successfully as Malaysia. It took a long time but finally the MCP agreed to lay down arms. It was a great moment for Malaysia when they did. But there was no celebration. The people of Malaysia seemed to have taken the event for granted.

The MCP claims that they fought for Malaysia's independence.There could be some legitimacy when the British still ruled the country. But after independence in 1957 that claim becomes meaningless.

The MCP fought against Independent Malaysia with the same ferocity it did with colonial Malaysia. But what is extraordinary, and indeed refreshing about this book, is the perspective adopted.

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