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To be a respected platform known for youth empowerment and development. 

@YOUTHPHORIA - All youths are leaders. Each voice is important. All stories are respected.

To create a safe platform for youths to express their views.

To encounter their creations truthfully.

To build a community of trust among one another.

100,000 youths on the YOUTHPHORIA network by 2023

Dear Youths,

The membership and tech teams have a session called 'The Book Club' every Monday morning at the office. The book we are currently reading is called 'Obstacle is the Way' by Ryan Holiday.

We read a weekly chapter and do an hour of sharing with each other on the interpretation and impact of the text. I am the only one in the group not between the ages of 21 - 29. Listening intently week after week to my young colleagues, I realise that there is a serious misconception about millennials.

That despite quite a struggle with life, there is a depth and meaningfulness to this younger generation which has not received enough attention. The struggle they face is real. The courage they show despite the anxiety that modern-day living is causing them is significantly intense.

YOUTHPHORIA is aimed at providing the younger generation with a space to be seen, heard and respected. We at Malaysiakini believe that if we do not look after our youths, then we are systematically destroying our future.

The youths that we have come across so far have a radically new way of thinking. We need to learn to adapt and integrate into their vision of the future for, after all, the future belongs to our youths.

As such, we welcome you into our fold with our weekly newsletter YOUTHPHORIA and we welcome all youths to participate in its content production.

Share this newsletter with your friends and take ownership of where YOUTHPHORIA will journey towards.

Remember, you are your own hero and you do, in actual fact, write your own story. YOUTHPHORIA will remain loyal to your story.

I look forward to the experience of your euphoria.

Chief Editor for Youthphoria by Malaysiakini

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