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Digital Building Ecosystem (11/13): Enhancing Surveillance Integration
Published:  Jun 16, 2021 11:23 AM
Updated: 7:00 AM

“Let’s ponder two questions; for building management, you definitely have CCTV cameras installed at strategic places; the first question, is it a standalone system or integrated with third-party solutions to boost security? Second, who can view it? If it is local viewing directly from the DVR, NVR or servers, then we can conclude the integration with third-party solutions is very minimum or none at all.” Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group, discussed surveillance integration to enhance security in a digital building ecosystem.

Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group

“Why do we need to confine the surveillance monitoring to just a few when it can be broadened to benefit the community for both commercial and residential buildings?”

Teh listed the following useful integrations for surveillance system:

  1. Integration with intrusion detection alarm system, where customer can integrate video surveillance system with either wired or wireless security alarm system, often used in perimeter monitoring for residential communities.

  2. Integration with Visitor Management System to track walk-in or drive-in visitors.

  3. Integration with Access Control System for common area access point monitoring, including facility room, etc.

  4. Integration with Turnstile Barrier Access Control, as an added layer for better entry and exit control of tenants and visitors.

  5. Integration with Audio Video Intercom System to replace the pricey conventional intercom system with the mobile app-based video intercom system at the tenant ends to improve security and automation.

  6. Integration with car park management system such as LPR or License Plate Recognition System for better automation or normal car park surveillance.

  7. Other integrations like headcount or face recognition functionalities, etc. for various possible applications that are not limited to security.

“The essence of digital transformation is breaking the walls between two or multiple professions, freeing the data flow from one activity to another. The same for video surveillance, but first thing first, for any future installation or upgrade, go for IP camera, rather than analogue. One good thing about the video surveillance industry, it has a global standard, ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) to ease the integration.”

“Remote PC viewing, and especially mobile viewing is the trend. For example, unit owners or tenants may wish to receive a snapshot of their visitor, or residents at the different level may wish to have a live stream from the particular video installed at their lobby.”

“For TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem, we have seamlessly integrated the IP cameras into an access control system, visitor management, tenant management, guard patrol system and parking management for both security surveillance and LPR, or License Plate Recognition, and all with comprehensive of rights of monitoring settings.”

“And it’s time for the industry to explore the usage of video cameras especially video analytics and AI cameras in building management.”

For more information, contact Mr Aiden Teh, Business Development Manager at [email protected] (010-2211150) or General line and email: 03-80709933 and [email protected].

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