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TimeTec Workforce (4/6): Cloud Hiring System ensures better recruits
Published:  Mar 17, 2021 3:57 PM
Updated: 7:57 AM

“When I raised the idea to develop cloud recruitment system four years ago, my colleagues looked puzzled and asked, why another Jobstreet? I explained, this is not another external online job-seeking platform, but it’s going to be the first full-fledged cloud recruitment system in Malaysia, and sit inside the corporations as their internal system.” Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group, vividly recalled the moment the idea first tabled in the management meeting.

Teh Hon Seng, Chief Executive Officer, TimeTec Group

The development journey took TimeTec Group three years before the solution first launched in the market, with lengthy system research and thousands of discussion hours and web UI designs before the journey started.

Teh Hon Seng highlighted the ATS module for TimeTec Hire. He said, “ATS or Applicants Tracking System is one of the main modules for our recruitment system. It helps to streamline and standardize the recruitment process, which benefits both recruiters and candidates. This recruitment software integrates various recruiting process steps and performs various functions, tracking, ranking, evaluating, communicating, etc. It allows the company to quickly deploy an agile process to ensure the effectiveness of recruitment by customizing the candidate journey and the recruiter workflow or automating the screening process to quickly identify the best talent.”

“Both large and small companies can use our ATS, and they can set their preferences according to their needs.”

“To build a successful business, you have to gather the right-minded and like-minded talents to work together in achieving the same goal. Imagine if a department head requests to hire new staff and need to go through all the tediously long process like getting approval from his superior, publish the vacancy to the public, scan through applicants’ resumes, arrange an interview, evaluating, onboarding, etc. In the end, there is a high chance all the money, time and efforts you spent might go futile by getting the wrong candidate to fill the post if without a system. Hence TimeTec hiring system is the threshold to help you filtering off the unbefitting candidates quickly and efficiently.” Teh, who also has 23 patents filed under his name, explained.

“Another plus point about TimeTec Hire is, once you have onboarded the recruits, you can easily assign them to their working schedules which are handled by TimeTec TA, a cloud-based time attendance system; and leave policy they are entitled to with TimeTec Leave for cloud leave management system, to form a smart workforce system in your organization.”

“And remember online job seeking platform is just a bridge to connect the employers and the job seekers, and some extended ATS service they have provided may not be as professional as the real hiring system. The biggest problem is, they are exclusive, not inclusive and as part of your internal ecosystem.”

“TimeTec Hire is a cloud-based hiring system; its strong interactive and communicative functionality will impress the job applicants and uplift the employer’s image.”

Watch TimeTec Hire Video here:

For FREE demo and consultation of TimeTec solutions, contact Mr Marcus Tng, Sales and Marketing Manager of TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. at [email protected] (016-9608348) or Mr Syed Mohd Firdaus Syed Mohd Fuzi at [email protected] (012-9478907). General line and email: 03-80709933 and [email protected].

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About TimeTec

TimeTec Group was established in 2000. Over 20 years, the Group had developed three homegrown globally recognized IT brands, FingerTec, TimeTec and iNeighbour, for workforce management, security, smart office, smart residential and smart township solutions by unleashing the power of biometrics, cloud & edge computing, IoT and AI technologies. All these solutions connect and change the landscape of work life and home life in a larger ecosystem. Through a vast network, TimeTec Group distributes its biometric hardware products and 16 cloud applications, including IoT devices, to more than 150 countries worldwide. Visit our company websites at,,

TimeTec solutions have been in the market for around eight years with a string of renowned clients such as QSR Brands, Central Sugars Refinery CSR, Sunway Constructions, Mamee, Yakult, and Adabi and many more. The versatility and feasibility of the product also attract various international customers from all over the world, including Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, Qatar, South Africa etc. that are using TimeTec as their workforce digitalization tool. 

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