Preoccupied with 'affairs' of the state

YOURSAY 'Gan, all the insinuations and innuendoes will not do. In the absence of corroborative evidence, you have taken the rakyat for a ride.'

Guan Eng denies affair, says 'I'm no Soi Lek'

your sayKairos: The government is clearly pulling all stops to discredit the opposition. The despicable tactics include using the court to charge the opposition leaders, raids on NGOs that dare expose the truth about corruption and murder, hiring thugs to disrupt peaceful ceramah, and now, character assassination.

In the meantime, blatant corruption and massive siphoning of funds is condoned and unashamedly practiced. Umno cronies are rewarded with huge contracts even though they have no knowledge or expertise to deliver, putting public safety at risk.

What kind of a government is this? But no matter what they do or how they abuse their power to suppress the people, I sincerely believe that truth, righteousness and justice will ultimately prevail.

Appum: The Star has big headline about Chua Jr's (Tee Yong's) ‘expose' on the RM1 billion Talam/Selangor government deal, where the wrong figure was quoted but still prominently reported by the MCA-owned newspaper.

And we all know that Talam JV (joint venture) was started by the Umno Selangor government.

Now we see MCA with Gan Tian Loo getting infected by Utusan Malaysia's nonsensical spinning. The more we see and read of such low-down spinning, the more we are pushed to Pakatan Rakyat.

Gan, if you are really brave, then take the challenge by LGE (Penang CM Lim Guan Eng), and repeat those stories you created outside the state assembly.

Don't Play-Play: The rakyat can judge whether the allegations are true or otherwise. They are smart people who can think for themselves.

1) Why did Guan Eng not comment when the allegation was first brought up?

2) ‘Kalau tiada angin, pokok tidak akan bergoyang.'

3) Why threaten "I will sue, I will sue" if someone has nothing to fear?

The truth is very obvious.

Tsie Wei Yuan: Even if LGE indeed have an extramarital affair - I'm not interested and I don't care. The issue is between him and his wife.

It is how he runs the state, improves the economy and bring down corruption that is what matters.

More likely than not, this just a below-the-belt attack, much like the one against LGE's son, which is just blatantly untrue.

Dumb&Deaf: "He (Lim) stressed that he would not ask Chua to direct Gan to repeat his allegations in public as the former has no moral authority to do so, and asked instead Prime Minister Najib Razak to do so."

LGE, don't bother asking Najib either.

Wira: Can anyone imagine that for a figment of someone's amorous imagination, which is never to be repeated outside the state assembly, the MCA has succeeded in getting all five DAP representatives suspended from the Malacca State Legislative Assembly?

We voters must rid the country of those lowly scums from Umno/MCA/BN.

Fair&Just: It seems that these so-called lawmakers are going around alleging and insinuating scandals upon scandals on the opposition so that the mainstream media can pick them up and spin them to the kampong folks.

The aim is to mislead others into thinking the opposition is corrupt and fast catching up to BN's level.

Anonymous #18452573: I am proud of the chief minister and his wife for taking on the snakes by their necks.

By Gan's action, it shows that they are against CSL (Chua Soi Lek) because his boss had actually done it.

If he has the courage, Gan should now ask his boss to quit. But if he doesn't, then it was all a make-up charade to try to pin this on the honourable chief minister.

Anonymous #58437020: It's a sad day for Malacca MCA. It looks like CSL has no control over his own people.

Anyway Gan, you are not a big-time intellectual yourself. Please leave LGE alone. He has done more for the people of Malaysia than you have. Go and pick someone your own size and take your dirty politics somewhere else.

I love this tagline which I have picked up from one of Malaysiakini commentators - MCA stands for ‘Make Chinese Angry'. Gan, you are a true ‘MCA'.

Lover Boy: Gan, as a Malaysian I am also interested to see whether Lim Guan Eng is actually like your boss, Dr Chua Soi Lek.

LGE has denied the allegation and since you have raised this issue in the state assembly, surely you have the proof to back your claims.
You have no choice but to repeat the allegation outside the assembly. If you dare not as challenged by the "victim", then what sort of a character are you?

As the MCA chief in Malacca, you are duty bound to accept LGE/Betty Chew's challenge.

1Malaysia2Cina: Let's pray that YAB Lim is not like Soi Lek. As they say, if there is no smoke there is no fire.

If at all, Lim is involved, he would not be the first or last to fall from grace because of a woman. Christine Keeler in the Profumo affair nearly destroyed the British government in 1963.

Mosquito: YB Gan, all the insinuations and innuendoes will not do. In the absence of corroborative evidence, you have taken the rakyat for a ride with all these sensationalisation uttered by you with impunity in the state assembly.

If you really want to find out the truth, say it outside the assembly like a man. If you do not say it outside the state assembly, then you have wasted our time and along with it whatever is left of your credibility. This is because we would also like to find out who is the liar.

As for CM LGE, the evidence so far proves that he has done a better job as Penang chief minister than the previous administration. Since LGE came on board, the recurrent financial deficit under the previous administration was turned around and the state is back in the black.

Can we say the same for Malacca? I think you should put your own house in order first before you cast the first stone. After all, CSL is still your president despite his indiscretion.

Mahindar Singh: These personal attacks are just hitting below the belt - first the son and now the mother. Can you Chinaman bury this party for good as it has lost the values which it once stood for?

Ong Guan Sin: It's so damn funny. Every time anyone from MCA tries to smear someone with a sex-related scandal, boom, the image of Chua Soi Lek automatically appears.

I don't know why, but I think we all can't help it. Anyone from MCA with a little bit of brain should know it's best to save his/her president first.

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